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How to put a song as a ringtone on Android

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The default ringtone of your Android smartphone has literally bored you and would you like to replace it with your favorite piece of music? Well, I don’t see what you’re waiting for: just take your phone and make the necessary changes. How do you say? You are not very experienced in telephony and would you therefore like me to help you in this regard? No problem.

If you dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to me, I can in fact show you, in a simple but not so detailed way, how to put a song as a ringtone on Android . To be precise, what I am going to do will be to show you both how to find the “ready to use” ringtone of the song of your interest or how to get it from the audio file of the entire song, after which I will explain how to set the new call tone on your mobile . In all cases, I assure you that you will not have to perform any particularly complicated operations.

Then? What are you still doing standing there? Position yourself comfortably, take a few free minutes just for you and immediately start concentrating on reading what is reported below. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that you will also be ready to provide useful tips about it to your friends. Let it bet?

Android ringtones app

If you are interested in putting a song as a ringtone on Android using “pre-packaged” ringing tones, the best suggestion I can give you is to turn to apps specifically designed for this purpose, precisely those that I will indicate below. Download them on your device and follow the relative instructions for use: you will see that you will not regret it.


The first application that I invite you to consider, if you want to put a song as a ringtone on Android, is Zedge . It is easy to use and allows you to search and download ringtones of all kinds, including those taken from music. Note that it also offers other useful resources for customizing your smartphone, such as wallpapers and various warning tones. It is free, but some contents are offered for a fee, through in-app purchases (with prices starting from 79 cents.).

To download the application on your device, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and tap the Install button  . Then, start the app, by touching the Open button that appeared on the display or by selecting the relative icon that has been added to the drawer .

Now that you see the main screen of the app, press the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top left and tap on the Ringtones item in the menu that opens. You will then find yourself in front of the Home screen , with the list of the most popular ringtones of the moment, which you can view by scrolling on the screen.

If you want, you can also search by category, by going to the Categories tab at the top and selecting the category of your interest from the proposed list. You can also search by keyword by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right and entering the keyword of your interest in the field provided.

When you find the ringtone of the song you are interested in, press on its title and then on the Play button , to be able to preview it. If it convinces you, download it by tapping on the button with the three vertical dots located at the top right and choosing the Download item from the menu that opens. To set it, then proceed as explained in the chapter at the end of the guide .

If you want, you can also set the chosen ringtone directly from Zedge: to do this, tap the Set button at the bottom and choose, through the menu that opens, whether to use it for generic calls or for those received from a specific contact .



Another great application that you can consider using to find new ringtones inspired by the songs you like the most is Audiko . It is an app that, in fact, allows you to find call tones able to satisfy practically everyone’s tastes, thanks to its constantly updated and rather varied database. It’s free, but some content is paid for and can be obtained through in-app purchases (at a cost of 59 cents).

To download the application, go to the relevant section of the Play Store and tap the Install button . Then, start Audiko, by pressing the Open button that appeared on the display or by selecting the relative icon that has been added to the drawer .

Once the main screen of the application is displayed, you will be shown what are the most popular ringing tones of the moment. Therefore, scroll through the available list and when you find a ringtone you think you might like, first tap on its title and then on the Play button , to preview it.

If the ringtone heard convinces you, you can download it by pressing the share button (the one with the three dots joined together by the lines ) and indicating the app  in which to import the file or the location in which to save it. As an alternative to what I have indicated, you can search by keyword, by pressing the button with the magnifying glass located at the top right and typing the reference keyword in the displayed field. You can also search for a ringtone by genre, by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top left, select the Genres item from the menu that opens and choosing the genre you are interested in from the list.

Finally, you can set the ringtone as default by following the instructions at the  end of the tutorial . Alternatively, you can set the ringtone directly from Audiko, by tapping the button with the down arrow and indicating whether you intend to use the audio file as the default tone or for a specific contact .

Other android ringtones apps


Did none of the ringtones apps that I proposed in the previous lines convince you in a particular way or, in any case, using them you could not find the call tone you were interested in? Then try the alternative apps that you find in the list below.

  • Mobiles24 – app equipped with a high-performance internal search engine through which it is possible to find and download many ringtones of all kinds and ages. It is very easy to use and completely free.
  • Free Songs Ringtones – as easily understood from the name itself, this is a no-cost app that allows you to download many new ringtones, all inspired by the most popular music of the moment, and more.
  • MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers – another app full of ringtones for all tastes, as well as, as the name suggests, wallpapers. It is free and its interface is sufficiently intuitive.
  • Classical Music – Ringtones for mobile phones – application dedicated to classical music lovers who intend to set a Mozart or Vivaldi song as a ringtone for their Android smartphone.

How to use a song as a ringtone on Android

Are you interested in understanding how to put a song as a ringtone on Android by going to use a piece of music you already own, saved on your computer or mobile phone? Then follow the instructions on what to do that I will give you in the following steps. In fact, below you will find explained how to import an audio file from your computer to your mobile phone (if necessary) and how to cut it to obtain a ringtone.

Import the song

How to connect Android to PC

If the song you intend to use as a ringtone is not already present on your Android smartphone but is on your computer, you must first import it . To do this, connect the device to the PC using the charging cable , inserting the smaller end into the connector on the device and the larger one into a USB port on the computer.

Next, open the ‘ File Explorer in Windows by clicking on the yellow folder that you find on the taskbar , and join the position of your Android device where you want to save the song you wish to use as a ringtone (I advise you to save it in the folder Download ), then copy the song you are interested in. Then remember to disconnect the Android smartphone from the computer.

If you are using macOS , on the other hand, in order to access the content of your Android smartphone from the Mac you must first download and install the Android File Transfer application . Subsequently, when you go to connect the smartphone to the computer, the device will be automatically recognized by macOS, the application will open and you can then proceed with the transfer of the audio file in the same way as I explained to you for Windows.

If you have problems in carrying out the operations described above or in any case if you feel you need more information on what to do, you can refer to my guide focused specifically on how to connect Android to your PC.

For completeness of information, I also point out some websites that allow you to download ready-to-use ringtones for smartphones, which you can possibly rely on to find the portion of the song you are interested in using your computer. You can find them indicated below.

  • Zedge – is the Web version of the app I told you about in the passage at the beginning of the guide . It allows you to download many ringtones for all tastes and belonging to the most disparate musical genres.
  • Audiko – as in the case of the site reported above, this is the Web variant of the app of the same name that I described to you in the passage in the initial part of the tutorial . It offers many ringtones at no cost and for all tastes.
  • Tones7  – website full of ringtones organized by musical genres. They can be downloaded for free and are available in MP3 format (as well as in the specific format for iPhone).
  • Mobile9 – site that allows you to download countless ringtones of all kinds. Note that it also allows you to check the compatibility of the mobile phone model used, in order to be sure that you can use the selected ringtone without problems.

Cut the song

Ringtone Maker

To put a song as a ringtone on Android, after importing the audio file to your mobile, you need to worry about cutting the song so that it has an overall length equal to that required for the ringing tones, i.e. 30-40 seconds .

To carry out the operation in question, you can rely on the use of the Ringtone Maker app . This is a great free application that allows you to cut audio files saved on your mobile, more specifically to create ringtones. It is easy to use and its interface is completely translated into Italian.

To download it, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button . Then, start the app, by pressing the Open button that appeared on the display or by touching the relative icon that has been added to the drawer .

Once the app is started, select the audio file you want to act on from the device memory (or from the SD card inserted in it). At this point, tap on the button (…) that you find next to the title of the audio file of your interest and select the Edit item from the menu that appears.

In the new screen displayed, move the two gray indicators on the graph, to define the starting point and the ending point of the portion of the song to be cut, and press the button with the floppy disk symbol , to finalize the procedure.

Finally, indicate that you intend to save the cut audio file as a ringtone , using the menu that appears, then type the name you want to assign to the file and tap the Save button .

Set the song as a ringtone

Android ringtone settings

Have you imported the song you want to use as a ringtone on your device, have you cut it in such a way as to adapt its duration to that for the ringing tones and now would you like to know how to set the audio file obtained on your smartphone? I’ll explain immediately how to proceed.

First, select the Settings icon  (the one with the gear wheel ) that you find in the Android drawer , then select the Sounds and vibration item  on the new screen displayed, then the Ringtone and select the ringtone you want to set between those available in the list.

If the ringtone you want to set is not visible in the list, scroll down the screen with all ringing tones, tap Add from device memory. , select the app with which you want to search and select the ringtone and press on the name of the latter. Next, choose the call tone from there.

Note: the information I have just given you may differ slightly from what you see on the display, depending on the exact make and model of the smartphone you own as well as the version of Android in use. For your knowledge, to write this step I used a Samsung Galaxy S6 updated to Android 7.0 .