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How to put your business profile on Instagram

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How to put your business profile on Instagram: Speaking with some of your friends who are experts in the field, you have discovered that using a Company Profile on Instagram you can get information about your followers, view the coverage of your posts and even add a contact button in your profile. So you tried to switch from your personal account to a professional one, but all your attempts were unsuccessful. Is that so? So don’t give up and follow the advice I’m about to give you.

If you give me a few minutes of your time, I can explain how to put your business profile on instagram acting through the social network app for smartphones and tablets or from a computer, depending on your preferences. In addition, I’ll also explain how to link – optionally – your Facebook page to it (and in case you don’t have one, I’ll explain how to go on without it). You just have to follow the directions I will give you step by step and everything will be fine, we promise!

If you agree, then, let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s take action. Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs carefully. Put into practice the directions I am about to give you and I assure you that getting a business profile on Instagram will really be a breeze. Happy reading and a big good luck for everything!

How to put your business profile on Instagram

Before explaining to you how to put your business profile on instagramI want to provide you with some preliminary information useful for the correct activation of this setting.

You must first know that a professional Instagram accountin addition to the “basic” functions of the social network, integrates functions specifically designed for professionals, including the possibility of adding a button for a quick contact request and a tool dedicated to statistical data from Instagramthanks to which it is possible to have additional information about your own followersthe interaction of their audience with the content posted on the platform and so on.

The transition to a professional Instagram account is a procedure that can be carried out from smartphones and tablets, through the app of the famous social network available for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOSor from PC (through Instagram official website or his application for Windows 10). During activation, you are asked to connect to a Facebook page but, as I will explain later, you can skip this step, which is therefore optional.

That said, if you are willing to take advantage of the aforementioned benefits, you already know what to do: keep reading the article and follow my instructions, knowing that you will have the possibility to go back at any time.

Android / iOS

Instagram company profile

Set up your business profile on Instagram from the social network’s mobile app it’s that easy. Furthermore, the transition from a personal account to a professional one, as already mentioned, is not permanent and you can retrace your steps at any time.

That said, to switch from your personal profile to the company one, open Instagramtap on the icon your profile at the bottom right, press the button (≡) and access the Settings of your account by pressing the appropriate wording in the menu that appeared.

Then tap on the item Account and select the wording Switch to a professional account located at the bottom of the screen that opened.

Now, scroll through the information sheets that show you the advantages of professional accounts and select the category of your interest. Furthermore, decide whether or not to show the category you have selected on your company profile, possibly moving to ON the switch located in correspondence with the wording Show on profile.

Then tap on the item end and choose the type of account you want to use: Creatorif you are a public figure, a content creator, an influencer, etc .; Agencyif you want to use the account to promote a local brand, business, etc.

Next, tap the button Forwardand if you chose the option Agencyadd your company’s contact information, press the button again Forwardchoose the Facebook page to be connected to the account by pressing the button Log into Facebook or press the button Skipto skip this optional step.

Mission accomplished! Now all you have to do is follow Instagram’s tips to learn how to use the various tools available for businesses.


PC company IG profile

For put your company profile on Instagram from your PCyou must first connect to the Instagram official website or start your own Windows application.

Once this is done, click on the icon of yours profile at the top right and click on the entry Settings. Now, in the screen that is shown to you, click on the item Switch to a professional account and then choose the type of account between Creator And Agency.

To continue, press the button Forward and, if you have chosen the type of account Agency, also configure your company’s contact information. After that, select the category related to your profile (for example Artist or Shop), choosing whether to make it visible on your profile and, finally, complete the operation by pressing the button end. Easy, right?

How to put your business profile on Instagram without Facebook

Facebook icon

Do you want to put your business profile on Instagram without Facebook? In this case you will be happy to know that the procedure to follow is practically the same as the one I indicated in the previous chapteras, as anticipated, the connection of a Facebook page is entirely optional.

While switching to a Instagram account for professionalsin fact, when you are asked to link one Facebook pageyou simply have to press on the item Skipso you can skip this step.

How to make a private business profile on Instagram

Remove Instagram business profile

Would you like to set as private your profile Corporate Instagram, but are you unable to perform this operation? you must know that it is not possible to do this, switching to an Instagram account for professionals makes it impossible to privatize your profile.

Therefore, what you can do is change the account type and go back to a personal profile. To do this, start the Instagram app and tap on thumbnail of your profile photo present at the bottom right, then presses the button (≡)then select the item Settings in the menu that opens, presses on the items Account> Change account type and select the item Switch to a personal account.

In conclusion, confirm the operation by pressing on the item Switch to your personal account from the pane that opened. If everything went well, you will see the message appear on the screen Passed to personal account.

To proceed from PCinstead, connect to Instagram and press the icon of your profilethen click the entry Settings. Now, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the button Switch to a personal account and confirm the procedure by pressing the key Come back.

In case of doubts or problems, I suggest you read my guide on how to remove the company profile on Instagram.

Once this is done, you can set your profile as private. To proceed from smartphone go to the menu Settings> Privacy and move up ON the lever Private account. From PCinstead, you can do this via the menu Settings> Privacy and securityso as to put a check mark on the wording Private account. For more information, refer to my tutorial on how to put private profile on Instagram.