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How to print Spotify code

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Spotify is a particularly popular platform for listening to music, but also to podcasts, in streaming. In addition to the classic methods of promotion used by great artists, to be able to make themselves known in this world, especially in the initial stages, it may be useful to look for “alternative methods” to try to unleash the “word of mouth effect”.

You are well aware of this and, in fact, after some research on the Net, you have identified Spotify codes a possible solution to promote yourself in the “real world” and spread your creations uploaded to the famous music streaming platform. Spotify codes, in fact, are QR codes which, if scanned with the camera of smartphones and tablets, allow users to reach certain contents without having to manually search for them in the Spotify app. Just ideal to be found in a “nice” but above all immediate way within the app.

The problem is that you have not yet fully understood how this possibility works and, therefore, you would like to know how to print Spotify code. That’s the way it is, right? Then I would say that you have come to the right place, since I am going to explain to you just how to complete this procedure. I assure you that everything is much simpler than you imagine. Having said that, ban the chatter and let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. I wish you a good read and I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to print Spotify codeI think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, the popular Spotify streaming platform allows anyone to get a code related to a particular song, album or other content in its catalog. Scanning the latter, other people can quickly reach the content and start listening to it.

These codes can therefore represent a good opportunity especially for artists, including emerging ones, who in this way have the possibility of making everyone reach their music quickly and, if we want, a little differently from usual.

You don’t need to be an established artist to use this feature, as it’s open to everyone. It is therefore sufficient to have at least one song published on Spotify to be able to generate the appropriate code and try to get it to be reached by as many people as possible.

Spotify Code Printed

Precisely in this context, the dear “old” method of printing comes into play. In fact, sometimes artists may want to do a bit of “promotion” on their own, perhaps simply by printing a ticket with the code to navigate to your songs, playlists and albums.

I almost forgot: obviously this also applies to podcasts and the like, given that the platform is constantly expanding and now no longer includes only music, even if clearly the focus is still predominantly placed on that area.

In short, I understand why you want to print the code generated by Spotify, and in fact in this guide I am going to explain to you just how to achieve your goal in this regard.

How to generate Spotify code

Before moving on to the printing phase, it is good to see how authors can obtain the code for their song, album, playlist or podcast. For the sake of completeness, you should know that it is possible to obtain codes also in relation to content made by other people.

Smartphones and tablets

How to generate Spotify Smartphone code

Spotify is particularly used by mobile devicestherefore I will start from the procedure to be followed on the latter.

After opening theSpotify official application for Android or iPhone / iPadtap on the icon Search forfound at the bottom, and uses the search bar placed at the top to find what you want to share.

So, tap on content panepress onthree dots icon present at the top right and that’s it: what you see at the top is already the Spotify code.

I know: it doesn’t exactly look like a QR Code, but it works in a similar way.

To make you better understand how everything works, click on the icon Search for, present at the bottom of the Spotify app; then tap on search bar and press oncamera iconpresent at the top right.

By doing so, the application will show you the functionality of Spotify codes. Then press the button EXECUTE SCANprovide theauthorization to use the camera and point it at the Spotify code that you generated earlier. In this way, you will be brought in no time at all to the page relating to the appropriate content.

How to scan Spotify code

Alternatively, you can also press on the item SELECT FROM PHOTOS to scan a code you photographed earlier. In short, these will be the methods available to other people to be able to reach your content.


Spotify Song Code

To proceed from a computer, you need to go through theSpotify official application for Windows and macOS. If you haven’t already installed it, read my specific guide to find out how to do it, then start it.

Once the program has been started and the login with your account, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the platform. At this point, use the search bartop left, to find the content you want to share via code.

Then click on content cover and you will access the relevant page. At this point, if it is a albumyou will find the god icon at the top three dots related to it, while below you will find all the tracks: it is possible to press on the appropriate icon three dots also for each of these.

Once pressed onthree dots icon related to the content of your interest, just move the mouse cursor over the item Share and press on the option Spotify code. By doing so, an image representing the code of that content.

I know: the way it is made seems a long way from a classic QR Code, but in reality it works exactly the same and is recognized just like that, thanks to a clever use of technology by Spotify.

For code scanning, the directions I gave you earlier (you must in fact use the Spotify app for smartphone or tablet).

How to print Spotify song code

Print Smartphone screenshots

How do you say? You have understood how to generate the Spotify code but you would like print it, perhaps in a card to present to your potential listeners? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away!

Well, in the previous chapters I focused on how to get to the screen where the Spotify code. To share it, the same platform recommends, at some point, of its own official guidelinesOf take a screenshotthat is one screenshotand then print it on paper.

Given that each operating system has its own method for managing screenshots, on devices Android usually just press the at the same time power button and the key Volume down. You can find more details in my guide on how to take a screenshot on Android.

On iPhone and iPadinstead, the button combinations are instead Side key + Volume up (on iPhones with Face ID) e Home button + power button (on iPhones with a physical Home button). For all the details of the case, I refer you to my guide on how to photograph the screen on the iPhone.

In regards to Windowsyou can use the tool Screen capturewhich can be called up by pressing the combination Win + Shift + Swhile on macOS you can press cmd + shift + 4 and select the screen area to capture. For all the details, check out my guides on how to take screenshots on Windows and how to photograph the Mac screen.

In any case, once thesnapshot of the code (and maybe cropped a bit properly), you can proceed to printing stage. Before explaining the various procedures, I remind you that obviously you might think about making some creative frames to apply to the code, in order to entice people to scan it more.

In this regard, you could, for example, add directions on how to scantaking a cue from what I illustrated at the end of previous chapter. In fact, not everyone may know how to use the Spotify mobile app to scan this type of code.

For the rest, for the printing phase you can proceed as if it were a normal image. On Windows you can therefore do right click on the file and select the option Press from the context menu, while on macOS you can open the file in the application Preview and select items File> Print from the top menu.

Print Windows QR Code

On devices Android usually just select the screenshot from the Tunnelpress onthree dots icon at the top right and select the option Press. Finally, on iPhone and iPad just open the snapshot from the app Phototap onshare icon and press on the option Press.

In short, this is not anything too complicated. Obviously the ones I have given you are simply gods general indications, as there are myriads of different devices on the market. However, if you want to know more, you can refer to my guides on how to print from your computer and how to print photos from your mobile.

Perfect, now you know how to “physically” obtain the code that links to the content involved. I just have to wish you good luck for your career!