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How to play GTA online

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How to play GTA online: You are an avid gamer and your favorite saga is undoubtedly that of GTA, or Grand Theft Auto, the popular video game series developed by Rockstar Games. You have played all the previous titles in the saga and it is time for you to buy the recently released chapters, especially because you have heard about the introduction of a multiplayer mode.

You then clicked on this guide of mine, because you would like to know more about how to play GTA Online : the previous titles in the series in your possession did not have this mode and therefore you need more clarifications on the possibilities that, once you have purchased the game, you will have available to compete with other players.

How do you say? Have I guessed every single word I have written and are you impatient to find out all the detailed information on Grand Theft Auto’s online mode? I believe it well! Well, you can rest assured: although my main passions (and activities) are tied to the world of technology and information technology, I know this video game well; I can then go into the topic to talk to you about multiplayer modes. Are you ready to start? I wish you a good read and a lot of fun!

How to download and install GTA

If you are a fan of the GTA series, you will know that many episodes of this series have been published from 1997 to today. Unfortunately, however, only the latest episodes have an official multiplayer mode that will allow you to play online with other players. In fact, only GTA IV and GTA V currently have one.

So if you want to start playing GTA in online mode, you will have to buy and install one of these episodes that I just told you about. I will indicate below the links that refer to the virtual stores in order to purchase the episode of GTA you prefer, based on the device you are using.

Once you have purchased your favorite episode for the device you are using, you just have to install it. In order to install GTA, I can recommend my guide on how to download GTA . Inside you will find the procedures to be able to download and install on the device you have.

How to play GTA IV Online

After you have purchased, downloaded and installed GTA IV, you just have to start the game on your device. In this guide I will tell you in detail about the procedure that you will need to understand how to play GTA IV on PC.

Then start the game to access the main menu. If this is the first time you have launched the game on your PC, you will be asked to add the Games for Windows LIVE package to GTA IV during the installation . This service has now been deactivated by Microsoft, but it will still be essential in order to start the game.

When you start GTA IV, you will be asked to log in with your Microsoft account, through the Games for Windows LIVE service. You will also need to enter the product key that appeared to you on Steam before starting the game. When you have passed this phase, you will finally arrive at the main menu of the game; you will then have to select the Start item . Wait a moment, for all uploads and movies to start, until you find yourself in the game.

Well, you are currently playing the single-player version of GTA IV. So how do you access the online multiplayer section? Nothing could be simpler, I will immediately explain how to do it.

Open your virtual character’s cell phone into play. On PC the key is the up arrow of the keyboard. The mobile phone will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Then select the Multiplayer item and click with the left mouse button on it. Choose now between Player Match (simple online mode) or Ranked Match (online mode to access the leaderboards). In this example, I will choose the game mode of the game . Then click on it and then select LIVE . You can decide now three options to select on the phone display into play: Quick Match , Custom Matchand Create a game.

By selecting the first option ( Quick Match ), you can choose one of the many online game modes available that I will tell you about shortly. If you select the Custom game mode , you will access a section that will show you all the games currently available; for example, you can view the ping status of the game or the number of players who are currently playing in that game.

If you select the last item ( Create a game ), you will host a game and you can set the mode you want to play together with other players, in addition to all the remaining parameters that will allow you to configure the game session.

The available modes are:

  • Deathmatch : each player personally competes in the general ranking. The mode is to kill as many players as possible until the end of the match.
  • Mafiya srl: in this mode, each player must complete the highest number of missions before the others. The player with the highest score at the end of time will win the victory.
  • Go with the car: players will have to steal vehicles scattered on the map. These must then be delivered in the best possible conditions. The more damaged the vehicle, the lower the score you will earn. The player with the highest score will win.
  • Race: it is a mode that allows you to challenge other players in a race with the vehicles in the game.
  • Corsa GTA: similar to the Corsa mode , it also allows you to use your weapons to get in the way of your opponents.
  • Team Deathmatch: similar to Deathmatch mode , you can team up with other players. The team with the highest score wins the match.
  • Team Mafiya srl: similar to Mafiya srl mode , players will be required to organize themselves in teams to complete all mission objectives. The team with the highest score will win.
  • Gone with the team car: similar to the Gone with the car mode , players will have to carry out team thefts. The team with the highest score will win.
  • War for the territory: the players will be divided into two teams and will have to conquer and maintain control of certain areas. The team with the highest score in the end will win.
  • Guards & Thieves: This fun mode divides the players into two teams, criminals and policemen. The criminal team will have to escort the boss or themselves to safety, trying to avoid the police team at all costs.
  • NOOSE Escape: This mode will lead players to try to survive and secure themselves from the special police forces.
  • The troublemaker: the goal is to reach the point of a meeting and eliminate all threats.
  • Mine Base II: the objective of this mode is to detonate a ship. Players will need to cooperate to complete the mission.
  • Free mode: the entire game map will be available online among all players who can freely do what they want within the session, without a specific goal.
  • Group mode: like the free mode , you can start the entire game map, being able to invite the other players in the team.

How to play GTA V Online

If you purchased, downloaded and installed GTA V, you will access a vast online mode. In my guide, as an example, I will list the procedure for accessing the multiplayer mode of GTA V from PC.

After you start the game and complete the loading phase, you will be able to view the main menu. From this menu, you can decide how to access online mode. You can select the item GTA Online , so that you can immediately connect to the multiplayer mode, or select the item History and access from the settings in the game.

Since the first option is immediate, let’s see how to access through the second option, that is from single-player mode.

Select the History item from the main menu and wait for the game to load in single-player. When you are logged into the game, you can start commanding your character wherever you want. Then press the ESC keyboard key and select the item Online . From the left panel, select the item Play GTA Online and select the session you want to access. You can choose between Session invitation only , Session of the crew , Session of the crew closed , session of closed friends and Session lonely .

When you click on each of these items, you will be able to read a description on the right that will explain what that specific session consists of. For example, if you select the Session by invitation only , you will access the free mode of GTA V Online on your own, being able to invite the other players; you can select from this session the various game modes that will make you join other players to complete the objectives of the mode you have selected.

When entering the online mode of GTA V, the player is transferred to a free session which represents the entire map of the playable game. The player can then freely explore it alone or together with other players, based on the session he has started.

From this session you can decide to select the modes directly from your virtual character’s smartphone or from the settings panel. The quickest option to start a game mode is through the character’s virtual smartphone. Then press the up arrow key on your PC keyboard and select the Quick Match item .

The first time the player enters online mode he will be invited to create his own digital avatar. You will therefore need to set the aesthetic parameters of your character in order to start playing. Once you are in the online world of GTA V, you can start businesses. Below you will find all the activities you can carry out in the online mode of GTA V.

  • Cooperative missions: these are the missions entrusted by some GTA characters to the players. These are missions that require players’ cooperation to complete the objective that has been assigned to them.
  • Versus Missions: these are missions that require players to complete a goal. These will be divided into teams and only the team that completes the goal first will win.
  • Deathmatch : players will have to compete against each other or team against team to reach the highest score and win the victory.
  • Last Team Standing: is a game mode similar to Deathmatch , but differs from the fact that the players of the teams that succumb to the blows of the opponents will no longer be able to return to the game. The surviving team wins.
  • Survival : players will have to defend their position from attack by waves of enemies. The more waves the players complete, the higher their prize.
  • Parachuting: Players challenge each other in a parachuting competition. They will have to go through checkpoints to be able to score. The player with the highest score will win.
  • Hits: this mode requires considerable cooperation between team members. In fact, players will have to perform a robbery, carrying out particular objectives during the mission. To complete this mode, players must be able to survive, bringing with them the largest amount of stolen money.
  • Races: in this mode, players can choose from many types of games, such as road, rally or aerial races, just to give some examples. In addition, the player has several tracks and many vehicles available to compete based on the type of race chosen.
  • Stunt Races: This game mode is very similar to Races , but it has that bit of adrenaline and extra fun. In fact, players will not have to travel the classic route with their vehicles, but will have to face reckless tracks, with tubular tracks that also reach the tops of skyscrapers.
  • Competitive missions: they are a mode that contains many missions. Generally this mode puts players in teams to deal with different types of goals.
  • Capture: is a mode similar to the Capture the Flag mode found in other video games. The team’s aim is to steal a package or vehicle from the opposing team.

There are also other activities that you can do in the game on the free map together with other players: you can play golf, tennis, darts or at the shooting range; you can also perform Popeye activities and Crazy Stunts .

You can also deal with robberies in shops, assault armored vans, deliver weapon cases, be involved in attacks between gangs or steal and sell vehicles. You have many choices at your disposal, have fun!