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How to put the ringtone

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Today, for the first time since you bought your new smartphone, you realized that you have never changed the default call ringtone. Not that there is anything wrong with that, however, in the long run, hearing the same sound when someone calls is boring. For this reason, you have decided to change the ringtone by trying to navigate through your phone’s settings. The problem is that, however, you are not very familiar with the technology and you have not been able to carry out the operation in question.

I guessed it, right? Then don’t worry: if you want, I’m here to give you a hand. In the next few lines, in fact, I will explain how to put the ringtone on your smartphone, be it an Android device or an iPhone. You must know that this is a fairly simple operation that, with a little help and some suggestions like the ones I’m about to give you, you can do it in no time.

How do you say? Do you want to immediately get to work to change the ringtone of your smartphone? Well, then take five minutes of free time, read carefully what I have to tell you and follow the suggestions I will give you. In this way you will be able, quickly and without particular problems, to change your ringtone and set a new one. Having said that, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

How to put the ringtone on Android

Do you have an Android smartphone ? Then know that you can either change the ringtone by choosing from those present inside the device, or, if you don’t like the default ringtones, you can decide to use a personalized ringtone obtained through special applications. Find everything explained in the next paragraphs.

Please note before you begin that the procedures described may vary slightly depending on the version of Android you are using. Basically, however, the settings are always very similar and you will find, at most, a few slightly different settings or menu names.

How to change the ringtone

Change the Android ringtone

Is your desire, simply, to change the ringtone of your smartphone by choosing another one from those on the device? So, to do this, tap on the Settings icon on the Home screen or in the app drawer , then on the page that has opened, look for the Sounds and notifications option and press on it.

At this point, in the new screen opened, tap on the item Phone ringtone and, from the list that has opened, press on the different ringtones , in order to listen to them. Did you find the one that’s right for you? Then, select it (making sure that the check mark is next to the name of the ringtone you want to set) and press on the OK item , to confirm the setting change. Finished! You didn’t think it was that easy, did you?

To set a song already on the device (for example, you copied from your PC or downloaded through special applications), instead, press the + icon , select the My music option , then select the song, check the relevant box, and press the OK button to set it.

If you have any problems with the ringer volume , you can solve it by following my tutorial on how to turn up the volume of your phone.

How to put your own ringtone

Android custom ringtone

You don’t like the ringtones on your phone and want something more original and personalized? So, in this case, there are several ringtones apps that you can use to achieve your purpose.

Among the most popular, I point out Zedge , an app that allows you to download ringtones, notifications, alarms and wallpapers totally free of charge to customize Android smartphones. It is also available in a Premium version by subscribing to a monthly (€ 0.79) or annual (€ 3.99) subscription , with the possibility of a 3-day free trial , in order not to view advertisements.

To use it, then, tap on the Play Store icon or the alternative store on your smartphone (if it does not have Google services) and type the name of the app in the search bar .

Once done, select the first result and press the Install button , then wait for it to be downloaded to your device and, once the procedure is complete, tap the Open button . If you have already closed the store, however, you can find the icon of the new application in the Home screen or drawer of your device and tap directly on it to open it.

Once opened, tap the Accept and continue button , to accept the terms and conditions, configure the personalized experience using the appropriate levers , press the Accept and continue button again and, finally, tap the Accept button , to end the initial configuration.

To search for a new ringtone, in the left menu, press on the Ringtones item and search for the one you want via the Home tab , where all the most downloaded ones are present, or using the Categories tab , where they are divided by categories. Alternatively, tap on the magnifying glass icon to type the name of the ringtone you are looking for in the space provided.

Once you’ve found it, tap on it. In the new screen that has opened, tap on the Set icon and press, in the open side menu, the Set ringtone option (or Set contact ringtone , if you want to use it for a particular contact). Then, press on the Settings item and, in the new page on which you have been redirected, set the lever to ON to allow the app to make changes to the system settings.

Mission accomplished! The new ringtone is now set. The next times, when you want to change it again, you will no longer have to provide the authorization but, by tapping on the Set ringtone item , it will be set automatically. Easy, right?

If you don’t like Zedge, there are other solutions you can use – you can find them in my tutorial on apps for downloading ringtones.

How to put the ringtone on iPhone

Put the iPhone ringtone

Do you use an iPhone and are you wondering how to put the ringtone on it? This is, as seen for Android devices, a rather simple operation. Even in this case, in fact, you can decide whether to use the ringtones present directly on the device , selecting the one you prefer, or whether to choose something more personalized to buy in the appropriate stores or to create, let’s say, “manually” using iTunes or the application. MacOS Music .

In this case, the procedure becomes a little more cumbersome, but not difficult. To proceed, all you have to do is follow the instructions that I will give you in the next paragraphs.

How to change the ringtone

Change iPhone ringtone

To change the ringtone set on your iPhone, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen (the one represented by a gear) and press the Sounds or Sounds and haptic feedback option .

Once this is done, under the heading Vibration and sound models , select the Ringtone option (the first in the list) and in the new screen that has opened, press on the various ringtones in the Ringtone or Warning sounds lists , to listen to them.

Once you have found the right one, click on it and check that there is a check mark to the left of its name . Now, every time someone calls you, you can hear the new ringtone you set. Simple, isn’t it?

If you have problems with the ringtone volume , you can solve it by reading my tutorial on how to turn up the volume on iPhone.

How to put your own ringtone

Personalized iPhone ringtone

The first method to put a personalized ringtone on your iPhone is to purchase it through the iTunes Store , the store present by default in all Apple mobile devices, in which there are over 43 million songs with prices ranging from 0, 99 euros to 1.29 euros .

To use this store, press on its icon (a white star on a pink background), present on the Home screen of your device. If it is not present, you may have mistakenly deleted it. To undo the damage, you can download it from the App Store .

Once the store is started, click on the Ringtones icon (the bell) in the bottom menu. In the new page that opens, you will be able to choose between numerous Alert Tones and Ringtones to buy. To find the one you prefer, you can scroll through the ringtones in the Featured category or press the Charts tab to view the list of the best-selling ones. Alternatively, you can tap on the Genres item (top right) and, from the list that has opened, select the musical genre you prefer. Pressing on the Search tab you can instead write, in the appropriate bar, the name of the artist or song you are looking for, to see if it is available in the form of a ringtone.

Once you have obtained the search results, then, click on the Ringtones tab on the new page on which you have been redirected and check among the results. To make the purchase of a ringtone, at this point, all you have to do is press the box with the price .

Then select, in the opened box, the item Use for the default ringtone (or Use for default messages , if you want it to be the ringtone of received messages, or again, Assign to a contact , if you want it to be the ringtone of call for a specific person) and confirm the purchase with Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

Create iPhone iTunes / Music ringtone

Is the iTunes Store not for you? Then you can create a custom ringtone via your computer, using iTunes for Windows and macOS versions prior to 10.15 Catalina or the macOS Music application .

If you use a Windows PC and you don’t have iTunes yet, follow the directions in my tutorial on how to download iTunes (the program is pre-installed on older versions of macOS).

At this point, open iTunes or the macOS Music application, using the relative icons on the Windows desktop or on the macOS Dock bar, right-click on the song you want to use as a ringtone and select the Album information / Information item from the menu opened. If you don’t see the song of your interest in your iTunes / Music library, add it by dragging it to the application window (more info here). Also keep in mind that Apple Music songs cannot be turned into ringtones because they are DRM protected.

Now, in the new window that has opened, click on the Options tab , check the Start and End items and enter, in the appropriate fields, the starting point and the ending point of the song you want to use as a ringtone, for a maximum of 30 -40 seconds (the standard duration of a ringtone). To conclude the operation, then click on the OK button .

Now, click on the song you want to use, click on the File menu (top left) and select the Convert> Create AAC conversion from the latter, to have it transformed into a format supported by the iPhone. Next, click on the icon of the three horizontal dots next to the new song that has appeared in the library and select the item Show in File Explorer (on Windows) or Show in Finder (on Mac).

In the new window that opened, rename the file and change its extension to .m4r , then delete it from the iTunes or Music library , keeping only the original file (thus choosing NOT to delete the source file).

Now, you just have to connect the iPhone to the computer using the appropriate cable and, if you are using a Windows PC, click on the phone icon , press on the Ringtones option (present in the left menu) and drag the new file you just created and renamed inside the folder.

If you are using a Mac , on the other hand, after connecting it with the cable, click on the Finder (the icon with the smiling face in the Dock Bar) to open a new window, press on the name of your iPhone in the menu on the left and drag the new ringtone within the General tab .

In this way, the ringtone will be inserted in the list of those present on the device. Lastly, to set it up, you can follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous chapter .