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How to put the writings that move on Instagram

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How to put the writings that move on Instagram: Since it is among the most used social networks in the world, you have decided to pay more attention to your profile Instagram. You are therefore looking for some methods to diversify the content you publish, especially as regards the stories, and thus make it more varied. Well, if that’s exactly the case, I have good news: you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

It is precisely in this guide that, in fact, I will explain to you how to put the writings that move on Instagram! Throughout this tutorial I will show you the methods currently available to apply an animated text to your stories (at the moment it is possible to apply them only for these contents), in order to make them more lively and pleasant for followers. The procedure to follow is very simple, whether you want to do it through the official function, or whether you want to resort to the use of third-party apps.

There is no time to lose! Make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn how to make your Instagram profile more interesting and “alive”. I just have to wish you good reading, and most of all, have fun!

Put the writings that move on Instagram from the app

In case you don’t know, Instagram offers animated writings that can be applied directly to the stories being published: just use the most updated version of the official app. In the event that the available writings do not satisfy you, know that it is possible to use third party applications which also allow you to have animated writings on Instagram, albeit with slightly different results. Read on to find out all the details.

Official function

For put animated writings on Instagram through the official application of the social network, the first thing you need to do is open Instagram and press on the thumbnail named Your storylocated at the top of the screen, on the left.

At this point you need to create a story. You have three options to do this: the first is take a photo on the spotwhich you can do by clicking on the circle located in the center of the screen. You can also change the camera to be used to take a photo, simply by pressing on thecamera iconlocated at the bottom of the screen, on the right.

The second option is choose a photo from the Gallery. To do this, just press on thesquare icon, located at the bottom of the screen, on the left. Later, whether you have taken a photo at the moment and chosen to use one already present in the Gallery, you can access the Instagram text editor by pressing on theicon of the two Aa located at the top of the screen, on the right.

The third option available to you is to directly create a story with only written. If that’s what you want to do, you have to press onicon of the two Aa and you will be taken to the text editor immediately.

Once you have arrived at the text editor, what you have to do to have the animated writings is to press on theA icon with two dashes. The last step to follow, therefore, is to choose one of the writings that you find above the keyboard (each font corresponds to a different animation). To select one, simply press on its thumbnail.

Now all you have to do is type the text you want me to compose your story and you will see that the animation of your choice will be applied to this.


Now that you’ve chosen your favorite animated text, it’s time to publish the story. First, then, press the button Send to at the bottom of the screen, on the left. At this point, press on one of the buttons Share, depending on the visibility you want your story to have. That’s all: now your story with animated text is uploaded to your profile. Easy, right?

The only flaw of the animated writings offered by Instagram is that, at the moment, there are only a few variants and each has its own default font. Using the application’s animated lettering, therefore, you have very little variety of choice.

Third party apps

Creative Cloud Express

If you want to have more types of animated writings available, you must resort to the use of third party applications.

In this regard, I recommend that you use Adobe Creative Cloud Express, one of the best applications for creating content on social networks. The application is available on both Android than on iPhone / iPad. It’s free, but it also offers paid content: at a cost of € 10.99 per month or € 109.99 per year you can get various benefits, including additional templates, the ability to remove the Adobe Creative Cloud Express watermark, and the ability to add a logo.

If you have a device Androidyou can download Adobe Creative Cloud Express through the official application page on the Play Store (or on an alternative store, in case your device does not have the Play Store) by pressing the button Install; if you have a iPhone or iPadyou can download it from official page of the App Store pressing the button Get / Install and verifying your identity through Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password (if requested).

When you have downloaded the application, therefore, the first thing you need to do is create an account to use it. Then press the button Register for free and fill in the required fields, that is First name, Last name, Email address, Password And Date of birth. Once this is done, click on the button Sign me up.

Now, to start creating a post, click on+ icon and choose one background: you can choose between an image chosen by the application, simply by clicking on the tab Free photosor an image taken from your Gallery, via the tab Tunnel. Finally, you can also choose to use a solid color background by pressing on the tab Solid color. When you have decided on the background to use, also select the format to give to the content (eg. Instagram story) and press the button end.

Now that you’ve chosen the background, you can create animated text. First, press the button addthen on the wording Animation and, then, select the animation of your interest. Then press on the item enddouble-tap on the example text, type the phrase to add to the content and tap on the icon check to save the change.

From here, you can also change various text settings, including the fontthe color and theopacity.

To change the writing character, press on the tab FONT, in order to view all those available. At this point, select the one that best suits you, simply by pressing on its thumbnail.

If, on the other hand, you want to change the color of the text, you have to press on the tab COLOR and then on the button Text. Then choose the one you prefer by pressing on box appropriate.

When you are ready to do it, press on the wording endpress onshare icon, located at the top of the screen, on the right. In the screen that appears, press the button Video and then simply press the button Feed or Stories (depending on your preferences). By doing so, you will be redirected directly to the posting page of the stories on Instagram.

The last thing left for you to do, then, is to press the button Send to and then press one of the buttons Share, depending on the visibility you want your story to have. Once this is done, your story with animated text will be published on your profile in the form of a video. Seen? Nothing simpler!

Put the writings that move on Instagram on PC


You’re trying to put some animated writings to your Instagram stories via your PC? Unfortunately I must tell you that, at least for the moment, it is not possible, as the desktop version of Instagram does not yet offer the possibility to create stories.

Alternatively, however, you can think of using an Android emulator, so that you can have the mobile version of Instagram also on your PC and use it to post stories (although not very convenient as a solution!). In this regard, I recommend that you rely on BlueStacks, one of the best Android emulators on the market. In case you don’t know how to download it, I’ll leave you to my guide, where I’ll explain how to download BlueStacks.

Once you have downloaded BlueStacks and have it set up with yours Google accountyou have to install Instagram on the emulator. To do this, press the button Google Play, located at the bottom of the screen, on the left. At this point, in the search bar, type Instagram and then press Enter.

Then click on the button Install and when the app installation is finished, press the button You opento start the latter.

Now you need to do the login to your Instagram account. To do this, you need to press on the key Log in and then fill in the required fields, ie Username And Password. Once this is done, click on the button Log in.

As you can see, now that the mobile version of Instagram is installed on your PC, you can use the application exactly as you would use it on a mobile. For this, for put animated writings on Instagram on PCyou can follow the same procedures that I showed you in one of the previous chapters.