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How to put the cape on Minecraft PE

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How to put the cape on Minecraft PE: Are you a fan of Minecraft, Mojang’s popular sandbox title, and you usually play it on smartphones and tablets. The visual rendering of the game satisfies you, but there is a small missing aspect: the skin, or rather, the costume of your character does not seem to be up to par. So you would like to find one with a mantle, one of the most appreciated aesthetic elements by users, but you don’t know how to do it. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Well then this is the right place to start!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to put the cape on Minecraft PE. In particular, I will analyze all the solutions offered directly by the game, without even having to go and get my hands on the internal files (an action that could cause problems with the game and from which I therefore advise to stay away). In case you were wondering, there will be a way to talk about the various versions of the Mojang title, so that you can take advantage of this aesthetic element from any platform.

Courage: why are you still standing still in front of the screen? Do you want to install the cape on Minecraft? In my opinion, yes, since you have come this far and are reading this guide with interest. Come on then, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that you will be running around the world of “cubes” again in no time. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and enjoy!

Preliminary information

Minecraft PE

Before going into detail about the procedure on how to put the cape on Minecraft PE, I think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, the version for smartphones and tablets of the title of Mojang, which in reality is no longer called “PE” but only “Minecraft”, implements a internal marketplace. The latter allows you to obtain various objects: come on skin packs to those mash-up, passing through i texture packs and for i Worlds.

In your case, you are clearly interested in skini.e. i morals that the character can wear. On the other hand, the coat is an element of clothing. However, as you have probably already guessed, it is not very simple to represent this object in Minecraft, since the latter is made in “Cubes” and it does not have a very high polygonal density.

So there are various types of coat. There are those who try to recreate it with one whole skin and who instead positions a rectangle that moves up and down from the back of the character. The first “version” is the one that can be obtained in the mobile version of Minecraft, while the second one can be used by installing the mod for the Java edition of the PC game.

How to put the cape on Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE cloak

After explaining the various ways used to represent the cape, I would say that you are ready to proceed and implement it on the smartphone and tablet version of Minecraft.

To do this, open Minecraft and presses the button Marketplace, which is located in the main menu of the game. At this point, you have to go to the card Skin packages, where you can find all the costumes that can be installed in the game. Put simply, we are talking about “mods” created primarily by users. Their goal is to improve the character’s “look”.

You have probably already noticed that they exist free packages is for a fee. The currency of the game are i Minecoins, or the yellow coins that you can see on the screen. You can actually also pay in EUR, but it is usually possible to have discounts if you opt for the internal solution. If you are wondering how much these coins cost, you should know that you can access the shop related to the latter simply by pressing the button + located at the top right.

Generally speaking, the possibilities available are 320 Minecoins (€ 2.29), 960 Minecoins (6.99 euros), 1600 Minecoins (10.99 euros), 3200 Minecoins (21.99 euros) e 8000 Minecoins (49.99 euros). As often happens in this type of game, there are often gods promotional periods bonus coins are also provided in this.

However, there is a method that could save you even more. Very often, in fact, in the online and offline stores can be found for sale cards with codes to unlock Minecoins. The latter can be in promotion at a lower cost than the in-game one, so I recommend that you also take a look at this aspect. Just know that you can to redeem these codes through the official Minecraft website: all you have to do is log in with the Mojang profile, enter the code you bought and press on SEND.

Once the payment issue has been explained, I would say that the time has come to take a look at the personalized content that you can use to achieve your goal.

As of this writing, the main trend research is precisely “Cloak”, so I just had to press on themagnifying glass icon to find all the “mods” of the case. However, if you don’t already see this content here, just type “cloak” in the search bar And that’s it.

You have probably already noticed that among the most popular packages there is what is called its own Cloaks (by Giggle Block Studios). As already mentioned in the introductory chapter, these are skins that completely cover the “shape” of the character, so we are not talking about exactly the same way of understanding the cloak that mod lovers have on PC.

However, it is a personalized content that can give your character an interesting “look”. If you are interested in purchasing it, Mantelli (from Giggle Block Studios) costs 490 Minecoins or 3.19 euros.

Alternatively, mobile players have also found other interesting “mods”. I refer to those named “pastel”, which often also change the rear aspect of the character. In particular, an interesting content is what is called Pastel teenagers (by Podcrash), from the cost of 310 Minecoins is 2.29 euros. The latter in fact goes to put a sort of “cloak” on the character Briley. In short, it could be an interesting solution.

How to put the cape on Minecraft PE

If you are looking instead free content, you can try searching for the latter by clicking on the item All skin packages, pressing ondown arrow icon (the one at the top right) and selecting the option From low to high. In this way, you will see the “mods” available for free at the top. Unfortunately, there are not many possibilities available and I have not been able to find a solution that implements a cape or the like. However, you may find some interesting content and therefore it is definitely worth doing some research.

In any case, once you find the package that satisfies you, just tap on his box, press the button linked to price and set a valid payment method (in case it is not free content). As for this step, you need to know that each platform manages it differently. For more details, I advise you to consult my tutorials on how to buy on Google Play is how to make purchases on the App Store.

After making the purchase, wait for the download to finish and press the button Equip the skin. Perfect, now just go back to the start menu of the game and you will see that your character will have a new costume: if you want to change the latter, just press the button first Profile and then on CHANGE CHARACTER; then tap on Property and select the skin you want to set up. Finally, start any game And that’s it.

Perfect, now you’ve set everything up correctly. I want to clarify that the Bedrock version of Minecraft, or the one available for smartphones and tablets, is also used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One is Nintendo Switch, therefore in reality the procedure we have seen can be used on multiple platforms.

One thing: remember that Minecraft is a game in constant evolution, so the developers may decide to update it at any moment. I invite you, therefore, to take the information that I have provided to you in this post as purely indicative.

How to put the cape on Minecraft Java Edition

PC Minecraft cloak

How do you say? You have the Java Edition of Minecraft and would you like to use the cape? Well, I’ll explain how to do it right away.

Well, in this case it is necessary to go and install some external customized content. My advice is to go through Forge and for the mod Advanced Capes. For all the information and the complete procedure, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial on how to have the cape on Minecraft, where you can find the method to also use the skin that I created for the occasion.

Since you often play the title of Mojang, I also recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft. Here you can find countless tutorials related to this game, which might be right for you.