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How to put the flash when they call you

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How to put the flash when they call you: When they call you you almost never answer: it is not bad will, it is just that, for convenience, you always leave the phone in silent mode and this prevents you from noticing incoming calls. For this reason, you would like to find a solution that allows you not to give up silent mode (useful, for example, when you are at work) but, at the same time, allows you to easily notice the calls you receive.

If that’s the case, I have the solution for you! By continuing to read this guide, in fact, I will show you how to put the flash when they call you, to receive a light signal every time someone tries to get in touch with you by calling you. In this regard, you should know that many smartphones have a native function, integrated in the device settings. Others, however, do not have it, but the problem can be solved by downloading one of the numerous apps suitable for the purpose.

How do you say? Do you find this a great idea and can’t wait to find out how to activate this feature on your phone? So make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read carefully what I am about to tell you. I bet the result will satisfy you! Well, having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you happy reading!

How to put the flash when they call you: Android

You are wondering how to put the flash when they call you on your smartphone Android? No problem. The latest generation phones, in fact, almost all have this feature within the section Settings, usually among the options dedicated to accessibility.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, if your smartphone does not have settings related to flash notifications You do not have to worry. There are numerous third-party apps created just for this purpose. The only stipulation, however, is the following: your phone must have the LED flash, that is that small yellow circle on the back of the smartphone, useful for taking pictures with a flash. The good news, however, is that only very old smartphone models don’t have it, so I’d say you can rest easy.

How to put the flash when they call you: Samsung

Samsung flash notification

Numerous smartphone models Samsung, like the series Galaxy, have the native function Flash notification to activate the flashing light when you receive calls, SMS and alerts from apps installed on your device.

All you have to do, in this case, is to check the Settings of your phone that the aforementioned function is present: to do so, tap on the icon of Settings placed in the Home screen or in drawer device, select the item Accessibility and then tap the option Advanced functions (or Advanced settings).

At this point, in the new screen that opened, click on the option Flash notification and move up ON the lever located next to the item Camera flash, to activate this specific feature. Also there should be, located immediately below, the option Flash screen, which allows you to view a yellow image on the screen when a call or, in any case, a notification arrives.

In addition to this, if it is present, you can test the functioning of Camera flash And Flash screenby tapping the button Preview, to check that the setting meets your expectations.

Please note that the path to follow and the items to select may be slightly different on your smartphone. The various Samsung models, in fact, have settings that differ in terms of the names of the menus and the various options present in them. However the differences are minimal and if your device has the native function to use the flash as a notification, I’m sure you will have no particular difficulty in finding it.

How to put the flash when they call you: Xiaomi

Flash Xiaomi notifications

Do you want put the flash when they call you on a Xiaomi smartphone? So, all you have to do is follow this simple procedure: tap on the app Settings, located in the Home screen or in drawer of your device.

After that, select the items App And System app settings and, among all the options in the list, tap on the item Call settings. In the new screen opened, presses on the item Incoming call settings and set on ON the lever next to the item Flashes when it rings.

By doing so, when you receive a call, the camera’s flash will fire and blink. Easy, right?

How to put the flash when they call you: Huawei

Flash 3 Huawei

Smartphones Huawei, at the time of this writing, they shouldn’t have a built-in feature to trigger the flash in case of calls and alerts. However, they do have a Notification LED, placed above the display, which allows you to report incoming messages, battery status and app notifications.

To overcome the problem and activate the actual flash, you can use applications developed by third parties, often free and quite functional. One of them is Flash 3, a free app available on Play Store and alternative stores (for smartphones that do not have integrated Google services), which offers the possibility to purchase the VIP version to 0.99 euros (which eliminates advertising banners, however not very present).

Once identified in the store, install it on your device by tapping the button Install and, when the download is complete, start it by pressing the button You open. On the main app screen, then move to ON the lever present and press on the item Allow, to allow the app to manage phone calls. In this way, you will activate the flash and you can change the numerous settings related to the same.

First, move the levers (always up ON) to activate the flash also for app notifications (and SMS) and choose whether to flash it or not while using the phone. Then, select the type of flash you want to use by choosing one of the settings from Continuous And Rhythm (the first shows a single flash, while the second fires multiple consecutive flashes), then set the speed and number of flashes.

At this point, select the various modes in which you want the flash function to be active, choosing between Ringtone, Vibration And Turn off sound (setting to ON the relative levers).

In addition to what has just been described, there are many other functions that you can set through the app: you can choose whether to activate the rear or front flash or both, decide to disable it when the phone battery is below a certain threshold or at specific times (such as from 23.00 to 06.00 in the morning, for example).

In addition, the app allows you to create fake calls to joke with friends and generate custom ringtones by adding any text you want. In short, it is a complete app that allows you to activate the flash for calls and adjust numerous settings.

Have you decided to use Flash 3 but are having problems? So, to make the flash work stable, allow the app to run in the background: follow the path Settings> Apps> Flash 3> Battery> Battery optimization and tap on the option Don’t optimize. This way, there should be no more problems.

Please note: As these are unofficial applications, apps like Flash 3 could negatively impact battery life and hide privacy issues (they require access to calls and other aspects of the phone to function). I advise you to use them just if strictly necessary

How to put the flash when they call you: iPhone

IPhone flash notifications

Wishes put the flash when they call you on the iPhone? No problem: you can take advantage of the native function present in your device’s settings.

To proceed, therefore, tap on the icon of Settings (the one marked with a gear) located in the Home screen of the device. At this point, click on the option Accessibility and, in the new screen that opened, under the heading Hearing, tap on the option Audiovisual content.

Now, set the levers to ON next to the items LED flash for warnings And Flashes with Silent, to ensure that the flash is activated even when the phone is in this mode.

The operation is complete! From now on, when you receive a call, the phone’s flash will blink continuously until you answer or the call is interrupted by the person who is contacting you. Simple, right?