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How to put the diary on Facebook

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How to put the diary on Facebook: It has now been several months since Facebook replaced the old boards with the new diary-style profiles but apparently the change has not been automatic for all users. There are still many people whose profile has not changed and now they don’t know how to put the diary on Facebook.

Are you among these too? So take a few minutes of free time and let me explain step by step how to remedy the situation. With a couple of clicks, finally you too can have the two-column page with the timeline!

If you don’t know how to put the diary on Facebook, rest assured because all you have to do is click on a couple of buttons. Yes, you got it right! Once logged in to Facebook, simply connect to This Page of the social network and click on the green button Get the diary that you find at the bottom right.

Subsequently, you will be redirected to a presentation page of the Facebook diary, where you can confirm your choice and transform the old board into the new timeline by clicking on the button Publish now. Simple, isn’t it?

In some cases, you may not be able to see the button Get the diary on the Facebook timeline presentation page. This can happen for various reasons depending on the computer in use or the social network itself.

To be sure that the problem does not depend on you, try to access the presentation page of the Facebook diary with a browser other than the one you usually use to surf the Internet, or try to clear the cache of your browser by following the instructions that find in my guide on the subject.

If switching browsers and clearing the cache didn’t bring any results, then the problem could be with Facebook, or rather your account. In fact, it seems that the timeline has not been activated on some accounts deemed too “young” (created less than a month ago) or blocked following violations of the regulation (eg. Registrations under the age of 13, publication of insults in notice board, etc.).

In any case, try a put the diary on Facebook every day (if possible, even from different computers) and sooner or later the option should be available. Otherwise, you can fill out this module in the help center of the social network and try to solve the problem like this. Good luck!