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How to play Rocket League between PC and PS4

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How to play Rocket League between PC and PS4: The moment has come. You have finally downloaded Rocket League and tonight you will join your group of friends to play some online games of Hollywood cars, balls and explosions. The team is ready, the food as well; only the click to start the game is missing… but on the most beautiful one of your friends arises a problem.

A friend of yours, in fact, plays on PS4 and fears that he will not be able to participate in the game session with you and the others, who instead all use the PC. Intrigued, you start looking on the Internet for some solutions and discover that, for some time now, the developer of Rocket League has implemented a function that allows you to play multiplayer regardless of the platform used. The problem, however, is that you don’t know how to use it.

Do not fear! If you want, I’m here to help you. In the following lines, in fact, you will find explained how to play Rocket League between PC and PS4 (but also other consoles, such as Nintendo Switch and Xbox One / Series XS), so you can immediately enter the field with your “gang”. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s kick off this guide!

How to activate Rocket League crossplay between PC and PS4

Rocket League options screenshot

The first thing you need to do for play Rocket League between PC and PS4 is to activate the option dedicated to the management of online matchmaking across multiple platformsin order to let the game understand that with each new game it will have to assign you to a room full of players who have a copy of the game not only on PC, but also on consoles.

Once you have started the game on PC, select the item Options, to open the game settings menu. At this point, stay inside the first tab, called Gameand put the check (using the mouse or your controller) next to the option Multiplatformin order to enable crossplay matchmaking.

On PS4, on the other hand, after starting the game from the console’s main menu, you have to scroll through the options using the directional arrows of the pad and press X on the item Options, in order to open the game settings menu. Once this is done, the tab will open Game and, from here, all you have to do is scroll through the options and check the item Multiplatformpressing X.

How to play Rocket League between PC and PS4

Now that you have opened your online matchmaking account, you are ready to invite all your friends and create private rooms regardless of the platform you play on, using the crossplatform platform. PSYNETcreated by the game developer: Psyonix.

How to create a room

Rocket League game modes

The options dedicated to creating a private room are actually hidden within the Rocket League menu and are not always easy to find, but for this reason I will now show you how to access these functions quickly and easily.

Starting from the version PCstart the game and select the option Plays of the main menu. You will then enter the menu dedicated to the various game modes available: select, therefore, and click in succession on the items Personalized meetings, private match And create a private game.

Rocket League Private Match Settings

Within the private match menu you can choose the game mode which you prefer (you can find from the simple points game, up to games with upgrades and weapons), the arena where the match will take place and the number of participants for each team.

You can then choose whether to fill the game with computer-controlled opponent botsindicate the server to use (for convenience and performance, I suggest you select a European server) and most importantly, whether to set one access password or restrict entry at the game ai members of your group.

In addition, you will be able to manage the names and colors of the teams via the option Team settings and then modify the game parameters (such as the speed of the machines, the duration of the game or the way the ball reacts to the physics of the game) using the options present in Mutator settings. Once you are happy with the changes, all you have to do is start the game by selecting the option create a game.

Rocket League Private Match Modifiers

On PS4the procedure is almost identical: once you have reached the main menu, you have to press X on the item Plays. Next, you need to use the directional arrows on the controller to navigate through the available game modes and select items Personalized meetings, private match And create a private game.

As on a PC, you must then set the game modechoose whether or not to restrict access to other players and adjust the parameters related to land of game. Finally, you must confirm your choices by selecting the item create a match.

How to invite friends between PC and PS4 to Rocket League

Rocket League social features

Of course, a single player room can be extremely boring. And that is why in the following chapter I will show you how to invite your friends between PC and PS4 to Rocket Leaguethrough the use of the ID linked to Epic Gamesthe developer of Rocket League, Fortnite and many other games.

On PCyou must log in to the friends list clicking onicon special, positioned at the bottom right. After that, she clicks on the item Add Friend Epic and write the user’s name you want to add. Once your friend has accepted your friend request, close the friends list and click on the item create a group. At this point, if your friend is connected, all you have to do is click on his usernameto send him the request which, if successful, will allow him to join your game.

On PS4 instead, you have to press the key R2 on the controller to open the friends list and then press the key square to add a friend with an Epic Games account, using the console’s digital keyboard to write the username friend. Once added as a friend, you have to press triangleto open the menu linked to the creation of the group, and select thefriend’s accountto invite him.

Once you have created your party (which can hold up to 6 people), you can finally join an online match, create a room to host a private match, or organize an item swap.

How to sync a Rocket League account between PC and PS4

Rocket League account link page

As of September 23, 2020, Psyonix and Epic Games have made Rocket League a game free-to-playreorganizing their account management system for the occasion, allowing PC and PS4 users (but also all other platforms) to synchronize their progress.

To synchronize your account, all you have to do is connect to the Official Rocket League page dedicated to linking accounts and log into your Epic Games account. Then click on the button Login and Connect with the logo next to it PlayStation and enter your PlayStation Network account credentials. To conclude the operation, select theprimary account you want to use, click on the button Preview and finally on Okay.

Once this is complete, all your Rocket League saves will be synced and you can play Rocket League on as many platforms as you want without the risk of losing your progress.