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How to put a printer online

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How to put a printer online: You bought one printer a few days ago and after a few successful printing attempts, you received the “printer offline” or offline message. Don’t worry, in this guide I’m going to explain to you how to put a printer online changing the status of the same in the computer settings: I will show you how to do it both on a PC with a Windows operating system and on a Mac; I will also give you some instructions on how to connect a wireless printer to the router network and how to network a printer without Wi-Fi support. Find all the details below.

How to put a printer online on Windows

In case you have encountered the printer offline warning on a PC with operating system Windows, keep reading the next lines. To know how to put a printer online on windows it is necessary to check, first of all, if the printer is turned on and correctly connected to the PC. If so, the printer may have problems connecting to the PC.

One of the first methods to try to fix the problem, if you are using Windows 11is to go to the Settings operating system by clicking on the icon flag located at the bottom left of the taskbar and then on that ofgear.

Once you reach the Settingsclick the option Bluetooth and devicesso on that Printers and scanners. Then click on printer name which appears to be offline, then select the entry Open print queue. In the window that opens, expand the menu Printer and check that the item is not checked Use offline printer.

The procedure is the same on Windows 10but the shortcut to reach this option is Start> Settings> Devices> Printers and Scanners> Offline Printer Name> Open Queue> Printer.

If the option is not selectable, click on the item Open as administratoralways placed in the section Printer. If this doesn’t work, you can try various recovery options.

First, you can choose to reset the printer as default, or delete any printing in progress and clean the print queue altogether. Trivially, you could try running a power cycle of the printer, disconnecting it from the power supply for 30 seconds and reconnecting it to the PC.

Otherwise, I suggest you reinstall the drivers of the same, or rely on the tool Troubleshooting Windows, by right-clicking on the printer icon at the bottom right of the taskbar and clicking on the item Troubleshooting.

How to put a printer online on Mac

mac printer

You have connected the new printer to yours Macbut now the state of the same is on Offline, and you just don’t know how to fix. If you want to know how to put a printer online on Mac, as seen also for Windowsfirst you have to check if the same is correctly turned on and connected to the Mac.

Once this is done, go to the Apple menu (the icon in the shape of a bitten apple at the top left), then select the item System Preferences and then the icon Printers and scannersin order to check the actual status of your printer: if it is set on Offlineyou can try to remove the Print Dialog Extensions (PDEs).

To do this, click on the printer that is offline, then go to the item Options and supplies. At this point, select the box Use generic printer features and click the button OK to confirm. If this does not solve the problem, try updating the printer software.

Go to the Apple menu and then on the voice System Preferences. Then select the option Software update and proceed to check if there are any updates for your printer.

If this time too the problem does not resolve itself, I suggest you reset the printing system to implement a clean reinstall. First, click the Apple menu and return to the section System Preferences and then on that Printers and scanners. At this point, right-click anywhere in the section Printersselect the item Reset printing system from the pop-up menu that appeared and confirm the choice using the key OK. If necessary, enter your username and password to confirm the action, then click the button OK.

This system allows you to completely clean the print queue and delete the printers connected to the Mac to prepare it for aclean installation. If you don’t want to go down such a drastic route, you can choose to remove the single printer by right clicking on it and selecting the item Remove from the menu that opens.

At this point, all you have to do is proceed with the installation of the printer on the Mac again and hope that this solves the problem.

How to put a wireless printer online

wireless printer

If you are wondering how to put a wireless printer online just purchased, know that the procedure is really quick and intuitive.

Printers with LCD panel, they are really simple to set up. The procedure may slightly change depending on the model, but often just tap the button Menu / Configuration and access the Network configuration. Then you have to select the option of Wifi connectionthen the home wireless network and enter the password to access it.

Alternatively (or for printers without display) just turn on the printer, enable the connection Wifi on it (often just press a single button) and then follow the instructions of the software installed on the PC (for example, in case you want to know how to put an HP printer onlinethe reference software is HP Smart). In case you have not yet installed the printer software, you can learn more in the tutorials I have dedicated to installing the drivers for Epson, Samsung, Canon and HP printers. Finally, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to connect a Wi-Fi printer to learn more.

How to put an old printer online

old printer

If you are wondering like putting an old printer onlinewithout Wi-Fi connection, you can rely on the physical connection via the LAN ports (if the printer has an Ethernet port) or the USB ports of the router, to make it accessible to all devices connected to the local network.

In the latter case, connect the printer to the router via USB cable and access the control panel of the latter and then reach the section dedicated to devices connected via USB and enable the option USB printer or USB print server. More info here.