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How to play checkers on the Internet

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How to play checkers on the Internet: The lady is one of the oldest games in the world, and despite this, does not lose its charm tramutandosi a great pastime for even the technology that can play with its virtual transpositions. If you are also a big fan of checkers and would like to try to play on the computer, stay there because I’m going to explain how to do it without effort or unnecessary waste of time.

You must know that on the Net there are many alternatives to play checkers against the computer or against people in flesh and blood connected from all over the world, just find the one that best suits your tastes and save it in your favorites. Think, you don’t even have to install programs or strange plugins on your PC to be able to play! So, what are you waiting to find out with me  how to play checkers online ?

If you want to find out  how to play checkers online but you want to do some practice before challenging people in the flesh, there is no doubt, you have to play Checkers Fun . As its name clearly suggests, it is a very simple virtual Flash transposition of the classic lady in which you play against the computer having two different levels of difficulty: Easy for beginners and Hard for experts.

To play Checkers Fun, all you have to do is connect to the web page with the game, set preferences on the game’s home screen ( View to adjust the game view, Mode to choose which pawns to use and Difficulty to set the difficulty level of the game) and click on Start to start a new game. The checkers can be moved simply with the mouse, otherwise the rules of the online checkers are the same as those of the real checkers you are used to playing. In addition, by clicking on the item Play in full screen located under the game panel you can play in a new window in full screen.

When you feel ready to play checkers online against other people, you can easily contact the Yahoo! . To play it, you must log in to the site with your Yahoo! and click on the item Start playing checkers! . At this point, select the game room you want to enter (choose one with many people to have more opportunities to play) by clicking on its name and complete the access by typing the security code that is proposed to you.

Now, wait for the list of all available gaming tables to appear and click on the JOIN button located next to the name of the user you want to challenge to open the online checkers table. Then click on the Start playing button located at the top left and wait for the challenger to accept the challenge to start the game. To play this game, Java software must be installed on your PC .

Are you in the mood for new challenges? Then check out the Chinese checkers offered by Flash Chinese Checkers . It is a nice Flash game to play against the computer where you can have fun in a different type of lady, the Chinese one, without going far from what is your favorite pastime. To know the rules of Chinese checkers, take a look at Wikipedia . Good fun!