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How to put Memoji on Instagram

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How to put Memoji on Instagram: Taking a look at the stories Instagram of your friends, have you noticed that some of them are characterized by Memojithe personalized emojis that can be created on Apple’s mobile devices and that can be shared, in the form of stickers, not only on the famous photographic social network, but also on other social platforms, as well as on instant messaging services.

You too would like to replicate it and insert these “smilies” in the stories you create on your profile, but you just don’t know how to proceed. Am I right? Then you will be happy to know that today I am here to help you and explain to you how to put Memoji on Instagramnot only on iPhone, but also on Android, where there are very similar alternatives to Apple’s custom emojis.

If you are ready to start, I would therefore say to put aside the chatter and get right into the heart of this guide. Strength and courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. I wish you good reading and a lot of fun!

What are Memoji

Before going into the tutorial and see in detail how to put Memoji on InstagramI would say that it is only right to explain to you a little more in detail what are Memoji.

As mentioned in the opening of the post, the one linked to Memoji is an iOS / iPadOS feature that allows you to create custom emojis on Apple’s portable devices, iPhone and iPad. You can then use these “smilies” in the predefined Messages and FaceTime apps, on social networks and in instant messaging apps, thus making them visible even on non-Apple platforms.

As you probably have already guessed, if you have an Android device instead of a “bitten apple” device, you cannot use the function in question. However, you can use third-party applications that allow you to create stickers rather similar to Apple’s Memoji, to be shared on messaging apps and social networks, including Instagram (or, possibly, send the Memoji created on an Apple device in your possession to the Android device from which to act and share them on Instagram).

If everything is clear to you so far, I would say that we can actually proceed and see in detail what needs to be done to be able to put the Memoji on Instagram and, more precisely, in the stories shared on this social network.

How to put Memoji on Instagram Android

Put Memoji on Instagram Android

As I told you in the previous lines, up Android the Memoji function is not available, as it is a proprietary technology of Apple, available only on the mobile devices of the Cupertino giant. However, you can make custom stickers using some third-party apps suitable for the purpose, such as Bitmojiwhich allows you to quickly and easily create avatars to share in the form of stickers on social networks and in messaging apps.

After installing and starting it on your device, press the button Register via emailprovide date of birth, e-mail And password and then follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the creation of your account.

After registering, click on the symbol of boy or of the lassto indicate your gender, tap the buttons Go on And Allow and take a selfie, to ensure that the app is able to automatically recognize the shape and complexion of the face.

Next, improve the sticker that was created automatically based on your face photo, using the next screen, so as to correct the details concerning your complexionyours hairthe eyesthe eyebrows and so on. When you have achieved the desired result, save the sticker package created using the appropriate button.

After creating the “Memoji-style” stickers, log into Instagram on his official apptap on the icon cottage placed at the bottom left and presses the icon of camera located at the top left. Then take the photo or record the video to share in the story, using the white circular button located in the center of the screen, or load a content already saved locally, by tapping on square which is located at the bottom left and selecting the content of your interest from the Gallery.

Next, tap the button Aa placed at the top right, in such a way as to recall the keyboardpresses the icon ofsmiling emojilocated at the bottom left of the screen and tap onbitmoji icon. Now you just have to find theadhesive of your interest and tap on it. Then drag the sticker to the desired point and, if you want, resize it (just open or close two fingers on it). Finally, click on the button Your storylocated at the bottom left, to publish the content.

I also remind you that if you have an Apple device (therefore an iPhone or an iPad), you can create Memoji on the latter, send them to the Android device in your possession and then share them from the latter on Instagram, following the procedure that I just pointed out to you. More info here.

How to put Memoji on Instagram iPhone

Put Memoji Instagram on iPhone

If you want put Memoji on Instagram from iPhone things get decidedly simpler, since you will not have to resort to the use of any third-party app to proceed with their creation and subsequent sharing on Instagram.

If you haven’t done so yet, start the app Messagestap on the icon sheet with pencil located at the top right and press the button Adhesives (the icon of three personalized smileys, located after the App Store icon). Then press the button (+) located on the left and create your personalized sticker following the instructions you see on the screen.

Then use the appropriate menus and buttons to choose the complexionthe hair cutthe eyebrowsthe eyesthe headthe nosethe mouththe earsthe beardthe eyeglasses and so on. At the end, when you are satisfied with the sticker you have created, tap the button end at the top right. If any steps are not clear to you, I suggest you consult the in-depth study on how to create Memoji on iPhone, where I have proceeded to illustrate the procedure just described in more detail.

Well, now that you’ve made the Memojis, you’re ready to share them on your Instagram Stories. To do this, just start the Instagram app and, after calling up the screen that allows you to create a new story, insert the personalized sticker in the desired point.

To proceed, therefore, access Instagram from his official apptap on the icon cottage located at the bottom left and press the icon of camera located at the top left. At this point, take the photo or record the video to share in the story, using the circular button placed in the center of the screen; otherwise load a content already saved locally, by tapping on square at the bottom left and then select it from the roll.

Next, tap the button Aa located at the top right, so as to recall the keyboardand press the icon ofsmiling emoji located in the lower left corner of the screen. Then swipe your finger from left to right, until you see the section appear Used frequentlypress the button (…) at the bottom and tap on Memoji of your interest.

To finish the operation, drag the sticker to the desired point and eventually resize it (by spreading or narrowing two fingers on it). When you are ready to do it, then, publish the story by tapping the button Your story located at the bottom left. Easy, right