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How to place an ad on

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How to place an ad on You have decided to sell items that you have at home and that you no longer use. Maybe you need to sell your car, appliance or furniture, and you are looking for a website where you can publish your ads. Among them, you have found which allows you to publish ads free of charge throughout the country for any type of product, including job performance. There is only one problem: not being skilled in technology, you have no idea how to place an ad on Is this the way it is? Don’t worry, because I’m here to help you.

With today’s guide, I will explain how to do this both via browser, on PC, and through the official app of this platform. I will then show you how to create an account for this service and how to post an ad. In addition, if I have indicated incorrect information in the ad, I will explain how to modify it or even delete it.

Are you curious and can’t wait to get started? Well: in this case, you must not waste any more time: sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to read the advice that you will find in the following paragraphs. Put them all into practice and you will see that will no longer have secrets for you. I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, good luck for your ads!

Create an account

For place an ad on you need to register for a free account. This procedure can be done from either web browser, from PC, which through the official app for smartphones and tablets: in the next few lines, I will explain how to act from both platforms.

From PC

To create an account on from PC, go to official website with your favorite browser and click the button Sign in, located in the top bar. In the screen that is shown to you, fill in the fields you see on the screen, to register the account: enter theemail address, one password of your imagination, the date of birth, the sex and the common of residence. Once this is done, put a check mark on the boxes at the bottom and press the button Confirmation.

By doing so, you will receive an email containing a link for activating your account. Then open your e-mail box and, after opening the message received from, press the button Confirmation, located in the body of communication. In this way, you will be directed to the website, in the personal area of ​​your account.

From smartphones and tablets

The procedure for creating the account from smartphone is Tablet it is the same as the one I indicated in the previous lines. First, download the application from the Play Store Android or fromApp Store iOS: on Android, press the button Install and finally on You open; up iOSinstead, press the button Get, unlock the download and installation via Face ID, Touch ID or the iCloud password and presses the button You open.

After starting the app, press on the icon , located at the top left, and presses on the wording Sign in, in the contextual menu that is shown to you. Then fill in the fields you see on the screen, following the same indications that I illustrated to you in the previous lines. Click on the button Submit and activate the account by pressing the button Confirmation, which you find in the email you received.

Then on the app, go back to the main screen and press on the icon , which you find at the top left, and tap on Log in, in the context menu. Then enter the login details of the newly created account to log in.

Put an ad

Now that you have created an account on, it is time to publish the first ad. After logging in from browser, press the button Insert advertisement to access the section relating to the compilation of details for the product or service. Up smartphone is Tabletinstead, press the icon + that you find in the main screen of the app.

From this point on, the procedure described in this chapter is the same both from the web browser and through the official app. The first thing you are asked is to indicate the category to which the subject of the ad belongs: therefore, use the drop-down menu under the wording Category to select one from the list.

Once this is done, fill in the remaining fields: type of ad (if you want to sell or are looking for a product), theimage of the article, the title and the text ad. Then indicate if you are a private or acompany and fill in your personal data to be contacted by typing yours first name and the telephone number. With regard to the latter, you can decide to hide it so as not to show it to other users, who will be able to contact you only via private message, via email.

After filling in the required data, press the button Go on to access the summary screen. On this screen, you can re-read the information you have indicated for the ad. If you find any errors, press on the wording Edit, to make corrections.

You will also be offered to pay an optional fee to highlight the ad in the showcase or to bring it to the first position. Costs are variable, starting from 1.65 euros for publication in the shop window for a single day, up to 28.90 euros to keep the ad featured and put it in first position every week, for a total period of two months.

If you don’t want to make any payments to promote the ad, simply press the button Go on down. In doing so, it will be put into the approval queue. Usually, after a few minutes (maximum a few hours) it is approved, receiving a confirmation email.

You can find the ad just published in the personal area by clicking on the username and selecting, in the contextual menu, the item My ads. On smartphones and tablets, however, press the icon , located at the top left, and select the item Reserved area.

Modify and delete an advertisement

If the ad you have published has been approved, as I anticipated in the previous chapter, this is summarized in the section My ads of the personal account area (from browser) or in theReserved area, accessible by pressing the icon of the app for smartphones and tablets.

In this section, you can see all the currently active ads. If you want to make a change, because you want to add or remove information, press on the wording Edit (icon with a pencil on smartphones and tablets), which you can find next to the product image. By doing so, you will enter the ad modification section, which is the same as the screen you saw in the previous chapter, relative to its first publication.

At this point, then type the new information in the necessary fields and confirm the operation using the appropriate button. I remind you that, if you make any changes, the ad will return for approval. This means that it will not be taken offline, but the change made will only be visible if approved.

If, on the other hand, you want to delete an ad, because you have already sold the product or you no longer have an interest in putting it on sale, in the section containing the summary of the ads published, click on the wording Delete (the icon of trash can on smartphones and tablets).

In the screen that is shown to you, select one of the reasons indicated on the screen and press the button Delete to confirm. The cancellation is not immediate and will take up to a few minutes, before it disappears completely from the wall.