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How to put a video as wallpaper on Android

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How to put a video as wallpaper on Android: Are you tired of the usual wallpaper on your smartphone Android? Would you like to replace it with something more animated, perhaps with that very nice movie you recently downloaded to your device? Then I think I have excellent news for you: not only does Android support so-called live wallpapers (i.e. animated wallpapers) but, thanks to some specific applications, it also allows you to set personal videos as wallpaper!

Before moving on, however, it is good that you are aware of a fundamental aspect of the matter: the use of a live wallpaper or, even more, of a video clip, can negatively affect the battery life of the smartphone (or tablet) in use. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your device drains much earlier than expected – the animated wallpaper is definitely to blame!

Without this due clarification, if it is your intention to find out how to put a video as wallpaper on android, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and dedicate it to reading this guide: I am sure that, at the end of it, you will be able to reach the goal you set for yourself, without any difficulty. Seeing is believing!

How to set a live wallpaper on Android

The simplest way to “animate” the Android wallpaper is to use i live wallpaper, that is, real animated wallpapers designed for the Google home operating system. Some manufacturers insert animated wallpapers into their devices, so if you’re lucky, you might not even have to download anything.

In any case, to be able to set an animated wallpaper on your device, make a long tap on an empty spot on the Home screen (where there are no icons) and tap on the item / button Backgrounds, which should reside in the small on-screen menu.

Now, locate the section related to animated wallpapers / live wallpapers (usually found at the bottom, in the form of a tab or button), tap his first name and select the animated background of your interest, to preview it. If you do not find any item related to animated wallpapers, browse the gallery of those present on your device and check if, among them, there are some “in motion”.

In any case, once you have identified the wallpaper of your interest, tap the button Set wallpaper and choose whether to use it as the background of the home screen only or also the lock screen. That’s all!

If there are no live wallpapers on your device, you can easily download new ones from the Play Store or an alternative market for Android: search for the entry “Animated wallpaper” or “Live wallpaper” inside the store on your device and wait a few moments for the search results to be shown on the screen.

Now, locate the animated wallpaper you like most, tap on its preview and, also taking into account the comments of other users (some of these apps may include particularly invasive advertisements), install it by pressing the appropriate button.

When the download is complete, start the app you downloaded just now (the one with the name of the wallpaper) and follow the instructions provided to apply it: in general, you simply have to touch the preview image, then the button Set wallpaper and choose whether to use the wallpaper as a background for the Home screen only or for the lock screen.

How do you say? Although you have slavishly completed the steps I have indicated to you, are you unable to set any animated wallpaper? In this case, the launcher installed on your device may not offer support for a feature of this type; if so, you can replace it with an alternate launcher, which one could be Nova Launcher, which is one of the most complete ever: I told you about it in detail in my in-depth analysis dedicated to the best launchers for Android.

How to put a video as wallpaper on Android

If you are not interested in setting an animated wallpaper but you really want put a video as wallpaper on android, you must necessarily use a third-party app. Keep in mind, though, that using a movie as an Android wallpaper can have a negative impact on battery life.


How to put a video as wallpaper on Android

One of the best apps to use video as an Android wallpaper is definitely VideoWall: available for free on the Android Play Store and on alternative markets (with the possibility of unlocking additional functions at the price of € 2.09, via in-app purchase), it allows you to use any video present in the smartphone’s memory as the background of the screen Home and / or lock screen.

Before proceeding, however, it is good that you are aware of some small limitations of the app: it is possible that the video does not adapt perfectly to the screen resolution, thus resulting too “flattened” or “stretched”. In fact, although VideoWall has an automatic resizing feature (reserved for Premium users only), it is in an experimental phase and may not work correctly for some videos or on some models of smartphones or tablets.

Having made the necessary clarifications above, it is time to take action: to begin, download and install VideoWall from the store on the device and start the app. Now, tap the buttons Get Access And Allow, for VideoWall to access the device memory, then tap the item Video File placed in the screen that is proposed to you and, using the next panel, select the movie to be used as a background, by tapping on its preview.

Next, use the adjustment bar placed at the bottom to define the starting point and of stop of the video (just drag the appropriate indicators located on the sides) and, when you are satisfied with the result, touch the button OK. Finally, press the button Set wallpaper located at the top right and choose whether to use the animated wallpaper for the Home screen only, for the lock screen or for both.

Video Live Wallpaper

How to put a video as wallpaper on Android

Another application you can use to turn a movie into an animated wallpaper for Android is Video Live Wallpaper: available for free on the Play Store and on the alternative Android stores, this application allows, among other things, to resize the movie to be applied as a background (in order to adapt it to the aspect ratio of the screen) and to stop the animation in any time.

After installing Video Live Wallpaper on your device, launch it and swipe to the left a few times to skip the welcome tutorial. Next, tap the button Get Started and then on the button Gallery, so you can select the movie to apply. If necessary, tap the button Allow to ensure that the app can access the memory of the terminal.

At this point, use the items on the Video Live Wallpaper screen to set the behavior of the video.

  • Play audio – activates or deactivates the reproduction of the sound part of the video.
  • Video loop – activates or deactivates the repetition of the movie, when it ends.
  • Play offscreen video – activates or deactivates the “offscreen” playback mode.
  • Keep Aspect ratio – activate or deactivate the adaptation of the video to the aspect ratio of the screen.

Once the necessary parameters have been set, tap on the item Live Wallpaper Set and that’s it: to finish, tap the button Set wallpaper and choose whether to use the movie as wallpaper for the Home screen, the lock screen, or both.