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How to play Call of Duty Mobile

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How to play Call of Duty Mobile: Lately, all your friends have been talking about Call of Duty Mobile , the smartphone and tablet version of the famous first person shooter game. Being a huge video game enthusiast, you didn’t have to say it twice and downloaded Call of Duty Mobile to start playing with your friends. Unfortunately, however, all your attempts to create your account and customize your character have not given the expected result: for this reason, you would like my help to take your first steps in the game. I guessed it, right? Then let me say that today is your lucky day!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain how to play checkers on the Internet from the device of your interest. First of all, it will be my job to provide you with the necessary information to download the game and create your character, also indicating how to save the game progress. Next, you will find some useful tips to familiarize yourself with the controls and main features of Call of Duty Mobile. In addition, for information, I will also tell you how to play from your computer, by downloading a special program.

How do you say? Are you looking forward to learn more and start your game? So let’s not waste any more time chatting and get straight to the action. Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs. Follow carefully the instructions I’m about to give you, try to put them into practice on the device of your interest and I assure you that, in no time, you will be ready to play Call of Duty Mobile. Happy reading and above all, enjoy!

Minimum requirements and supported devices

Call of Duty Mobile

Before getting to the heart of this guide and explaining how to play checkers on the Internet , it may be useful to know what are the minimum requirements necessary for the game to work and what devices are supported by the game.

First, you need to know that Call of Duty Mobile is a spin-off of Call of Duty, the best-selling first-person shooter game in the world. It is a free-to-play version (with the possibility of making purchases in the app) designed exclusively for mobile devices which, for the first time ever, allows you to play the famous video game on smartphones and tablets.

That said, Call of Duty Mobile is available as a free application for Android devices equipped with Android 4.3 or later and iPhone / iPad with iOS 9 or later.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile

How to download Call of Duty Mobile

All you need to do to download Call of Duty Mobile , available for free for Android and iOS / iPadOS , is to access the store on your device, look for the game in question and start downloading it.

If you have a smartphone or tablet equipped with Android , start the Play Store by pressing its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol), type ” Call of Duty Mobile ” in the Search for apps and games field located at the top and tap the Search button .

Now, locate the app in question in the search results (it should be the first result), press the Call of Duty Mobile icon and tap the Install button , to start the download and installation of the game. Wait, then, for the progress bar to reach 100% and, once the download is complete, press the Open button  , to start the app and start playing.

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone / iPad , start the App Store  by pressing on its icon (the  white “A” on a blue background ) on the home screen of your device and tap on the Search item , located in the menu below.

In the new screen that appears, press on the Games, app, store and much more option visible under the Search option , type ” Call of Duty Mobile ” in the search field and tap the Search button , to view the search results.

Then, press on the app in question and tap on the Get button , to start the download and installation of the game. You may be asked to verify your identity via Face ID, Touch ID or entering your Apple ID password.

How to start playing Call of Duty Mobile

How to play Call of Duty Mobile

When you start Call of Duty Mobile for the first time, wait for the game updates to download and press the Accept button to accept the terms of use of the app and the privacy policy. After that, choose the access mode you prefer to start playing Call of Duty Mobile .

  • Guest : Allows you to log in without creating an account and save your game progress on your device. By choosing this mode, in case of problems, the game progress will be lost.
  • Facebook : allows you to access Call of Duty Mobile using your Facebook account. By choosing this option, you can also access your account from other devices, without losing your game progress.

If you have chosen to log in using your Facebook account , press the Continue button , enter your account data in the fields Mobile number or email address and Facebook Password and tap on the Login button , then choose the Continue option as [name ] , to allow Call of Duty Mobile to access your Facebook information (name, profile picture and list of friends) and you’re done.

Now, regardless of the chosen access mode, create your character via the Create Character screen . Then choose your avatar by pressing on the image visible above the word Touch to change , enter the name to be used in the game, in the field Maximum 14 characters , and press the OK button . If you are logged in with Facebook, you will see your photo as an avatar and your name in the nickname field.

Create Call of Duty Mobile character

After that, you are ready to start playing Call of Duty Mobile. First, press the Continue button to take part in the training and learn the basic game controls. Then, follow the instructions shown on the screen and try to put them into practice, to learn how to move, shoot, aim and kill enemies. At any time, you can stop the training by pressing the Jump  button located at the top right.

Once the training field is complete, tap on the Continue button , to receive 100 Credits , which you can use to purchase your first weapon in the game shop. Press, then, on the Shop button located at the bottom left, select the M4 option  (the only weapon you can initially buy) and tap the Buy button .

Call of Duty Mobile shop

It will be useful to know that the Credits are useful for purchasing most of the objects available in the Call of Duty Mobile shop, such as weapons, accessories, grenades etc. You can earn Credits by redeeming daily bonuses, watching video advertisements within the game, completing daily and weekly activities, participating in limited-time events and removing any unwanted items from the inventory.

In addition, COD Points are also available , which allow you to purchase rare weapons and exclusive skins. Unlike Credits, to have COD Points it is necessary to get hold of the wallet and choose one of the available packages: 80 CP (1.09 euro) , 400 CP (5.49 euro) , 800 CP (10.99 euro) , 2,000 CP (€ 27.99) etc.

After choosing the weapons and accessories of your interest from the Call of Duty Mobile shop, select the Equipment item below to choose the skin to use and the weapons available during the battle. After that, you are ready to play in multiplayer mode, choosing one of the available game modes.

  • First line : for a quick battle between two teams of 5 players each.
  • Team DM : 10 players divided into two teams face off in a challenge in which the goal is to reach the established score limit.
  • Dominion : the aim is to defend the objectives from the attack of the enemies and to earn points with the passage of time. The teams are made up of 5 players each and the first team to reach the established score wins.
  • Seek and Destroy : The goal is to locate and destroy the target of enemies and prevent opponents from doing the same.
  • Training against AI : useful for honing your character’s skills, fighting against computer-controlled opponents.

In addition to the classic multiplayer mode, you can also choose the Battle Royale option (available from level 7) in which 100 players are parachuted onto a large island without equipment. The goal of Battle Royale is to try to survive, collecting the weapons available in the area and killing not only opponents but also other characters, such as zombies.

In this game mode it is possible not only to choose whether to play in first or third person view, but also to select whether to act alone or in teams of 2 or 4 players. In addition, it is also possible to choose the type of player to use from Scout , Doctor , Defender , Clown , Ninja and Mechanic .

Choose the game mode you prefer, press the Start button , to start playing, earn new credits, accumulate experience points and level up.

Call of Duty Mobile

Finally, you need to know that, by pressing on the gear wheel icon (above), you can access the Title Settings and customize your game experience, acting in the Basic , Audio and graphics , Sensitivity , BR Settings and Quick Messages sections .

Furthermore, in the Commands section , you can choose whether to use the Simple mode , which allows you to shoot automatically after targeting an enemy (recommended option for novice players), or whether to use the Advanced mode which, instead, involves pressing the special button to shoot.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile with controller

How to play Call of Duty Mobile with controller

If your intention is to play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller , you should know that Activision, the game developer, has suspended official controller support so as not to disadvantage players who use touch controls. Despite this, the company has not ruled out that such functionality may be introduced in the future, also revealing that tests are underway to evaluate this game mode.

So if you’re still wondering how to play checkers on the Internet with PS4 controller , I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not possible and the only game mode available to you are the touch controls.

If you really can not help but use a controller to play Call of Duty Mobile, you can consider purchasing special supports to be applied to your smartphone and which allow you to move your character through an analog stick.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC and Mac

How to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Would you like to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC ? If so, you can download and install an Android emulator on your computer . By doing so, you can start a game on a screen larger than that of a smartphone or tablet and, above all, play using the keyboard and mouse.

If you have a Windows PC , I recommend using Gameloop , an Android emulator with official support for Call of Duty Mobile. To download it to your computer, connected to the official Gameloop site and click on the Download button , to start the download.

Once the download is complete, double-click the executable file you just downloaded, press the Install button and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, then click the Start button , to complete the installation and start Gameloop.

At this point, select the Game Center option , locate Call of Duty Mobile , press the Install button , to start the download, and wait for the game installation to complete. Then click on the Play Now button to start Call of Duty Mobile and start playing.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to play checkers on the Internet on Mac , I am sorry to tell you that, at the time of writing this guide, it is not possible to do so. In fact, as mentioned above, Gameloop is only available for Windows PCs, while Bluestacks (another Android emulator) has not yet been optimized to play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac.