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How to play Apex with mouse and keyboard

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How to play Apex with mouse and keyboard: The Battle Royale genre has depopulated among video game enthusiasts above all thanks to the success of titles such as Fortnite and COD Warzone. The market has become very large and this has also allowed other video games to carve out their own space over time: in this context, among the titles that have attracted the most attention is Apex Legends.

The latter represents a more “strategic” Battle Royale than the norm, winking at those looking for a “reasoned” gameplay. It is therefore clear that players want to have high accuracy and speed of movement. You too have understood the importance of this aspect and in fact you are wondering how to play Apex with mouse and keyboard. On the other hand, this input method allows you to perform as you should, even in speed, all the actions that are required by the incessant rhythm of the gameplay of a Battle Royale.

In this tutorial I will analyze the whole issue by talking to you about various gaming platforms, including PC and console: you just need to simply consult the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to play Apex with mouse and keyboardI think it might interest you to know more about the general situation.

Well, Apex Legends came out in 2019 for computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch. As often happens in the world of video games, there are therefore two “schools of thought2: who plays on PC and who plays on console.

In the first case it is the “kingdom” of mouse and keyboardwhile in the second the controller. This is one of the “rules” at the base of the videogame world: generally i input methods used by users are these.

However, the passage of the years has brought about some changes. Indeed, the console world now has official mouse and keyboard support (for example, on PS4), so the “division” I mentioned earlier no longer exists.

Apex Legends gaming keyboard

On the other hand, this “opening” is important: in spite of what some “purists” of PC gaming assert, video games, as well as any other medium that has to do with creativity, can be “experienced” in various ways. Net of this, a distinction must clearly be made. In fact, you understand well that potentially mouse and keyboard can provide a competitive advantage compared to a controller, especially in a fast-paced title like Apex Legends.

Not that there is a “better” or “worse” input method than another in absolute terms: simply, the movement speed offered by a gaming mouse that, for example, supports 10,000 DPI is particularly high and therefore creates an objective advantage over those who use a pad.

It is therefore no coincidence that, generally, i server come online divided into rooms in which only the users who use play play mouse and keyboard and games where there are only players who use the controller.

Xbox Apex Legends controller

This allows you to balance matches as much as possible, without anyone having a real competitive advantage not due to his skill. In this context, you understand well that some developers may make the decision to allow only PC users to use mouse and keyboard“Blocking” this possibility on an official level for those who play from consoles.

Respawn Entertainment made just this choice, as I’ll explain more later in the tutorial. Net of this, continuing with the reading of the guide you may find potentially useful information for your gaming sessions.

How to play Apex with mouse and keyboard

After analyzing the whole issue, I’d say it’s time to take action and actually illustrate yourself how to play Apex Legends using mouse and keyboard as an input method.

How to play Apex with mouse and keyboard on PC

Apex Legends PC

The platform where mouse and keyboard are used as the primary input method on Apex Legends is clearly the PC.

THE buttons used to play Battle Royale with this input method are very “classic”. The buttons are used WASD to move, the key Left Shift to run and button Space to jump. The toggle for crouching is instead set to the button C.but you can also hold down the key Left Ctrl to do this.

As for communication with other players during the game, on the other hand, to perform a ping just press the mouse wheelwhile to signal an enemy it is possible to use the key F.. Sending a message to your team is simple – just press Enter to access the option. If, on the other hand, you want to communicate vocally, the Push to Talk button (press to talk) could be useful, that is T..

What are the buttons to use in the battle phase? The “basic” attack is done through the left mouse buttonwhile the character’s tactical ability is activated with the button Q. The Ultimate must instead be performed, at the right time, using the key Z. If you need to do melee combat, the button for you is instead V..

Apex Legends Battle

It may also be helpful to know how to switch weapons. Nothing could be easier, just use the keys 1,2 and 3. Alternatively, if you are looking for a grenade, the button to use is G.. When you need to reload, the R. will come to your “rescue”. The aim is instead managed through the right mouse button.

For the rest, other keys that could be useful for playing Apex Legends with mouse and keyboard are 4 (to use healing items), H. (toggle for Gibraltar shield), scrolling the mouse wheel (Cycle Weapon), B. (toggle fire mode), M. (toggle map), Tab (toggle inventory) ed AND (interact). The button X instead it represents an alternative interaction (in other words, you can collect objects that you already have without “applying” them to weapons, perhaps to give them to friends).

Finally, if you intend to “show” your weapon on the screen, which obviously may not be framed in the best way while you are fighting, the button to use is No.. Your character will “raise” the weapon: by doing so, you will be able to appreciate all the details.

Excluding the commands to play Apex Legends with mouse and keyboard on PC, you might clearly be interested in learning more about the world of computer peripherals. In fact, there are myriads of gaming mice and keyboards on the market.


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In this regard, to deepen the question, I invite you to consult my guides related to the best gaming mice and the best gaming keyboards. By informing you about the accessories available on the marketyou will be able to better understand if there is any peripheral that can potentially do for you, perhaps making it more “comfortable” to play Apex Legends.

Between switch different in terms of keyboards, PPE mice and more, it is clearly difficult for me to give you specific advice here, but surely the topic might interest you if you are used to playing the title of Respawn Entertainment on PC.

How to play Apex with mouse and keyboard on PS4

PS4 keyboard

How do you say? You would like to play Apex Legends with your mouse and keyboard on PlayStation 4 or in general on consoles? In this case, the situation becomes more complicated.

In fact, over the years there have been some players who, through some “tricks”, have managed to use mouse and keyboard on Apex Legends for consoles. However, the title of Respawn Entertainment does not have official support for this type of input.

Put simply, if you’ve seen any online video of someone playing Apex Legends with a mouse and keyboard on a console, the person involved has used some unofficial methodsgenerally passing through some third party adapters, which you should stay away from.

In the past, in fact, the game’s developers said they were against it to unofficial ways to play with mouse and keyboard on consoles. On the other hand, this input method can potentially guarantee a certain competitive advantage and therefore the risk is that the games are unbalanced and not very funny.

Those who use third-party adapters to implement this type of operation are therefore considered cheater (cheating users). It is not clear what measures are being taken in these cases, but clearly there may be problems with the account of those who carry out this operation, including the ban of the same.

PS4 Apex Legends controller

In any case, I remind you that PlayStation 4 supports mouse and keyboard, it is simply the title of Respawn Entertainment that does not offer this possibility. In fact, trying to connect the aforementioned accessories to the Sony console, it is not possible to use them on Apex Legends.

In short, stay away from all the accessories that promise to make you play this video game with mouse and keyboard on console and use only the official input method: the controller. I can assure you that it is a lot of fun to play Apex Legends with it too.

For the rest, if you really want to play with mouse and keyboardclearly you might think of play the Respawn Entertainment title on PC. Alternatively, if you’re looking to improve on consoles, you may be interested in my guides on the best settings for Apex Legends on PS4 and the best controllers for PlayStation 4.


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In fact, I remind you that they are available on the market several accessories, so you may find a controller more suited to your needs than the “basic” one. For the rest, for completeness of information, I remind you that there is also a version of Apex Legends for mobile devices: in that case, however, the touch controls are used, which are yet another matter.