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How to quickly scroll through Facebook messages

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You found yourself wasting a little too much time on Facebook and therefore would you like to speed up a bit the consultation of the messages published by your friends on the social network? Good. Facebook, like other online services, supports convenient keyboard shortcuts that allow you to speed up various operations without complicating your life with third-party applications or solutions.

Did not you know? Then fix it now. Read the instructions contained in the guide that I am about to offer you and in no time you will learn how to quickly scroll through Facebook messages. I bet that after you get carried away with these shortcuts, you won’t be able to do without them.

If you want to know how to quickly scroll through Facebook messages, you don’t have to learn any complicated keyboard shortcuts or combinations. Just use two buttons: J to scroll forward through the posts on the main page of the social network e K to scroll back through the posts.

You can use these two buttons in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer And Safari) and any operating system. It is enough that the browser window is in the foreground, but unfortunately it is not possible to use the function in pages or personal profiles. It is only available on the home page.

Use a iPhone or a iPad? Then I have to tell you another trick. Try touching the black bar which is at the top of the screen (the one with the connection indicators and the time) while you keep the Facebook app open: the application will automatically return to the top of the page. Convenient, right?

Do you want quickly scroll through Facebook messages private and not the public ones present on the main page of the social network? Then there are other keyboard shortcuts you need to learn.

To access the Facebook private message page without using the mouse, you can press the key combination Alt + 4 if you use Google Chrome, Alt + Shift + 4 if you use Firefox or ctrl + alt + 4 if you use one of these two browsers on Mac systems. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use this function on Internet Explorer.

Once the page with private messages is displayed, you can quickly scroll through them using the directional arrows up and down on the keyboard. Another way not to take your hands off the keyboard and make reading messages on Facebook a little faster.