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How to put the weather on the Home screen

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How to put the weather on the Home screen: You would like to be able to take a quick look at the information weather forecast of your city, perhaps by accessing them directly from Home screen of your smartphone? In this case, let me recommend some practical widgets available on both Android and iOS or, if these do not satisfy you, third-party apps that integrate widgets that can be used for this purpose.

All you have to do, then, is find out how to put the weather on the home screen through the solutions just mentioned. I guarantee you that doing it is not complicated at all, even if, at least from what I understand, you are far from tech-savvy. You will see, thanks to my “tips” you will be able to complete this small “business” in just a few taps.

Since I see you somewhat intrigued by the subject, I would say to put aside the chatter immediately and get into the heart of the article. Come on: make yourself comfortable, take the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs, follow the instructions I am about to give you and set the weather widget that best suits you. Happy reading and have fun!

How to put the weather on the Home screen: Android

If you have a device Android and you want to know how to put the weather on the home screen, all you have to do is take advantage of the default solution that is present on the mobile operating system developed by Google.

Before explaining how to proceed, however, it seems only right to explain to you that the steps indicated below may differ slightly depending on the brand and model of device in your possession and based on the version of Android installed on it. However, these are minor differences, nothing that should stop you from achieving your goal brilliantly.

First, then take your device, unlock it, so as to display the Home screen, and keep your finger pressed or pinch two fingers in a “empty” point screen (so where there are no icons). Then press the button Widget that you should see appear at the bottom and scroll through the widget screen, looking for the app widget Weather forecast system.

Once you have located it, keep your finger pressed on it and drag it to the point on the Home screen where you want to place it. At this point the most is done: if everything went the right way, in fact, you should see the weather information related to the position in which you are.

If not, it may be that you have not activated the GPS (from the menu Settings> Location Services) or has not yet granted the System Weather app i permission to access the device’s location (from the Settings> Privacy> Permissions> Location> Weather): just perform one of these two operations to make sure that everything works in the right way.

You have come to this guide to find out specifically how to put the weather on the huawei home screen? Let’s say that basically the steps to follow are the ones I just described to you. However, if you want a little more precise information about it, you will certainly find it useful to read my in-depth analysis on how to set the weather on Huawei.

How to put the weather on the Home screen: iOS

Weather widget on iOS

If you have a iPhone, obviously you are interested in knowing how to put the weather on the home screen on ios. Before explaining how to proceed, I would like to make a necessary clarification: this is feasible only if you have an “iPhone by” equipped with iOS 14 or later, otherwise the Weather app widget (as well as all the other widgets), it will only be available on the “Today” screen. That said, let’s see how to proceed.

To put the weather widget on the iOS Home screen, the first thing you need to do is to make a long tap on a point without icons on the Home screen, until you see that the app icons start to “dance”. Then press the button (+) appeared at the top left, scroll the screen displayed on the screen and tap on the item Weather forecast.

In the new menu that opens, scroll through the various widgets available and, once you have identified the one you like best, press the blue button (+) Add widget. By doing this, the Weather app widget will be added to the Home screen – place it where you want to place it and when you’re ready to do so, run one swipe from bottom to top (if you have an iPhone with Face ID) or press the Home button (if you have an iPhone with a Home button).

If the widget doesn’t work, turn on the location services and specific permissions for the widget in the menu Settings> Privacy> Location Services.

App to put the weather on the Home screen

The weather

As I told you in the opening of the tutorial, there are also several app to put the weather on the Home screen. These are third-party solutions that act as an alternative to the system weather app widgets. Here are some that I think are particularly interesting (to use their widgets just follow the instructions I gave you for the system widgets, absolutely nothing changes).

  • Yahoo Weather (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – the Yahoo! integrates a widget through which it is possible to see forecasts in real time. If that’s your thing, it’s also available in an Apple Watch version. The app is free and has no banner ads.
  • 3B Weather – (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – available for free download, this solution allows you to receive forecasts in real time, even regarding the district of the city where you are (very useful function when you are in a large metropolis). In addition to ensuring the presence of a widget to set on the Home screen, it also includes the Apple Watch app, should this be of interest to you.
  • Weather forecast (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – as you can easily guess from its name, this application is dedicated to checking the weather conditions and, thanks to its practical widget, allows you to do this directly from the Home screen.
  • Forecast (Android) – app available only for Android that allows you to check the weather forecast also through a customizable widget to be set on the Home screen of your device. It features advertising banners, which if necessary can be removed by paying 3.79 euros.
  • Wunderground (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is another app dedicated to the world of meteorology, which integrates a beautiful looking and aesthetically pleasing widget, as well as the app interface. The removal of advertising and access to all its features are available by subscription, starting at € 4.49 / month.
  • Live Weather (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – app with similar operation to that of the solutions mentioned in the previous lines, which allows you to watch the weather forecast even with the integrated widget, to be inserted on the Home screen. I would like to point out its availability also in the smartwatch version and I remind you that it is basically free but that, by subscribing to a subscription of 2.99 euros / week, it allows you to eliminate the advertising in the app and unlock some extra functions.
  • CARROT Weather (iOS / iPadOS) – those who have an Apple device cannot fail to consider this app for monitoring the weather, since it is considered the best ever. Its minimal graphics, the details taken care of to perfection and the possibility of obtaining weather information even from the very useful widget and from the Apple Watch app. It is paid: it costs 5.49 euros.

For more information about the use of these and other weather apps, I refer you to reading the guide that I have dedicated entirely to the latter. Hope you find it useful.