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How to put Google on Nintendo Switch

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How to put Google on Nintendo Switch: You are a big user of Nintendo Switch, because you love the ability to always carry it with you and play your favorite games wherever you are. However, the thing that bothers you the most is the impossibility of carrying out trivial operations, such as an online search, so you were wondering if it is possible and, if so, how to put google on nintendo switch. Well, if that’s the case, know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time, because there’s a solution that’s right for you.

At the moment it is a “trick” and not an effective solution, it also has some limitations, but I assure you that it will allow you to reach your goal and make the Nintendo home console even more useful and functional. Find everything explained below.

How to put Google on Nintendo Switch

You often happen to be on the sofa playing with yours Nintendo Switch and maybe, after a long gaming session, you would like to surf the Internet for a while, without necessarily having to use your smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a real one web browser that allows you to surf the Net, or at least it is not easily accessible. You must know that, in fact, hidden inside the console operating system there is a web browser which – with the necessary precautions – will allow you to surf the Internet and use Google. It is a fairly simple procedure, but you will have to repeat it every time you want to browse Google with your console.

For put Google on Nintendo Switchthen take your console, turn it on and go inside the System settings, recognizable by the gear icon on the Home screen. Choose the item now Internetthen Internet settings and select the WIFI network you are already connected to (if not, connect Switch to Wi-Fi).

In the menu that appears on the screen, choose the item Change settingsscroll down to and select the item DNS settings: now change the setting from Automatic to Manuals. If you don’t know what DNS is and want to know more take a look at my tutorial on the subject.

Now you need to change the DNS address of the connection, so set it as primary DNS (supplied by SwitchBru) and save the changes by selecting the button Save then OK from the pop-up that appears on the screen. The console will automatically return to the previous screen: from here try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again by selecting the item Connect to this network. After a few moments, a screen will appear in which the attempt to connect to the Internet will fail, with the following indication You must be registered to use this network: Select the button Forward to continue.

Go back to the Nintendo Switch home screen and select the item News: in this section select the item Find channels which is located at the top left. The screen will not show the usual channel screen but a new screen named SwitchBru DNS. You will immediately notice that in the center of the screen you will find the indication Redirecting to Google in 5 secondswhich will activate a 5-second countdown.

After five seconds the home page of the will be loaded Google search enginewhich is none other than the Nintendo Switch hidden browser: now all you have to do is use the search field to visit the site of your choice, exactly as you would on your PC or smartphone.

Caution: as mentioned above, this solution is unofficial and relies on the use of DNS provided by third parties. Those who manage them ensure that no track is kept of browsing done on Switch through them, but we cannot know 100% if this corresponds to reality, so I invite you to use this system only if strictly necessary and knowing that it could present potential privacy problems .

After you have finished your browsing session, you will have to go back to the Wi-Fi connection settingsas shown above, and change the DNS settings again from Manuals to Automatic: without changing this setting you will no longer be able to use all the console’s online services, such as the Nintendo eShop.

How do you say? You have purchased a Nintendo Switch OLED and would you like to understand if this method is also applicable to this version of the console? The answer is absolutely affirmative, since the operating system of the two consoles is essentially the same. The main difference between the two consoles, as the name suggests, lies in the adoption of an OLED display.

How to put Google on Nintendo Switch Lite

How to put Google on Nintendo Switch Lite

Some time ago you decided to buy Nintendo Switch Liteas you wanted a console that was as portable as possible and this Lite version was perfect for your needs due to its small size compared to the standard console variant.

No problem: if you ask yourself how to put google on nintendo switch liteyou must know that you can follow the same instructions I gave you in previous chapteras the operating system of the Nintendo Switch consoles is the same.