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How to play League of Legends

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How to play League of Legends: One of the most popular free video games ever is League of Legends , a multiplayer title for Windows and macOS that your friends always talk about. And so, intrigued by its popularity, you gave in: you downloaded it to your computer but, once started, you realized that you don’t know how to play, as there are substantial differences compared to video games that you usually play.

Well, if things are this way, and you would like to know how to play League of Legends , in order to have a general hint on what are the characteristics, the game modes and the objectives of this title, know that you are just reading the right tutorial. In the course of the next few lines, in fact, I will explain what the basics are, talking about what a neophyte must necessarily know to better face the multiplayer clashes.

How do you say? Can’t wait to get started? I would have bet on it! All right, then let’s not get lost further in chatter and immediately get to the heart of the matter. Sit comfortably in front of your computer and read carefully what I will tell you in the next paragraphs. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

What is League of Legends

If you are reading this tutorial on how to play League of Legends , I imagine that you are at the very beginning with this famous online video game and, therefore, want to clarify some doubts about its gameplay modes.

In this regard, the first thing you need to know is that League of Legends , also known by the abbreviation of LoL is a free-to-play MOBA. The term MOBA is an acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which, translated into Italian, means online multiplayer combat arena.

It is a sub-genre belonging to the category of strategic real-time video games in which, in a map, two teams face off on a battlefield with the aim of destroying the opponent’s headquarters and preserving their own.

League of Legends is a very famous video game and it is also a title that presents a complexity of gameplay that is not indifferent.

Having said that, if you have recently downloaded this video game on your Windows or macOS computer and you are experiencing difficulties during the games, because you don’t know how to play, you just have to continue reading this tutorial in which I will clarify all your doubts, talking about the gameplay modes and what are the main victory strategies.

Choice of the sample

The first topic to deal with regarding the functioning of League of Legends is the choice of the champion to be used in the game. This title allows, in fact, to choose between different characters and each sample corresponds to different gameplay styles and various strategies. League of Legends champions are divided into 6 main types.

  • Shooters – also known by the name of AD Carries ( ADC ), are characters with a ranged combat style that inflict high physical damage, at the expense of low resistance. They are usually used to destroy enemy towers. An example of the champions with the role of Shooter are Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune or Varus.
  • Magicians – also called AP Carries , are champions who deal high magic damage at a distance and who usually have low mobility and endurance. Some of these characters specialize in a fighting style that involves massive area damage. Others, however, are the strongest in long-distance combat. Among the champions in this role are Karthus, Lissandra, Lux and Swain.
  • Assassins – are those champions with high mobility, who are used to quickly kill opponents with a close combat style; they usually deal physical damage. An example are the champions Diana, Fizz and Katarina.
  • Tank – they are the toughest champions in the game. They compensate for their high hit points with low damage. They usually have crowd control skills , such as those capable of inflicting stuns or slowdowns on enemies. Among the most famous tanks are Malphite, Sejuani, Rammus and Zac.
  • Fighters – they are balanced champions specialized in melee, which combine the characteristics of the tanks and those of the shooters. The purpose of these characters is to try to survive for as long as possible in the game to empower and deal high damage; an example are characters like Jax, Rek’Sai and Wukong.
  • Supports – are those characters who play a supportive role towards allied players, providing healing and upgrades. The player who chooses this role must pay particular attention to the movements of the opponents and provide team members with information on their movements. Some examples of support samples are Leona, Janna and Sona.

Game mode and purpose

In League of Legends There are 3 game maps ( Landa of Summoners , Selva Demonic and Abyss howling ) and seven main modes ( Tutorial , training tool , Co-op VS AI , Custom , Normal , Ranking and ARAM ). The most popular map is the Summoner’s Rift , while the most played modes are Normal and Ranked .

The main purpose of the game is to conquer the enemy Nexus , that is the headquarters of each of the two teams made up of five players in the Summoners’ Heath .

Once the game has started, in fact, the two teams will be on opposite sides of the map, at the starting point ( spawn ).

By playing on the Summoner’s Rift map and starting from the allied Nexus, you can identify three lanes ( lane ): top , middle ( mid ) and bottom ( bot ). During the game, players must first position themselves in the reference lane which changes according to the champion chosen and the role they want to play. Just as an example, the characters with the role of ADC and Support must go together in the bot lane .

Once the game has started, players must wait for the continuous generation of non-player characters; these called Minions are created in waves by the allied Nexus . Their aim is to help players as, advancing in the three lanes, they help to destroy the enemy structures ( Towers and Inhibitors ) that separate from the opposing Nexus .

During the early stages of the game, the players’ goals are limited: destroy the opposing Towers aided by the allied Minions, attack the opposing Minions, inflicting the coup de grace on them and defeat the opposing players who try to hinder them.

In particular, it is very important to give the coup de grace to the Minions: this provides a quantity of gold that allows you to enhance the sample used by purchasing items inside the shop located near the allied Nexus .

During the game, moreover, it is possible to earn gold by defeating the opposing players, knocking down the enemy structures and killing the jungle monsters.

To use the accumulated gold you have to go back to the base (key B with the default settings) and click on the Emporium. Buying items is a very important strategy: these confer different power-ups and only a few adapt best to the chosen champion and the current game situation.

Consequently, to ensure victory, it is necessary to establish a game strategy based on the purchase of objects capable of improving the intrinsic abilities of the character you are using, to counterattack your opponents and at the same time to give bonuses and enhancements to the team.

It is also possible to buy consumable items, such as healing potions or lights (the latter are special items that temporarily guarantee visibility on the map, allowing you to see the movements of the opposing champions, otherwise hidden).

Consumable items can be activated by clicking on their icon located in the inventory or by using the shortcut keys that go from 1 to 6 , with the default game settings. In addition, in the center of the map there is the Jungle : inside there are neutral monsters that, if killed, give the team additional bonuses that can, sometimes, turn the tide of the game.

Usually, killing these monsters is the Jungler’s special job . This is a fundamental role: the player who is in the jungle must, without being noticed by his opponents, go from lane to lane to help allies in difficulty.

After killing the opposing Minions, the players, aided by the allied Minions, must advance in their lane to destroy the towers and Inhibitors , powerful defensive structures. Be careful of these, as if there are no opposing Minions nearby or if an allied champion is attacked, they become hostile.

Speaking, however, in more detail of the Inhibitors , it must be said that one of the basic victory strategies is linked to their destruction. This is because the destruction of an Inhibitor allows you to generate a powerful Super Minon , a very powerful and resistant Minion that is able to guarantee a strong advantage in the game.

A destroyed Inhibitor automatically regenerates after 5 minutes: for this reason, an almost assured victory is the destruction of all 3 opposing Inhibitors at close range. In this way, in fact, every Superon wave will generate two Super Minons .

Once the Inhibitors are destroyed , the Nexus and its two defensive Towers must be destroyed : the team that first destroys the Nexus wins the game.

Move in the game

Now that you understand what the game modes are and what the League of Legends is for , start a game by pressing the Play button on the client, choose the game mode you prefer by clicking on it and then click Confirm .

If you need to practice the game controls and the modes just explained, choose the modes such as Co-op VS IA , Tutorial or Training Tool.

Once in the game, you can also start getting familiar with the game controls, which I tell you about in detail in the following lines.

To move in League of Legends  with the chosen champion, traditional commands from RTS are usually used. Once in the game, to move your champion,  left click  on the ground to indicate the direction you want to go. To attack an enemy champion, an opposing non-player character or structure, right-click on it instead .

All champions have special abilities; to use them, click on the corresponding icon which is located in the bottom bar, or use the shortcut keys, which with the default settings are Q , W , E or R , and then click on the target.

The game controls can be customized at any time through the relative one, accessible by clicking on the ESC button .

Unlocking new champions

The champions of League of Legends can be played for free through the Free Spins Weekly. Also, playing the games you get blue Essence points and Riot points .

Through these virtual credits it is possible to buy the samples, which can be permanently unlocked in the game and therefore, in this case, it is no longer necessary to wait for the weekly rotation to play them.

If, while playing the games, he has identified a champion you are interested in unlocking, you can make the purchase of the same directly through the game client. To do this, press the button with the coin symbol you see located at the top, then click on the Samples menu item at the top.

Now, through the search engine located in the left sidebar, type in the name of the sample you want to unlock.

Alternatively, you can filter by role , by clicking on the side menu items that refer to the main types of champion, such as Assassin , Wizard or Fighter . Once you have identified the character you are interested in, choose whether to unlock it through the Riot Points or through Blue Essence .

Riot points are a virtual credit that can also be obtained through the purchase in Euros. To do this, click on the Buy RP button found on the main screen of the shop and then choose the payment method ( Credit card, PayPal, PaySafe Card, Mobile payment or Prepaid cards and codes ) and the quantity of points to buy. The minimum price for the purchase of Riot points is € 2.50.