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How to play Ruzzle

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How to play Ruzzle: With over 20 million active users worldwide, Ruzzle is one of the most popular and loved iPhone and Android games of all time. If you have never heard of it, it is a sort of revised and corrected Scarabeo to be played online in two players (1 vs 1) in which you have to use 16 blocks with letters to compose as many words as possible with full meaning.

Each word allows you to get points and the game wins who in the three rounds of the game (each of which lasts two minutes) manages to get the highest score. The game is free and is also available in Italian. It also allows you to challenge Facebook friends. In short, do not miss the opportunity to discover clike playing Ruzzle and start having fun too!

If you want to learn clike playing Ruzzle, the first step you need to take is of course to open your mobile phone store (App Store if you use an iPhone or Google Play if you use an Android smartphone), search Ruzzle within the latter and download the app on your phone. If you use Android, download Ruzzle Free, which is the free version of the game with very few limitations compared to the paid one (Ruzzle). The variant of the game for iPhone, on the other hand, is available in only one version (free) with the possibility of purchasing within the game the functions relating to the statistics of the games played.

Once installation is complete, start Ruzzle and choose whether to log in to the game using your Facebook profile data by pressing the button Log in with Facebook, or if you create an account on Ruzzle and log in with the latter, by pressing the button Create a Ruzzle account and filling in the form that is proposed to you with the username and password to be used in the game.

Once logged in, you will be shown a very quick tutorial with the basics of the game. It will be explained to you that it is possible to compose the words in all various directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, up and down), that each challenge involves three rounds of two minutes each and that there are some bonuses on words and letters indicated in the game which allow you to double or triple your points. In fact, if you compose words using the letters that have the symbol DL on them the letter’s score is double, if you compose words using the letters that have the symbol TL on them the letter’s score is triple, if you compose words using the letters that have the symbol DW on them the word score is double and if you compose words using the letters that have the symbol TW on them the word score is triple.

For play Ruzzle versus another person via the Internet, presses the button Start a new game present on the Ruzzle home screen and choose whether to challenge a Facebook friend by pressing the button Friends on Facebook (in this case you will have to authorize the game to access your Facebook profile, if you have not already done so during the initial registration), or if you challenge a Ruzzle’s friend or a random opponent, by selecting the appropriate items.

Once you have selected the option you prefer, wait for the challenger to be ready to play and start the game by pressing first on At stake with [nome sfidante] and then on Plays. At this point, you will have two minutes to find as many words as possible among the 16 pieces of the game. When time runs out, wait a few seconds for your opponent to finish his game and Ruzzle will show the scores of both users decreeing the winner of the first round. This will be repeated for the second and third rounds, when the one who managed to achieve the overall best score.

You can also train at Ruzzle playing an offline game alone against the clock. Just select the item Practice the game in the initial menu of the app and play the game (single round) following the usual two minute time rule to find as many words as possible. If you want to become a good player, you will need to practice a lot!

Do you want a tip? Do not underestimate short words consisting of two or three letters, even if at first glance they may seem meaningless, they are often included in Ruzzle’s vocabulary and lead to the realization of many extra points. When you are in “panic” moments when you can’t find other words, try looking for these kind of “strange” terms and you could bring unexpected victories home.