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How to play online on Xbox One

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How to play online on Xbox One: You bought one Xbox One to be able to play together with your friends but, after starting the established title, you were unable to start a multiplayer game. And now? You are thrilled to play with the other members of your group and you wonder how to play online on xbox oneas you do not have a clear understanding of the dynamics that allow it.

If this is the case, you must know that to play online on the Microsoft home console you must first subscribe to the service Xbox Live Gold (not required only for free-to-play titles) and that, secondly, you need an always-on internet connection. In the course of this tutorial, therefore, I will explain how to purchase a subscription to the service in question from a computer and through the console itself. I will also talk to you about the alternative solutions available to you to get the Xbox service dedicated to multiplayer and, finally, I will explain how to connect the console to the Internet, in order to start a multiplayer game.

How do you say? Is the topic of interest to you and are you eager to find out more? I can imagine! Okay: sit down comfortably, take a few minutes of free time and carefully read the instructions you will find in the next paragraphs, in order to succeed in the intent you have proposed. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!

Sign up for an Xbox Live Gold membership

As I anticipated, however play online on Xbox One you need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold (free-to-play games are also available without a subscription). If you have never heard of it, it is a service with prices starting from € 6.99 (subscription with 1 month duration) which also allows you to redeem some free titles for Xbox One and Xbox 360 for free every month, thanks to the program Games With Gold.

That said, if you don’t have this subscription yet, keep reading: in the next few lines I will explain how to buy it from a computer, but also how to do it through the Xbox One console. Either way, you’ll need to already have a Microsoft account and have also added a payment method to it.

From computer

To subscribe a Xbox Live Goldyou can easily act from a computer, through the use of any browser to browse the Internet. The purchased subscription will automatically be activated on your account, which, of course, must be the same one connected to Xbox One.

Then connect to the first page Of Xbox Live Gold and, in the displayed screen, press the button Log in which you can find in the upper right corner. Then log in with your Microsoft account data by entering, in the appropriate text fields, theemail address and the password related to it.

Once logged in, press the button Subscribe now that you can see in the center of the screen, then, through the relevant drop-down menu, choose whether to purchase a subscription of 1 month at the price of € 6.99 or a subscription of 12 monthsat the price of € 59.99.

Now, press the button Participate nowre-enter the password of your account Microsoft and press on Log in, to verify your identity. At this point, you will be prompted to choose the payment method: you can pay via credit card you hate debtusing the account PayPal or, possibly, through the Microsoft account balance.

If you have not yet entered a valid payment method, select the option you prefer, enter all the billing information requested in the following text fields, press on Save and finally, confirm your willingness to purchase.

From Xbox One

If you prefer to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold directly from the console, press on the tab Sign up Gold which you can find in the screenshot Home Xbox One, in order to be referred to the section on purchasing the subscription.

If you can’t find the tile Sign up Goldpress on yours profile picture at the top left, then select yours profile picture from the proposed menu and, finally, press on your account name. On the next screen, tap on the item My subscriptions and identifies, within the section Subscriptions available located on the right, the box Xbox Live Gold.

Press on the box in question to be redirected to the screen for purchasing an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Then press on the drop-down menu you see on the screen to choose whether to purchase the subscription 1 month (€ 6.99) Of 3 months (€ 19.99) or 12 months (€ 59.99).

Once this is done, click on the button Get involved and select, if you have not already done so, the payment method you prefer, choosing between credit card/of debt And PayPal account. Then enter all the required billing information in order to complete the transaction and thus purchase the subscription needed to play online.

Other ways to get an Xbox Live Gold membership

In addition to what has been explained above, it is possible to obtain a subscription to Xbox Live Gold by purchasing a bundle with the included service or by participating in the rewards program Microsoft Rewards. I will tell you about it in detail in the following lines.

Purchase a bundle with Xbox Live Gold included

In some cases, Microsoft makes bundles available for purchase, which usually include a subscription to the service Xbox Live Goldas well as the console Xbox One and a game or peripheral.

If you are interested in purchasing this type of package, I recommend that you inquire about this type of promotions in the main electronics and / or video game stores. Alternatively, you can do a search on the popular e-commerce site also benefit from offers and any discounts.

Speaking of which, below I have identified some examples for you for these bundles that include a few months of Xbox Live Gold.


Xbox 360 – Live Vision Camera with Headphones and 1 Month Subscription …

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Participate in Microsoft Rewards

To get a subscription a Xbox Live Gold and thus play online on Xbox Oneyou can also choose to participate in the points collection program Microsoft Rewards: This Microsoft loyalty program, accessible to all those who have an account, allows you to collect points by completing certain actions and passing levels. For example at level 1, you get 1 point for every euro that is spent in Microsoft Store.

To participate in the program Microsoft Rewardsand thus start earning the points necessary to obtain the subscription Xbox Live Goldlinked to official website of this service and, if you have not already done so, log in with your Microsoft account data by pressing the button Log in located at the top right.

Once logged in, click on yours first name and then on the voice Awards, which you can find in the relative drop-down menu. In the next screen, you will be shown the points accumulated so far and, through the cards Earn money And Activitiesyou can find out all the methods you need to get points (for example, taking part in surveys and quizzes related to Microsoft products and services).

To get a subscription Xbox Live Gold 6800 points are needed: if you have accumulated them, press on the card Redeemclick on the box Choose Xbox Live Gold and use your points to redeem your subscription.

For more information on this service, read my guide where I tell you how to get Xbox Live Gold for free.

Connect Xbox One to the Internet

Once you have purchased a subscription Xbox Live Goldthe next step to play online on Xbox One is to connect the console to the Internet.

After starting the Microsoft home console, press on yours username in the upper left corner and, in the menu you see on the screen, select the tab with the symbol of a gear. Then press on the item Settingsgo to the section Net and select the wording Network settings.

Once this is done, click on the item Configure wireless networkin order to connect to the Internet in Wifiselecting the name of your home network and entering, if requested, the access password provided by your operator.

Alternatively, you can connect the console to the internet via Ethernet cableinserting one end of it into the port located behind the router and the other into the one located on the back of the console.

You can easily find an Ethernet cable in major electronics stores or on major e-commerce websites, such as for example Below, as an example, you can see the cable you need to do this.


CSL – 5m High Quality Network Cable – Cat.6 Ethernet Gigabit LAN RJ4 …

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Amazon Basics – Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable with RJ45 Connectors, 1.5m

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UGREEN Ethernet Cable Cat 7 High Speed ​​10 Gbps 600 MHz, Network Cable …

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If you have any doubts or problems, please refer to my tutorial on how to connect Xbox to the Internet.

Play an online video game on Xbox One

Once you have performed all the preliminary steps indicated in the previous chapters, you can finally start a video game and play online with your friends. Obviously, you must have already downloaded the title of your interest since, at the end of this operation, it will be present in the section My games and apps which you can access by clicking on its icon (the symbol of a console and a controller) which is located on the screen Home.

Then start the title of your interest to start a new game. Keep in mind that, if it is an online video game, the console must always be connected to the Internet. In this regard, if you have not yet carried out this operation, refer to the information I provided you in previous chapter.

In some cases, however, there are single player video games (and therefore can also be played offline) with an additional multiplayer component. In this case, therefore, the activation of the Internet connection is required only from the moment in which, by pressing the appropriate item, you start a multiplayer game