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How to print an email

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How to print an email: Over the past few weeks, e-mail correspondence has become essential to your work, and it has proved necessary to keep a hard copy of some important messages, so that you can retrieve them in case of need even when you do not have an electronic device at hand. Thinking about it for a moment, however, you realized that you have never transferred an e-mail message to paper, as you have never needed it before: in other words, you have not the faintest idea  how to print an e-mail. mail and therefore you are desperate for an effective method to do this.

Well, I am very happy to tell you that you are in the right place, at a time that could not be better: in fact, below I will teach you how to print an e-mail message, showing you all the steps necessary to do it through the various programs to computer and apps for smartphones and tablets. Don’t worry, these are very simple and understandable steps even by those who, like you, are not very familiar with technology.

So what are you waiting for to take action? Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time for yourself and carefully read everything I have to say on this important topic: I’m sure that, once you have completed reading this tutorial, you will be able to masterfully print your emails, through the programs and apps you are used to using. At this point, all I have to do is wish you good reading and … good work!


Print an email from your computer

The first aspect I want to focus on concerns the printing of e-mails through the computer: in the following paragraphs, in fact, you can find the solutions relating to the most well-known e-mail programs ( Windows Mail , Outlook, Thunderbird  and  Mail for Mac ), together to those relating to browser printing, useful if you rely on a so-called Webmail (i.e. an e-mail service accessible via the Web).

Before continuing, however, I want to make you an important recommendation: to be able to complete the procedures described below, it is essential that the printer is already configured and correctly associated with the PC or Mac. If you have not already done so, and you need for in-depth instructions on how to connect and configure the printer to your computer, I urge you to consult my specific tutorials on how to connect a printer and how to connect a Wi-Fi printer to your PC.

Finally, if you don’t have your printer driver installation CD, I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to install a printer without a CD.

Mail (Windows Mail)

Now that everything is finally ready, and that your printer is turned on and properly configured, you can get to practice and start printing your emails. The first program I want to talk to you about is  Windows Mail or  Windows Mail , the email client included in the most recent versions of the Microsoft operating system: if you rely on the aforementioned software to manage your emails, this is definitely the most suitable section for you.

To begin with, start Windows Mail  and select the one you want to print from the list of your e-mail messages, using the area provided, located on the left of the program screen. Once this is done, press the button  (…) located at the top right and select the  Print item from the menu displayed on the screen.

At this point, the game is practically done: the next window allows you to define further details relating to the message to be printed, including the number of copies, the pages (all, only a range or only specific pages) and, if necessary, double-sided printing. To complete the operation and send the email to print, all you have to do is press the  Print button located at the bottom. It was so easy, wasn’t it?


Do you have Outlook , the e-mail client included in the Microsoft Office suite, and would you like to use it to print e-mail messages? Know that it is not difficult to do it, on the contrary: a couple of clicks are enough to quickly get the desired result!

To begin with, start the program and go to the folder that contains the message you want to print. At this point, you have two ways to proceed: the first allows you to make an immediate print, that is to send the message to the printer as it is, including the images and all its pages, while the second allows you to access the options advanced printing, before you even proceed.

To  print immediately , right-click on the preview of the message you want to print, located on the left side of the Outlook screen, then select the  Immediate print item from the proposed context menu: after a few seconds, the email message is processed and reported on paper in its entirety.

If, on the other hand, you intend to access the print options before sending the email to the printer, open the message you are interested in by selecting it with a click, then press the  File menu located at the top right and select the  Print item from the right side of the screen next one. At this point, you have two choices: you can proceed to print the entire email, as it is displayed in the preview, by pressing the  Print button .

Alternatively, click on the  Print Options button to access the panel that includes additional settings: from there you can manually select the pages to print, define styles, send attachments to the printer as well, and much more. When you are done, press the  Print button to finalize the procedure.


If you rely on the open source Thunderbird email client to manage your emails, then this is the section for you: in fact, this program too allows you to print email messages in a few simple steps.

First of all, start Thunderbird and click on the folder (eg.  Inbox ) that contains your message, then identify it from the proposed list,  right-click on its preview and select  Print… from the proposed context menu.

The game is practically done: after a few moments, the program proposes the print window of your operating system, which allows you to define aspects such as the pages to be printed, the number of copies of the message and other aspects provided by the aforementioned screen. Complete the settings according to your needs, press the  Print button to finalize everything and start the print process.


Are you a Mac user and do you use the  Mail program to manage your email? Then I have great news for you: printing with the aforementioned program is disarming simplicity!

Do not you believe it? I’ll show you immediately: start Mail recalling it from the icon located in the  Dock , click on the message you want to print, then press the  File menu and select the  Print … item from the proposed menu.

At this point, all you have to do is define settings such as number of copies and pages to print and click on the  Print button . If you wish, you can access additional options (orientation, quality, double-sided and so on) by pressing the  Show details button .


Do you not use any of the programs mentioned so far, but manage your e-mail through the Webmail , that is a service that allows you to access it using a Web browser?

No problem: most e-mail services of this type, in fact, provide for the existence of an integrated print option, which allows you to “clean up” the message from unwanted details (eg. Background of the page, images present within the message and so on) before even sending the document to the printer.

For example, if you use the  Gmail service through your browser, proceed as follows: connect to the Internet page of the service, log in if necessary, then open the e-mail message you want to print. At this point, identify the printer -shaped icon  located next to the subject of the message and press on it: define the necessary settings (e.g. the number of pages to print, the layout, or the  Other settings  such as margins and the scale factor), then presses the  Print button to finalize the process.

If you rely, instead, on the Webmail , connected to the service page , log in (if necessary), then click on the message to print to open it. Once this is done, presses the button  (…) located in the upper navigation bar, select the  Print item from the proposed menu and presses the  Print button located at the top to finalize the procedure.

Generally speaking, what you have to do is access the Webmail you usually use, and look for the printer icon or the  Print item among the menus and buttons proposed . However, if the service you have chosen does not include this type of possibility, you can always open your email message and print the corresponding web page, using the printing system provided by your browser: if you use Google Chrome, press the button  located at the top right and select the  Print item from the proposed menu; as for Firefox, you have to press the  button and select the  Print … item from the menu that opens. If you are on Mac, and you use  Safari, you must instead select the  File> Print … menu and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Always keep in mind that this will print the entire content of the screen (including the interface of the site from which you manage your mail). For further information on printing via the browser, or to learn how to eliminate unnecessary details before printing the email you are interested in, you can refer to my specific guide on how to print a Web page.

Print an email from smartphones and tablets

Do you consult e-mail via your smartphone or tablet and want to understand how to print an e-mail using these tools? Know that your wish is about to be granted: below, in fact, I will provide you with all the information you need to succeed in the intent you have set for yourself.

Even this time, however, I have to make you a necessary premise: before proceeding with the printing of the e-mail, you must make sure that your smartphone and your tablet are able to communicate correctly with the Wi-Fi printer. If you have not already done so, I urge you to consult my gudes on how to print from Android and how to print from iPhone to make the necessary configurations.


After having properly configured the connection between your device and your printer, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter: the first app for which I intend to provide you with instructions to print your email is  Gmail.

To start, start the app on your device, open the message to print with a tap, then touch the  ⋮ button located at the top right and select the Print option   from the proposed menu, then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed as expected by your printer and device.


Are you worried that you don’t own an Android device, but have an iPhone or iPad? You can rest assured: printing an email through the  Mail app of your iOS device is disarming simplicity!

To proceed, first start the aforementioned application, open the e-mail message you want to print, then touch the forwarding icon (marked by a curved arrow ) located at the bottom and select the  Print  item from the proposed menu. At this point, tap on the  Printer item attached to the next screen, select your printing device from the proposed list, define the latest settings (number of copies and color mode), then press the  Print  button located at the top right. Easier than that!

Wait, are you telling me you’re using another app to manage mail from your smartphone or tablet, but it doesn’t include direct print functionality? The advice I can give you, in this case, is to access your e-mail via the browser on your device (eg  Chrome for  Android or  Safari  for  iOS ), open the message you are interested in and print the browser page displayed , bearing in mind, however, that the entire contents of the screen will be printed on the paper document.

To print from Google Chrome, tap the  button located at the top right, select the  Share item … and then press the  Print button . As for Safari,  on the other hand, presses the  Share button (marked by a sheet with an arrow pointing upwards) and presses the  Print button in the panel that opens. If you would like additional information on this, I invite you to consult my guide on how to print from mobile.