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How to Play Poker on Facebook

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How to Play Poker on Facebook: Love spending time on Facebook to chat and play with your friends? Love the Poker? Well then you may know what are you waiting for these two passions? On Facebook there are tons of free Poker games that are just waiting to be installed on your profile and try now.

Go ahead, close the chat box and tell your friends to all find themselves on the green table of one of the applications that I am about to report to you. All you have to do is choose your favorite according to your needs and learn how to play poker on Facebook using them. It begins!

If you want to know how to play poker on Facebook you absolutely must try Zynga Poker, one of the most popular Texas Hold’em Poker games on the blue social network with over 35 million users and the ability to play for free with your friends by taking advantage of free chips.

To start a game, connect to the Zynga Poker Facebook page and first click on Allow and then on I want to receive updates And Allow to access the actual game. Then select the game table you want to join by selecting it from the list HOLD’EM, or create a new one by clicking on the green button Plays which is located at the top left. You can also participate in TOURNAMENTS and from VIP CLUB but first you have to do some practice with the game to make a good impression in the latter.

The rules of the game are those of the typical Texas-style poker and all the commands are in Italian, so you just have to sit at the (virtual) table and have fun. I remind you once again that the game is free but that you can buy chips, gifts and other in-game items by paying with real money (you must have a credit card associated with your Facebook account).

You don’t have a PC handy and you want to play poker on Facebook using your smartphone or tablet. Then you absolutely must download EA World Series of Poker, a free app for iPhone, iPad And Android which allows you to play various types of poker with your friends on Facebook (but not only). If you want to try it, install it on your portable device and click on first Login with Facebook and then on Log in to link the game to your online profile.

At this point, choose the type of poker you want to play (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc.) and have fun with other users participating in the game. Remember that as soon as you land on a game table you have to wait for the next hand to start playing.

Again, the commands are all in Italian and the game is free with some items that can be purchased with real money, good luck and have fun for your next bets at the green table!