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How to privatize friends on Facebook

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How to privatize friends on Facebook: Browsing from a public PC, you noticed that your friends list Facebook is it visible to everyone? It’s not exactly the best from a privacy point of view, I understand it well, but don’t worry because there is a quick and easy way to remedy the problem.

Follow the directions I am about to give you and in no time you will find out how to privatize friends on Facebook so that the list of your contacts is not visible to everyone but only to your friends, to a small circle of people or even just to yourself. Let’s see how it’s done!

If you want to learn how to privatize friends on Facebook, all you have to do is connect to the social network home page, then click on arrow located in the blue bar at the top right and select the item Privacy Settings from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, click on the link modify your basic information which i find under the heading Check privacy when posting something and from the drop-down menu Information (located at the top left) selects the item Friends.

At this point, all you have to do is click on the button Edit located at the top right, select the icon world present in the box that opens and select the people who can see the list of your friends on Facebook. You can choose the option Only me to make your friends list completely private (i.e. only visible to you), the Friends to ensure that only your friends can see the list or use a setting Personalized through which to manually indicate the names of people who can or cannot see the list of friends. The changes take effect instantly.

If you do not want privatize friends on Facebook for everyone, in addition to the option Personalized you also have the friend lists through which you can precisely divide the different categories of people present among your friends on Facebook, such as work colleagues, old school friends, relatives, and so on.

To create a new friends list, all you have to do is connect to the main page of Facebook, click on the item Other located at the bottom of the left sidebar and select the item Friends. On the page that opens, click on the button + Create list which is located at the top right and proceed to create your list.

Once you have completed the creation of this list, you can use it to define the circle of people to be allowed to view your friends on Facebook (returning to the screen with the settings of the friends list and choosing the name of one of the lists created from the menu with the icon of the world) or to specify the users who can see your status updates (by selecting the name of the list from the drop-down menu located at the bottom right of the box where you write the status updates). Easier done than said, I guarantee it.