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How to Rank Up on GTA Online

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How to Rank Up on GTA Online: When in a video game appears the writing relating to the fact that your character has risen in level, you always feel a certain satisfaction. On the other hand, seeing the results of your efforts is always beautiful and, therefore, I understand very well why you intend to “level” as much as possible even within GTA Online , the online mode of GTA 5 , in which you are just trying but that has already conquered you.

It is precisely for this reason that you happened on my tutorial, right? Looking for advice on how to rank up on GTA Online as fast as possible, am I right? Then don’t worry, I’ll try to help you out. However, as I said before, a lot of effort is needed to achieve concrete results. In the case of the Rockstar Games title, this translates into completing the activities within the game world, which can also be complex.

Despite this, do not worry: in this guide I will explain everything you need to know about the topic and I will give you various “tips”, I hope useful, on how to reach your goal in the shortest time possible. Courage then: all you have to do is take some free time and follow the quick directions below. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Get RP GTA Online

Before going into detail on the procedure on how to increase rank on GTA Online , I think you may be interested to know more about how the “levels” are managed within the title of Rockstar Games.

Well, as often happens in online modes, your character has a level , which in this case is called rank . Put simply, this is the reputation you have earned on the field by carrying out the activities envisaged by GTA Online.

The higher your character ranks, the greater the possibilities offered by the game. In particular, your profile level attests to your skills and allows you to access new vehicles , missions , weapons and so on. Just to give you some concrete examples, at rank 120 you can finally have the Minigun rotating barrel machine gun , while at rank 75 you will unlock the mission The spies of Martin Madrazo .

In short, rising in rank on GTA Online is very important to continue the adventure. Obviously, to increase your character’s level, you will need to get RP (reputation points) .

If you have already played a bit of the Rockstar Games title, surely you will have come into contact with this acronym: they are the rewards that are given to the player to complete the various activities. There is really everything from road racing to secondary activities that appear when you least expect it.

GTA Online mission

GTA Online is a boundless game, where you may even have so many choices that you don’t know where to start. Not surprisingly, the level cap , or the maximum level the user can aspire to, is 8,000 . In short, there are definitely many things to do before reaching the real “end” of the Rockstar Games title.

In case you are thinking that 8.000 is a slightly exaggerated level cap, don’t worry: you actually get your hands on the last weapon at rank 120 , while the final skill is reached at level 135 . The last “bonus”, as far as vitality is concerned , reaches grade 200 .

The latter is considered by many players to be the point where it can actually be said to have “completed” GTA Online, although we are talking about a game in constant evolution  that could receive a new update overnight.

How To Rank Up On GTA 5 Online

After providing you with basic information about how rank on GTA Online works, I’d say it’s time to take action and see how to increase it.


GTA Online Missions

The most common method of ranking in GTA Online is definitely to carry out the missions created by Rockstar Games . There are also many other secondary ones (between activities and so on), but the ones that I recommend you do are designed directly by the developers, who are balanced to allow you to get the right number of reputation points .

In particular, my advice is to keep an eye on these missions: Colpo al molo / Pier Pressure (offered by Gerald, it unlocks at level 6, you finish in a few minutes and you get 1,000 RP, up to 4 players), Explosion I / Blow Up I (Simeon Yetarian, level 12, 1,650 RP, up to 2 players), The Spies / Rooftop Rumble (Martin Madrazo, level 75, 4,350 RP, up to 4 players) and Waste Operation / Trash Talk (Martin Madrazo, level 81 and you get 3,050 RP in a short time, up to 6 players).

As I mentioned earlier, GTA Online is a game in constant evolution and therefore there may be variations , especially from the point of view of the RP that can be obtained with the individual missions. In addition, the data may change depending on how many players took part in the mission and the time taken .

In any case, the missions I mentioned are among the ones with the best time / earnings ratio that I found on GTA Online. I therefore recommend you to take a look at these activities, of course always without forgetting all the others, since there are many other missions available.

Lester GTA Online Missions

I remind you that there are two methods to start a mission : go with your character to the place where the initial letter of the “employer” is located (eg “L” for Lester) or take advantage of the path Settings> ONLINE> Activities > Quick Match> Start a Mission .

In case you want to choose a specific mission, you can do it by following the instructions that I illustrated in my guide on how to do missions on GTA Online , in which I also explained how to start the shots .

Join a crew

Join the GTA Online crew

“Unity is strength” is a saying that is by now very abused, but if you are used to playing online titles, you know how much this phrase is actually correct for the world of video games. In fact, in GTA Online it can be very interesting to join a crew , in order to get the bonuses expected in terms of RP.

Contrary to what some players think, the benefits of joining a crew are not only aesthetic (personalized colors, vehicle decals and much more), but there are also excellent increases in terms of reputation points . Do you think that missions played by more people can bring 20% more RP . Already only with another person it reaches 10% .

In short, you understand that playing together with your friends in GTA Online could guarantee you a certain advantage, since you will rise in rank much more quickly, without even having to do too much effort.

By the way, in case you don’t know other people playing the Rockstar Games title, you might think of joining a public crew . The latter can accommodate up to 300 users and are usually very happy to include new people. In addition, each user can be part of a maximum of 5 crews at the same time and be the leader of one of them. In short, the possibilities offered by the game are certainly not lacking.

If you don’t know how to join a crew, I invite you to consult my tutorials on how to join the GTA Social Club , on how to create a crew on GTA Online and on how to join a crew on GTA Online .

Take a look at Newswire

Newswire GTA Online

One possibility that few know, or underestimate, is that related to Newswire . It is an information center created directly by Rockstar Games to keep players informed of the latest news.

For example, if an event in which double reputation points are foreseen is in progress or in anticipation , you obviously cannot miss it if you want to rise in rank. For this reason, I advise you to always keep under control the Newswire, by connecting to the official Rockstar Games portal through a common browser for web browsing .

Here you will find all the details of the case regarding the activities that are taking place on GTA Online. For example, in May 2020 there was an event called the Hunting Pack that provided triple rewards for those who participated in the Explosive Speed mode . This meant that users could take home triple their reputation points and rise in rank much faster.

Generally the Newswire is updated every Tuesday , so I advise you to “jump in” every now and then, as in this way you can stay informed about the possibilities offered by the title of Rockstar Games. All you have to do is play the game as expected by the developers and you will see that the rewards in terms of reputation will be very tempting.

Among other things, in some cases, GTA warns the player of the bonuses available directly through the loading screen and allows the player to start those modes by pressing a single button. In short, the ways to get bonus RP are certainly not lacking.

Racing on the road

GTA Online road racing

How do you say? Don’t you have a great desire to do missions or to have to wait for particular events and would you simply like to rise in rank while having fun with “fast” activities? No problem, in this case I recommend you do some road racing .

In fact, among the activities most appreciated by the GTA Online community there are certainly the races with vehicles. Clearly, also in this case the title of Rockstar Games has a rather high content, given the innumerable vehicles present in the game . Among other things, there are also multi-vehicle races , where you can even start with a fireball and get to the finish line by bike .

In short, the spirit of GTA also remains in this type of race, which can usually be completed in a few minutes. Unfortunately, I cannot give you precise indications regarding the RP and the money you will get, as there are many variables at stake, from the number of participants to the position in which you end the challenge.

Track races GTA Online

However, doing many races is definitely a great way to get to the RP home on a carefree afternoon. Just to give you some indicative information, it counts that in general there is talk of at least 500 reputation points per race and often it is enough to simply complete the activity to still receive something (even without winning).

Races with vehicles are accessible in two ways: you can open the map and look for the flag icon or go to the Settings> ONLINE> Activity> Quick game> Start a race path .

CEO activity

Computer CEO GTA Online

After showing you the classic “basic” activities, ie those that are used by many players to get RP, it’s time to show you what will await you when you have the chance to become CEO of a company on GTA Online.

Well, once you are in charge of a company, you will have the opportunity to start special activities . Among these, there are the recovery and sale missions of the crates . Put simply, once you have purchased a warehouse , you will be able to recover cases and resell them at a higher price . You can do this with vehicles too , but I don’t want to do too many spoilers for you.

In any case, you should know that these activities allow you to take home something like up to 50,000 RP . In short, if you want to rank with your character, you should definitely keep an eye on this possibility.

Obviously, you must already be at an advanced point of the game , since you need to be the CEO of a company in order to start this type of mission / activity . For all the details of the case regarding this possibility, I recommend you consult my guide on how to become a CEO on GTA Online , in which I also explained how to start this type of business.

CEO GTA Online Missions

For the rest, since you are interested in the title of Rockstar Games, I would advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA , where there are many other guides that may interest you. In particular, you may be interested in those related to how to buy an office on GTA Online and the best purchases for GTA Online .