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How to play Sudoku

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How to play Sudoku: Are you an avid Sudoku player too? Is any excuse good for trying to delight in solving the proposed schemes? Well, then why not instead of just the paper version of what is now one of the most popular games in the world, don’t you also try its digital variant? What I’m trying to tell you is to turn to special online services, video games for computers and apps for smartphones and tablets to play Sudoku practically everywhere, whether it is to deceive expectations or as a real commitment in your spare time.

Are you interested? Yes? Very well. Then take a few minutes all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and start concentrating on reading this guide of mine entirely dedicated to the topic. In fact, below you will find all those that in my humble opinion represent the best Sudoku games to use online, on PC and Mac and on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

They are all free (at least in their basic variant) and mostly reflect the classic version of the game, even if there are some more particular variations. Just think, some even have a multiplayer component where you have to fight against time and against others’ scores to get the better of it. To find out more, read on, you will find all those that in my opinion represent the most beautiful virtual Sudoku games right below. Enjoy the reading.

Play Sudoku online

How to play Sudoku

Are you looking for a system to play Sudoku online to commit “dead moments” when you are at the computer? Then I can not help but recommend you try , an Internet site thanks to which you can have fun with your favorite puzzle directly from the browser (any), from any operating system and, moreover , without having to download absolutely nothing on the computer and without having to create any special account.

Since the site does not use Flash Player, the Adobe home plugin used by many portals for online games, you can easily play from your mobile phone or tablet, directly from the app you generally use to surf the net, without having to download additional content. Awesome, don’t you think?

To begin your first game of Sudoku, first of all go to the main page of the site by means of the link I gave you a moment later then select the desired level of difficulty from the Difficulty drop-down menu ( Begginer , Easy Hard and Expert ). Then click on the empty cells in the game diagram and enter the numbers to be entered in them using the keyboard of the computer (or of the mobile device you are using).

If you want, you can also print the Sudoku (and possibly keep it for playing when you don’t have an Internet connection available) by clicking on the Print  button at the bottom. To change the game you have to select the link  New game . If instead you want to clear all the fields filled in the current game you have to click on Clear , while to know  the  Sudoku solution you have to press on Check .

Play Sudoku from PC

How to play Sudoku

Instead of having fun online with Sudoku, do you prefer a classic game to download and install on your trusted computer? Then I can not help but suggest you try  Windows Sudoku Puzzle Game . As easily deduced from the name itself, it is a game entirely dedicated to Sudoku for Windows operating systems , it is free, offers both single-player and multi-player modes, has essential and clear graphics and also allows you to create schemes of custom games. As far as the levels of difficulty are concerned, there are five of them and they can be selected based on what your needs and preferences are.

To start playing with Windows Sudoku Puzzle Game, the first step you need to take is to download the game to your computer by connecting to the Internet site of the same via the link I just provided. Then click on the green Download button and wait a few moments for the game to download to your computer.

When the download is complete, open the ZIP file you just obtained and extract the content to any location on your computer, then double-click on the setup.exe file inside it. Then click on Yes , then on Next three times in succession and then on Close to complete the setup procedure.

Then go to the Windows Start menu , look for the game icon (that of a Sudoku scheme) and start Windows Sudoku Puzzle Game by clicking on it. Once the game window appears on the desktop, click on the Game menu and then select the New game item from the menu that is shown to you to immediately start a new game. By selecting a box and clicking on the numbers at the top you can instead fill in the scheme as you see fit , while clicking on the Erase button you can delete what has been entered by selecting the reference box.

If instead you want to create a custom scheme, you must click on the Game item always present in the upper left part of the window, select New design from the menu that opens and use the numbers at the top to customize all the grids.

You want to select a different game level from the default ( Easy ), then click on the Options menu , move the cursor to the Level item and select one of the alternative options available ( Very Easy , Medium , Hard , Very Hard or Custom ). To play a multi-player game you must instead select the Host Multi-player item (to host a new game) or you must click on Jon Multi-player (to search for a game generated by other players).

Finally, I point out that by clicking on the Preferences item , always attached to the Options menu of the game, you can make further customizations to your Sudoku by completely changing the colors of the pattern and that of the numbers.

Playing Sudoku from Mac

How to play Sudoku

If instead you use a Mac , among the best games in terms of Sudoku there is Sudoku One , which is free, with beautiful graphics and based on a powerful Sudoku engine that allows you to provide a practically infinite number of new games divided into three different levels of difficulty. During the game, Sudoku Uno also provides intelligent suggestions (the reasoning according to which a specific indication has been explained), includes a scoring system and the possibility of writing numbers in pencil in the schemes.

To download it to your Mac, connected to the dedicated Mac App Store page online using the link I just indicated, then press the View button in the Mac App Store and, once the Mac App Store window opens on your computer, click on the  Get / Install app button .

Once the installation procedure is complete, start the game by accessing the  Launchpad  and then clicking on its icon, then indicate if you want to allow errors ( Allow Mistakes ) and if you want to enable the automatic pencil ( Auto-Pencil ) after which select the level of difficulty you prefer through the special menu that is proposed to you on the screen choosing between Easy Game , Medium Game and Hard Game and wait a few moments for the game scheme to be visible on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you need to make any customizations to the game scheme, click on the Edit item in the upper left part of the menu bar and select the various options available based on the changes that you are interested in going for.

Play Sudoku from smartphones and tablets

How to play Sudoku

As I said at the beginning of the guide, you can also play Sudoku from your smartphone or tablet by downloading special games directly from the app store of your device. There are many free games (although in some cases in-app purchases are proposed to remove advertising, to unlock new puzzles and / or to add new functions) that you can install on your Android device , on your iPhone / iPad or on your Windows Phone mobile phone .

If you want some advice on this, consult the list below. I am sure that in no time you will be able to find even more than one title capable of attracting your attention and that you will no longer know how to stop playing it. Let it bet?

  • Sudoku (for Android ) – It is without a doubt one of the best Sudoku how to play checkers on the Internet devices. It is free, with rankings, four difficulty levels to choose from and offers different methods of entering numbers, including the one that simulates pencil writing (which in case of need allows you to delete the numbers that are entered in the diagram).
  • Free Sudoku (for Android ) – Another title worth considering for playing Sudoku from mobile. The game is translated into Italian, with 15,000 puzzles to solve and different difficulty levels.
  • Sudoku (Free) (for iOS ) – It is definitely one of the best Sudoku for iOS. It has beautiful graphics, includes more than 500 puzzles in different styles and allows you to play choosing between four different levels of difficulty.
  • Big Bad Sudoku Book (for iOS ) – A nice high Sudoku game for iPhone and iPad. It includes countless schemes to solve, different downloadable themes to apply to make the game experience even more fun, allows you to choose between various levels of difficulty and also integrates nice animations that help make the various games more lively.
  • Microsoft Sudoku (for Windows Phone ) – This is the Sudoku game made available by Microsoft for its WP users. It allows you to play choosing between the classic or the quick mode, it includes power-ups and objectives and also has a rather pleasant graphics.
  • SudoKu Plus (for Windows Phone ) – A simple but well done Sudoku game for Winows Phone devices. Each day offers new puzzles to solve, the various schemes are grouped by skill levels and offers pencil mode.