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How to play Tetris for free

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How to play Tetris for free Then I bet you love Tetris madly. I understand you, I also consider it a unique pastime. One of those few games able to relax the nerves and train the mind at the same time: almost a magic, according to my modest point of view.

You know what I say? I’d like to play it right now. Were you thinking the same thing too? So let’s not waste any more time! Let’s try to find titles to play  Tetris for free  directly online or to download to the PC (and, why not, also to be installed on smartphones and tablets are the form of an app) and we immediately start having fun. I can assure you that there really are plenty of them: from faithful reproductions of the original game to more modern versions of the latter, with modified gameplay elements. You will see, you will be spoiled for choice.

Courage, take five minutes of free time, try them all and choose the one you like best. Think, you can also try multiplayer versions of Tetris that allow you to challenge other players from all over the world. How do they work? Again there are several titles to choose from with rules that vary from case to case. Find all the most interesting ones listed right below. Good fun!

Play Tetris free online

Let’s start this guide entirely dedicated to how to play Tetris for free by going to find out which are the best online resources through which you can have fun without downloading and installing absolutely nothing on your computer, from any operating system and from any Web browser. Find the best sites in the category right below.

Tetris Friends

Free tetris

If you are a true Tetris fan, you absolutely cannot avoid adding Tetris Friends to your bookmarks . This is the official Tetris website where you can play over 10 variations of this historic puzzle game for free, even in multiplayer. How does it work? Quiet, you do everything directly from the browser, without registration and without installing additional software on your computer.

To start playing, all you have to do is connect to the home page of the site through the link I mentioned earlier, select the Tetris variant you prefer the most and use the directional arrows on the keyboard to position the various brick factories. Here are all those currently available.

  • Tetris Marathon (single player) – It is a variant of the classic Tetris in marathon mode, whose aim is to complete 15 levels without ever losing.
  • Tetris Sprint (single player) – To win this version of Tetris, you have to cancel 40 lines of bricks in the shortest possible time.
  • Tetris Ultra (single player) – Another version of Tetris timed in which you have to score as high as possible within two minutes.
  • Tetris 1989 (single player) – As can easily be guessed from the name, it is a remake of the “classic” Tetris for Game Boy, the black and white one.
  • Tetris Survival (single player) – This is a standard version of Tetris in which the goal is to get “alive” to the twentieth level.
  • Tetris N-Blox (single player) – It is essentially a classic version of Tetris, in color.
  • Tetris Battle 2P (multiplayer) – This is a multiplayer version of Tetris, 1 vs 1, whose aim is to beat your opponent’s score within two minutes.
  • Tetris Battle 6P (multiplayer) – It is the Battle version of Tetris with five challengers per match, instead of one.
  • Tetris Arena (multiplayer) – Allows you to compete against five players simultaneously. Whoever completes the game first wins.
  • Tetris Rally 8P (multiplayer) – This is the multiplayer variant of Tetris in which up to 8 players can compete. Whoever crosses (or rather eliminates) the finish line first wins.
  • Tetris Sprint 5P (multiplayer) – This is the version of the multiplayer game for up to 5 players in which the player who first removes 40 lines of bricks wins.

Note: To play with the Tetris variants available on the Tetris Friends website, it is essential that Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer (if you remember correctly, I explained how to do it in my guide on the subject ) or that the web browser used integrate the plugin yourself, such as Google Chrome (to find out how to download it you can read my tutorial dedicated to the topic ).


How to play Tetris for free

If you want to play Tetris for free directly from the browser, you can also contact some third-party sites. Among the various portals available, I recommend  Kongregate  which, in fact, collects a wide range of puzzle games inspired by Tetris that can be played directly online. Note that even in this case the use of the Flash Player plugin or that of a Web browser that integrates it as I explained in the previous lines is required.

To start playing, all you have to do is connect to the Kongregate website via the link I just indicated, click on the preview image of the title that interests you most and wait a few moments for it to load (you will have to endure a short advertising message but then it’s all 100% free). To use the multiplayer variants of the game, a free registration to the site is required.

How to play Tetris for free

As an alternative to the countless variants of Tetris that I have already proposed, you can also contact , especially if you do not particularly like the often useless frills. The game is offered by the official Tetris website and reflects in all respects the classic variant of the famous title. I would like to point out that also in this case you need Flash Player to be able to play.

To play, connect to his website and click on the Play button on the home page to start the first game immediately. If you want, you can also select the level to start by clicking, before starting to play, on the Level button on the screen (there are 25 levels in all). I also point out that in this specific case, in addition to being able to move the pieces with the classic directional arrows, the mouse (or trackpad) can also be used

Play Tetris for free on computer

Of course there are variants of Tetris for free even offline, to download and install on your computer to have fun at any time of the day. Here are some of the most successful.

Cutris II (Windows/Mac)

Free tetris

One of the most popular Tetris computer games is without a doubt  Cultris II which combines a fun single player mode with a frantic online multiplayer mode in which to challenge users from all over the world. It has futuristic graphics created in an excellent way and various game modes: “challenges” in which you have to reach certain scoring goals, “vs” in which you can challenge other users or the CPU, “sending garbate” in which you send lines of additional tiles to your opponents and more. It is available for Windows and Mac and to work, it requires the presence of Java software installed on the computer.

If you want to download the game, connected to its official website using the link I just provided and presses the logo of the operating system installed on your computer ( Windows or Mac ). After that, if you use a Windows PC, start the  newly obtained cultris2-xx-setup.exe file and always click Next to complete the installation process of Cultris II on your computer.

If you are using a Mac, all you have to do is copy the game icon to your computer’s Applications folder . Keep in mind that being a game coming from outside the Mac App Store, to start the software the first time you may have to right click on its icon and select the Open item from the menu that appears (in this way you will go around the limitations imposed from Apple to uncertified developers).

Tetra Blocks (Windows)

Free tetris

Another good title inspired by Tetris is Tetra Blocks which follows in a flawless way the style of the original puzzle game and allows you to play both in single mode and in multiplayer challenging another user. It includes various game modes and is compatible only with Windows.

To download it to your PC, connect to the Internet site and click on the WINDOWS EXECUTABLE item found in the right sidebar. Then wait for the download to start and complete, then start the tetra15.exe package you just downloaded from the Internet and always click Next to install Tetra Blocks on your computer.

Quadra Blocks (Mac)

If you are a Mac user, I suggest you also take a look at Quadra Blocks , a free Tetris clone that works only and exclusively on Apple home computers. It follows the characteristics of the original game in all respects and presents three levels of increasing difficulty. Even the graphics are not bad, simple but really well done.

To download the game to your computer, go to the official website of the game via the link I have indicated a few lines above and click on the Télécharger Quadra Blocks button  located at the top right.

When the download is complete, to install the game on your Mac, copy its icon in the Applications folder of macOS / OS X. To start it, however, right-click on its icon and select the Open item from the menu that appears.

Tetris games for smartphones

Free tetris

Would you like to play Tetris for free on your smartphone or, why not, also on your tablet? Then you have to rush to download these two free titles. They are not all officers but they are still extremely funny.

  • Tetris – This is the classic Tetris in a variant optimized for the touch-screen. It includes various game modes, such as the marathon and the multi-level one called Galaxy. It supports multiplayer and can be connected to your Facebook profile. It’s free on both Android and iPhone / iPad but includes in-app purchases to remove advertisements and buy coins. On  Windows Phone , however, it is payment (2.99 euros) but there are no in-app purchases.
  • Tetris Blitz – It is a modern version of Tetris where you have to face timed challenges in order to free the picture from the blocks on the screen. It supports multiplayer and can be linked to your Facebook profile. It’s free on both Android and iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone (with in-app purchases to purchase bonuses within the game).
  • Brick Classic – It is a retro variant of the Tetris game. The graphics are essential and do not have much to do with that used for the most modern game titles but it is still pleasant. To play, use the buttons with the arrows on the screen. It’s free and it’s only available for Android .
  • Super Brick – Classic Edition for tetris – A nice Tetris game in which the graphics and sounds resume in all respects that of the old-fashioned portable game consoles (and the titles attached to them). It’s free and it’s only for iPhone / iPad .
  • Logic Blocks – A bit Tetris and a bit Tangram, this game with exceptional graphics is able to give hours and hours of pure fun. It is free and is only available for Windows Phone .