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How to play Ruzzle on Facebook

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How to play Ruzzle on Facebook: One of the main reasons why millions of people love playing Ruzzle every day is that this fun video game integrates perfectly with Facebook , allowing you to directly challenge your friends and to post scores and summaries of the challenges made on your mobile on your diary.

With today’s guide, we will therefore see how to play checkers on the Internet on Facebook making the most of the social features of the game and how to challenge our friends online directly from the social network pages, without using the smartphone. Start to stretch your fingers … the fun is about to begin!

If you want to learn how to play checkers on the Internet on Facebook from your mobile, all you have to do is invite your friends on the social network to start a new game and make sure that the integration of Ruzzle with Facebook is active (in this way, the scores of the your challenges will appear in the Facebook diary automatically).

To invite a Facebook friend to play Ruzzle with you, all you have to do is start the game on your mobile, press the Start a new game button and select the Friends on Facebook item in the screen that opens.

Then authorize Ruzzle to access your Facebook profile (if you have not done so previously), press the Play button located next to the name of the friend you want to play with and wait for the latter to accept or decline the invitation. If you want to invite a friend who does not yet use Ruzzle to download the app and play with you, press the Invite button located next to his name.

Do you want to make sure that Ruzzle’s notifications appear in your Facebook diary, allowing you to show friends the names of the people you challenged and the scores you have achieved in the game? Go to the main menu of the app, press the button with the gear icon (located at the top right) and select the Account settings item . Scroll down the screen that opens all the way and move the Share on Facebook lever to the right (so that it turns blue, if it isn’t already).

Would you like to play Ruzzle on Facebook directly on your PC? This possibility is not yet available but there are valid free alternatives to Ruzzle (practically identical to the original) that work directly via browser on Facebook. Unfortunately they don’t synchronize the scores with Ruzzle on iPhone and Android, but they manage to guarantee the same fun rate as the latter.

One of the best alternatives to Ruzzle online is Zuffle . If you want to play it, connect to this Facebook page and click first on the Go to the game button and then on Allow . A menu appears (completely in Italian) that allows you to play just like you usually do with Ruzzle on your mobile phone.

By clicking on the item Start a new game , you can in fact search for the name of your friend on Facebook who uses the app and challenge him in the “usual” three-round challenge lasting two minutes each. The game rules and graphics are 99% identical to those of Ruzzle on iPhone and Android.

You can also accept challenge requests from other users of the game (random duels, like on Ruzzle) by answering Accept and go to the game to the messages that appear. The game is optimized for Google Chrome but works correctly on any browser with Flash Player support. To compose the words, just use the mouse pointer while holding down the left click. Good fun!