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How to put music on iPod without iTunes

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How to put music on iPod without iTunes: Despite the advent of smartphones, you listen to your favorite songs on your trusted iPod every day : you just can’t do without it and, on the contrary, you increasingly download new songs to your PC, which you would then like to upload to your player. The problem, however, is that iTunes , the application developed by Apple to synchronize music files on iPod, iPhone and iPad, has limitations and a song management style that just doesn’t go down. So go in search of valid alternatives to the latter and, by doing a search on Google, you ended up here, on my website. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Then I’m happy to announce that I can help you reach your goal,

In fact, there are a whole series of free tools (some of which can also be used directly on iPod touch, via app) that allow you to move audio or video files from your computer to your iPod and vice versa. These software are a concrete and valid alternative to the classic and sometimes complicated iTunes, replacing the Apple media player in the management of the media library. They are also quite simple and intuitive to learn to use.

Then? Would you like to go deeper into the topic and find out, in detail, how to put music on your iPod without iTunes ? If your answer is yes, make yourself comfortable and try the solutions I am about to list below. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you good reading and good listening!

Preliminary information

IPod preliminary information

As I anticipated above, iTunes is a program that can be difficult to move files. However, in order for you to take advantage of the alternative solutions that I am about to mention, it is necessary that iTunes has been previously installed on your computer, due to some drivers which are essential for establishing communication between the iPod and the PC. If you are using Windows and don’t have iTunes, you can install it by reading my tutorial about it . If, however, you are on a Mac, you can skip this step, as iTunes is already pre-installed on the system (since macOS 10.15 Catalina has been replaced by the Music application).

That said, there are several ways to put music on your iPod without directly relying on iTunes, most of which are free and easy to use. Depending on your needs, you can try them whether you use Windows or macOS platforms , or you prefer to use apps for iPod touch , which include the possibility of relying on streaming services suitable for the purpose. Now follow me carefully and don’t be distracted: calmly analyze the various possibilities, one by one, until you find the most suitable one for you.

How to put music on iPod without iTunes for free

Music on iPod without iTunes for free

In this paragraph I will offer you the tools available for Windows and for macOS , that is the best solutions to put music on your iPod, for free, without using iTunes.

iMazing (Windows / macOS)

iMazing for Windows

iMazing is a program that allows you to transfer music files, but also messages and other types of data, between iPod touch , iPhone , iPad and your computer, also allowing you to make a backup for each of the “bitten apple” devices.

Its free version provides a maximum transfer of 100 files , beyond which you must purchase a lifetime license ( € 39.99 for one computer, € 44.99 for two computers or € 59.99 for five computers), which allows to overcome these limitations and unlock additional features.

If you were going to experience the potential of iMazing and download the trial version, connected to its official page , then click on the Download button for PC or on the Download button for Mac , depending on the type of computer you are using, to start the download the installation file ( .exe on Windows or .dmg on macOS).

When you have downloaded the installation file of iMazing, start it and, if you use Windows , click on the Yes and Next buttons , then affix the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement , click three more times on the Next button and, finally, press the Install and Finish buttons .

iMazing for Mac

If, on the other hand, you use macOS , open the initially downloaded .dmg package , click on the Agree button that appeared on the screen and drag the iMazing icon to the Applications folder of the Mac, using the window that is proposed to you. The first time you start, you will need to click Open to bypass macOS restrictions on applications from non-certified developers.

At this point, after connecting your iPod to the computer, start iMazing from the Start menu (accessible by clicking on the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) or from the macOS Launchpad (the rocket icon located in the Dock bar).

If it is the first time you connect your iPod to your computer, you should see a message on your device screen requesting authorization to pair with your computer: tap on the Allow button , then wait for the device to be recognized of the software. If you’ve set an unlock PIN on your iPod , you’ll need to enter that too.

Once back to your computer, click on the Later button , to use the trial version of iMazing (or on Buy license to activate the paid version), then select the item Fast transfer located in the central button of the program. You are practically already done: to start the transfer, drag the files (or files) to be moved to the main application window and select the most suitable app to store them on ( Music or another audio player , in your case), to depending on compatibility.

Keep in mind that, with the above method, you can transfer multiple files simultaneously, but in one app at a time. Once finished, click on the Transfer button , to authorize the transfer of the files, specifying some additional information, finally waiting for the message confirming that the move has taken place.

iExplorer (Windows / macOS)

iExplorer for Windows

iExplorer is a program originally designed to “explore” the internal memory of an iPod, iPhone or iPad through the Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder , giving the opportunity to easily copy the files contained in it, as well as can be used to carry out the opposite passage.

You can use it through a free trial version , which has several limitations, for example the impossibility of not being able to move more than 10 music files at a time or more than 150 MB of total data . To unlock all features, a user license must be purchased ( $ 39.99 for one computer, $ 49.99 for two computers, or $ 69.99 for five computers).

To get the trial version of the program, connected to its official website , click on the Download iExplorer button and wait for the installation package ( .exe on Windows and .dmg on macOS) to be completely downloaded.

At this point, if you are using Windows , open the downloaded file and, if required, start the installation of the Microsoft .NET framework (a free component necessary for the software to work), by clicking on the Accept button . Then click on the Install button and wait for the download and installation of all iExplorer files to be completed automatically.

If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac , open the .dmg package downloaded earlier and drag the program icon to the macOS Applications folder . On the first launch, remember to bypass the macOS restrictions for non-certified applications by pressing Open .

iExplorer for Mac

Once you have completed the basic steps to install iExplorer, connect the iPod to the computer and launch the program: if required, click on the Ok button and then on the Continue with Demo button , located at the bottom right, to continue using the version Free.

Now that you have access to the main window, click on the Files button , located in the central section and, to be able to copy your files safely without risking changing unknown memory areas, click on the Documents folder button that appears in the following panel: to start transfer, all you have to do is drag the files of your preference to the program screen.

Warning : the files that will be copied to the aforementioned folder can be viewed by exploring the memory of your iPod from the computer , but not only using the device itself; so you won’t be able to listen to them directly from the Music app on your device.

Finder (macOS)

iPod Finder for macOS

If you use macOS 10.15 Catalina or a later version of the Apple operating system, iTunes is no longer available. In order to manage the files on your device, you need to use the Finder , by clicking on the iPod icon from the left sidebar and selecting the File tab , at the top right.

The procedures to be followed for the transfer of the files, then are completely similar to those already illustrated for iTunes , available in my tutorial .

AirDrop (macOS)

iPod AirDrop macOS

AirDrop , if I have never heard of it, is the preferential channel developed by Apple for the transfer of files between the majority of the devices it manufactures, including the iPod touch . It is used via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (so it can only be used on iPod models that support these technologies), and is available on every Mac produced after 2012 and on every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch equipped with iOS 7 or versions following.

To use it, first activate the reception of files on the Mac: from the macOS menu bar, access the Go> AirDrop menu , then, if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both active, you can immediately use the service, otherwise click on the button shown on the screen to activate both connection modes.

Now take your iPod touch, go to the Settings menu > General> iOS AirDrop and, in case the Mac you want to connect with is not associated with any contact in the address book, press the All option ; otherwise, press the Contact Only option . Now, back to the Mac, drag the files to be transferred to the iPod on the photo related to the iPod (in the AirDrop window).

If you have any doubts, I invite you to consult my guide on how AirDrop works , where you can deepen the details of this technology in detail.

Other solutions to put music on iPod without iTunes

Music solutions on iPod without iTunes

If you have not found what you were looking for among the solutions that I have recommended so far, you can always try to use these other equally valid resources.

  • CopyTrans Manager ( Windows ) – is a completely free software that allows you to move your tracks from your computer to your iPod (or the other way around), without syncing with iTunes. It allows customization of the music library and playlists, the discovery of duplicates in a few clicks and compatibility with Apple Music. Currently there is only one version compatible with Windows.
  • MediaMonkey ( Windows ) – is an interesting alternative to iTunes, presenting itself as a media player capable of managing an iPod in a truly complete way, accessing it as if it were a normal USB stick. It allows you to easily move music files, set up automatic synchronization and import the entire iTunes library, as well as listen to your own songs in streaming. It includes a Gold version (starting at $ 24.95 ) with advanced storage, organization and conversion features compared to the free version.
  • iMusic ( Windows / macOS ) – this is another program that allows you to transfer music, podcasts, playlists and videos between the devices of the “bitten apple” and the computer and vice versa. It includes an integrated library, as well as the ability to download songs from over 3000 music sites, record audio at will and set up various backup plans. The trial version provides for the transfer of a maximum of 10 tracks and the download of a maximum of 10 files , after which it is necessary to purchase the paid version (starting from € 39.95 per year).

App to download music to iPod without iTunes

App to download music to iPod without iTunes

Would you like to download music directly from your iPod touch , without going through the computer? Then take a look at the applications listed below: I bet they will satisfy you.

Streaming services

Apple Music iPhone

If one of the things that bores you most is having to lean on the computer to transfer the music you prefer to your iPod, you can rely on music streaming services : as you will surely already know, these are services with which you can access catalogs of millions of songs, albums and playlists over the Internet (with the offline download feature available with paid plans).

Apple Music , for example, is the music streaming service created directly by the Cupertino company, included “standard” in the Music app of the iPod and macOS (or in iTunes, on Windows and on older versions of macOS). After an initial 3-month free trial, it provides a subscription for € 9.99 / month (or € 14.99 for the family plan), including the “iCloud Music Library” service, in order to synchronize your favorite songs on all their devices (even songs not included in the Apple Music catalog). Thanks to the functions For you , Discover , Radio and Library, allows the use of the desired songs; it can be activated through the option in the Settings> Music menu of the iPod. You can learn more about the many functions by reading my tutorial written on the subject.

Spotify is simply the most popular music streaming service in the world, compatible with most iOS devices, as well as computers, tablets and even Apple TV. It provides different subscription plans : the free one, which gives the possibility to listen to all the songs in the catalog with commercial breaks, listening to music in shuffle mode on iPod and iPhone, a streaming quality limited to 160 kbps and no download possibility offline. Then there are the paid versions ( Premium at € 9.99 / month and Family at € 14.99 / month , which give access to high quality and other advanced features. Access to content, however, begins from the menuBrowse , through which you can discover the current trends, rankings and new releases. For more information, try reading my full guide on this.

Amazon Music instead represents, to all intents and purposes, the audio streaming service of the eponymous big e-commerce competing with Apple, Spotify and so on. It can be used through the Prime subscription , Amazon’s well-known paid service for free deliveries, which allows partial access to its catalog ( 2 million out of 50 million tracks). After a month or more of free trial, it costs € 9.99 / month . Use via iPod also includes the possibility of downloading tracks locally, which can be used in the Music sectionof the application. If you are interested, you can consult my article written about it.

If, on the other hand, you want to discover other apps to listen and download music for free , take a look at my dedicated study.

Other apps to download music to iPod

Ringtones for iPhone

Obviously, the options for being able to put music on your iPod, without iTunes, do not stop there: there are several other apps that allow you to do this, such as those for searching songs from the Net and those for free ringtones: to find out more , I invite you to read my tutorials on how to download free music on iPhone and on ringtones for iPhone , also valid for iPods .

Warning : illegally downloading copyrighted music from the Internet is illegal, the guide I suggested you consult has been written for illustrative purposes only. Keep in mind that it is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and, therefore, I do not take any responsibility for how you can use the information in the post.