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How to qualify for the FIFA FUT Champions

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How to qualify for the FIFA FUT Champions: You have always liked competitions, as well as football. On the other hand, you have never been able to find in other sports the adrenaline and fun that an offensive action of your favorite team gives you. In this context, you cannot help but dedicate part of your free time to the videogame transposition of all this.

You have therefore decided to take the field with Electronic Arts. However, a doubt has arisen in your mind: how to qualify for the FIFA FUT Champions? This is the dilemma. Don’t worry: I understand why you may not have fully understood how the competition works, especially if you have a few years on your shoulders and are not used to playing FIFA like this.

You have come to the right place: below you can in fact find all the relevant information relating to FUT Champions. I can assure you that the post does not take too long to complete and that once you have finished it you will have dispelled all the doubts related to the competition. I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

FUT Champions Logo

Soon I will solve your dilemma related to how to qualify for the FIFA FUT Championsbut first let me give you some general advice on the subject.

Well, it is right to start from FUT Champions Cup. The latter is a tournament linked to the world of eSportergo of digital sports, which generally includes an ending in which they are physically gathered in an arena, for example the Gfinity Arena of London, all major ones professional FIFA players. Yes, the latter are treated like stars, there is great interest around the competition and there is no shortage of it clearly huge cash prizesbestowed on those who finish in the first places.

In short, it is something much more serious than the common online matches to which those who have a few years on their shoulders are generally accustomed: here we really compete, so much so that in the world of eSports, as far as the strongest players are concerned, often there is in the way a preparation in some ways similar to that of common athletes of the football world. Put simply, it can become too a job.

What do I mean by all this? That it is not something simple, on the contrary: becoming a global star of the eSports world is an absolutely uphill path, also considering thewide competition. Put simply, if you think you can hit the top in no time and without training, you are completely off track. The preparation that professional players have to face on a daily basis, in fact, is very demanding and requires a lot of skill and dedication.

FUT Champions Cup and the eSport world in general they are a “serious thing” and even the great local football clubs have understood this. Suffice it to see i eSport team of Serie A teams and other major world football leagues. In short, you understand that out there is full of dreaming people who would like to participate in an official tournament like the FUT Champions Cup and are wondering how it is possible to compete in the latter.

FUT Champions Cup

The answer is one: get noticed first in FUT Champions digital tournaments (other than the aforementioned FUT Champions Cup, which takes place physically), which you can also participate in while standing comfortably at home. Put simply, you have to win as many games as possible over a certain period of time, possibly making himself noticed to then potentially be included in the “circuit” of physical events such as the FUT Champions Cup (nothing is due in any case, so obviously you will always have to be the one to find out more about it).

Clearly everything is based on your skills as a playerwhich unfortunately I can’t do much about (other than giving you some general advice, which you can find in my tutorial on how to improve on FIFA), but here I will focus on how the qualification system works relating to FUT Champions digital tournamentso that you are aware of how they moved the first steps some of the greatest professional players in eSports.

In any case, before providing you with all the necessary information, I would like to clarify that the FIFA video game series is constantly evolving and therefore the methods related to qualification may vary from moment to moment, at the discretion of Electronic Arts.

How to qualify for the FUT Champions

Now that you have a bit of “smattering” on the subject, thanks to what is indicated in the preliminary chapter, I would say that the time has come for action. So, how to qualify for FUT Champions on FIFA 22? I’ll explain it to you right away: here I will make it clear a practical example related to this chapter of the series, useful to make you understand how everything generally works, but obviously each chapter of the Electronic Arts football video game can make a story in itself and present differences. Clear? Well then let’s get started.

How to qualify for the playoffs

FUT Champions Playoffs

Let me guess: you have a console, a subscription to play online, you already know how to play fairly well and you are a fan of FIFA, but you simply have not understood well from where to go for the FUT Champions tournament. If that’s the case, you need to know that it all starts with qualification for the playoffs.

Indeed, the latter represent the first stage of the tournament, but before you need to show that you are smart enough to enter at the same FUT Champions. In simple terms, not everyone can just participate to the latter: first you have to prove your worth in a more “peaceful” (so to speak) context.

I refer to the Division Rivals modeergo a online seasonal competition. Generally a Division Rivals season lasts 6 months and this is the time to try win games. In this regard, this mode is divided into Divisions: based on which one you are in, you will get the so-called Champions Qualification Points (PQC). As you have probably already guessed, it is the latter that allow you to enter the playoffswhich are usually played on weekends (who said Weekend League?).

How FIFA Division Rivals matches work

Once you reach the right number of PQCs to enter the competition FUT Champions currently underway (eg, 2,000 PQCeach victory of a match usually guarantees at least 25 points), qualification for the playoffs will be automatic: you will find yourself, without even having to apply, to participate in the first phase of the digital tournament.

At this point, you know what to do: get busy as much as possible with Division Rivals matchesreaching the number of Champions Qualification Points required. Now you are probably wondering how keep track of your progress. Well, generally you just need to access the section of the game related to FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team)move to the area dedicated to FUT Champions and take a look at all information you need.

How to qualify for the finals

FUT Champions Finals

On FIFA 22the FUT Champions digital tournament is divided into two stages: i already mentioned playoffs and the endings. I’ll explain instantly how you can usually access the latter.

If you have already managed to access the playoffsthat is, at the first stage of the tournament, you will surely have noticed that you are required to play a certain number of games. As you can imagine, now you have to prove your worth in this context, facing other players like you who have managed to stand out in Division Rivals matches (ergo, the challenge is getting tougher).

If you succeed in your intent, usually winning at least 5 of the 9 scheduled matches (for a better understanding, generally you may have to accumulate 24 points: every game won usually equates to 4 points and each defeat which guarantees instead 1 point), at the end of the playoffs you will get a token for qualifying for the finals. Just a tip: don’t make the mistake of terminating yourself manually the competition, if you have no intention of starting from scratch and have not made the right calculations.

In any case, you just have to check the finals calendar available (they are not always there, but they generally take place in the weekend) And choose when to use the token obtained to participate in this stage of the competition. Usually the token can be used when you see fit, also in the following season. However, once used you will never be able to go back– You will participate in the next available FUT Champions Finals. In short, think about it and aim to start the challenge when you really feel like it ready and fit: Finals are clearly the most advanced stages of the tournament, where you will face the strongest players.

What you win possibly? It depends on the tournament currently active, but surely in the game you will find all the details of the case. For the rest, maybe it will be your starting point to get you noticed from someone and enter directly into the eSport worldparticipating later also in some official physical tournament.

FUT Champions FIFA match

The variables involved are many and I want to reiterate once again that here I have simply made a “summary” about how the qualifiers for the FUT Champions tournament generally work, as well as the possibilities offered by the eSports world. You will then obviously have to be the one to inform yourself properly about the individual tournaments and on any changes implemented by Electronic Arts.

For the rest, I refer you to Official FIFA 22 FAQ for more information. Also, you might be interested in taking a look at the page of my site dedicated to FIFA, where there are many other tutorials related to the videogame series of Electronic Arts. So I just have to do you a big good luck for the FUT Champions tournament and for any videogame career: who knows, maybe one day you will compete with some important professional player or you will become one yourself!