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How to print digital photos

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How to print digital photos: During a recent trip out of town, you decided to put your artistic talent into practice and took a lot of beautiful photos with your smartphone. You would now like to print some of these photos to be able to comfortably show them to all your friends and relatives, as well as to be able to always carry a souvenir of your holiday with you. I can only agree with you, print digital photos it’s always a great idea! There is only one small hitch that separates you from your goal: at home you don’t have a printer suitable for this task and you know well that if you went to a photographer to get yourself print digital photos on photographic paper, you would spend a lot of money. You are therefore looking for a practical solution that allows you to save money.

Surfing the web in search of suggestions, you have come to my guide. Let me tell you, you just happened to be in the right place; here you are in excellent hands. Did you know that you can use special online services to print digital photos? In this article of mine I will explain how to do it, you will see that if you follow my instructions it will be simpler than you imagine.

I will tell you in detail about some online services that allow you to print photos digitally, you can do everything while comfortably sitting in front of the PC and receive your photos directly at home. Are you ready? All right, let’s get started!


One of the most used Internet sites for printing digital photos is PhotoBox. The services offered by PhotoBox all concern digital printing and are very varied. It is in fact possible to develop photos with any size; from a passport photo for an identity card to the printing of a photo for the creation of a poster, passing through the enlargements of a photo. PhotoBox also allows you to conveniently request the printing of customized photo books and the printing of photos for calendars. Among the other services offered worthy of note there is the possibility to print photos on mugs and even to print photos on canvas or to make paintings.

As you can see by connecting to its official website, PhotoBox offers many services and the prices are very competitive: it starts from € 0.04 for each photo in standard format 9 × 13 – 10 × 13 cm up to € 0.60 for 20 × 27 – 20 × 30 cm enlargements. PhotoBox also offers many offers to save or cancel shipping costs altogether. Go to the section promotions to see all the active offers of the week. For example, you will see how the possibility is offered reset the shipping cost for orders from € 30.00. PhotoBox also offers discounts on individual products, as well as personalized offers after registering for the official newsletter.

To start printing digital photos with PhotoBox, just go to the section Prints and click on the item relating to the printing of photos that you want to be carried out. For a traditional photo print, click on the item Photo prints or on its green button Creo. The photos will be printed on professional photographic paper and the order processed in the shortest possible time.

To print digital photos you must clearly have already downloaded them onto your PC as you will be asked to import them on the website. Alternatively, PhotoBox allows you to import photos by uploading them from a social network, such as for example Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus. Photos must be in format .jpeg or .jpg with a weight greater than 20kb.

To start uploading your photos to PhotoBox, press the button Ordino. Then select the item New Photos if you need to transfer photos for the first time, otherwise click on the item The photos of my PhotoBox account, if you have already registered on the site and uploaded photos previously.

As anticipated, if you need to upload photos for the first time, you can also do it through social networks. PhotoBox supports uploading photos for digital printing from Facebook, Instagram, Flick, Dropbox and Google Plus. Alternatively, if the photos to be printed are on your PC, click on the item Computer. Once you have selected all the photos to be imported, press the button Loading begins. The photos will then be uploaded to a temporary archive on the Photobox site; to continue the order, press the item View my photos on Photobox.

On the next screen, review all the photos you want to print digitally and press the button Order prints, to select the type of format and have further customization options. In the screen that will open you will have the opportunity to choose and confirm the type of product to be made (photo book, personalized cover, calendar, agenda) and the type of print with the relative format (bright or matte print, 11 × 15, 10 format × 13 or 9 × 13). Once you have decided and also confirmed the number of prints to be ordered, press the button Verify Photos. In the next screen you will have the possibility to check the order for the last time and make last minute changes. There are in fact some drop-down menus for changes or additions of the last second: Modify, Delete, Add is Adapt to the format; you can make changes for each photo you have uploaded.

When you’re done, select the photos you want to confirm permanently, putting the check mark, and press the item Add to Cart. You will thus have confirmed the order and can proceed with the payment.


Famous for its positive reviews, the website Photosi allows you to send online the digital photos you want to print, through a web portal with a simple and immediate user interface. PhotoSì specializes in digital printing, offering personalized services to satisfy all budgets: calendars, printing photos on cups, on shirts and even on smartphone covers. Of course, it is also possible to print digital photos on photographic paper, simply to have a souvenir. In this specific case, if your goal is to print a digital photo, the prices of PhotoSì start from € 0.09 for prints in 15 × 20 cm format.

Even using the online service of PhotoSì you can take advantage of some discounts; before starting the photo printing procedure go to the section promotions and click on the green button Register. Follow the on-screen instructions that will allow you to register on the website with your email address: you will be entitled to a € 10 discount on all products.

Have you registered and are you ready to start composing your order? Very well. Go to Home of the site and press the button Prints to print digital photos. On the next screen, next to the panel Digital Photo Print, push the button Create now. To start creating your order choose whether to use the online tool or download the software; the latter is recommended for orders greater than 50 photos. If you don’t have an order of this size, press the button Create Online to use the Internet photo upload tool.

On the next screen you can select the source from which to upload the photos. You can upload photos from your Windows or Mac PC but also from social networks or cloud services: MyCloud, Facebook or Flickr. When you’ve imported all the photos, hit the blue button Done and then the button Add all. From a drop-down menu you can select the type of paper and the size; clearly the prices for the photo printing service will vary according to the parameters set. When you have decided, press the button apply. Now press the button Add to Cart to confirm your digital print order and proceed with the purchase. As easy as drinking a glass of water, don’t you think?


An excellent digital photo printing service is offered by the website Photocity which offers numerous types of printing with prices starting from € 0.05 and delivery in 48 hours. To start printing digital photos, just go to the official PhotoCity website and press on the box Print your photos. In the next section, hit the button Print now to start creating your online order.

Then select the format for which you want to print your photos; clearly the prices will depend on the type of format, the type of photo paper and the number of photos you wish to print. Select the desired format and press the button Print to start the order. Log in to your account now or register for the first time. Once you have filled in all the data necessary for registration, activate your account by clicking on the link you will receive via email. Once you have activated your account, you will be asked to select the desired format for photo printing; then press the button Confirmation.

To create your order, return now to the main menu of the site, go to the section Photo and press the button again Print now. You will have the opportunity to confirm the format again and review the prices, before pressing the button Print and access the loading screen. The photo upload tool offered by PhotoCity will allow you to upload photos; you will only be able to do this from a PC.

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If you live in the center or in the north of Italy, you will certainly know the well-known supermarket chain Esselunga. The popular grocery store offers excellent digital photo printing services with the option of picking up in the store, thus avoiding you to pay the shipping costs.

To start printing digital photos with Esselunga, go to official website and press the button Order now to access the section dedicated to photo printing. Esselunga offers numerous printing services: greeting cards, calendars, photo books and much more.

However, if you simply want to print one or more photos, press the button Print Photos. Prices range from € 0.12 with a fixed cost of € 2.40 for opening the order. Press the compose button to start composing your order and register on the official website or log in to proceed. The online photo printing service is reserved for Esselunga customers in possession of Fidaty card. If you do not have one, simply register on the official Esselunga website to receive your Fidaty card directly at home; alternatively you can get it for free even by going to the store.