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How to overlay two images with Paint

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How to overlay two images with Paint: There are programs that have been present for a very long time on our PCs, which we see passing every day under our noses but which, for one reason or another, we never take into consideration what they deserve.

One of the first examples that come to mind is the Paint included “standard” in all versions of Windows: everyone has it on their PC but very few know how to fully exploit its potential. I bet you have never used it too, perhaps except for a few occasions when you had to add some writing to a photo or delete the useless parts of an image.

Well, know that Paint can also be used for more complex operations. For example, have you ever wondered how to overlay two images with Paint, inserting logos, characters or drawings taken from other images found on the Net in your photos? I bet not, so let’s fix it now and see how it’s done. I used the Windows 10 Paint, but the procedure to follow is practically identical on all versions of Windows from Vista onwards. Enjoy your reading and have fun!

Overlay two photos with Paint

If you want to learn how to overlay two images with Paint, the first step you need to take is to start the program via its shortcut located in the Windows Start menu. You can find it easily by pressing the button Start (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), typing its name in the menu that appears and clicking on the first search result. Alternatively, you can go directly to the path All Programs> Accessories and select Paint from there.

In the window that opens, click on the button blue “File” located at the top left, select the item You open from the menu that appears and open the first photo on which you want to overlay the second. The first photo can be in any format and of any size, while the second must be in PNG or GIF and have one transparent background.

Once the first image is open, you need to insert the one to be superimposed into it. Then click on black arrow located under the button Paste (top left), select the item Paste from from the menu that opens and select the GIF / PNG image with transparent background to insert inside your photo.

Once inserted, the overlay image will have a white background that you can easily remove by clicking on the black arrow located under the button Select and selecting the item Transparent selection from the menu that appears.

How to overlay two images with Paint

At this point, all you have to do is position and resize the overlaid image as you wish with the mouse and save your “collage”. As soon as you are done with overlay two images with Paintyou can save the final result as a JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP image by clicking on the blue button at the top left and selecting the image output format from the menu Save with name. Easier than that?

Remove the background from a photo

One of the images you want to overlay with Paint doesn’t have a transparent background? Don’t panic. There are online services that allow you to remove the background from a photo (and therefore make it transparent) in an incredibly easy and fast way. You don’t need any photographic or graphic editing knowledge to use them.

Among the best online services that allow you to remove the background from photos I point out Edit Photos for Free which is completely free and requires no registration. To use it, connected to its home page, close the tutorial displayed in the center of the screen by clicking on the button Close and drag the image you want to remove the background from into the field drop image.

When upload is complete, select the icon yellow brush and “traces” the edges of the subject of the photo (therefore of the element to be kept). Then click on the icon green brush“Colors” the body of the subject (therefore always of the element to be kept) and, finally, uses the red paintbrush to “color” the background of the image (therefore the part to be erased).

How to overlay two images with Paint

When the operation is completed, click on the button play to view the final result and, if the latter satisfies you, press the button Download to download the transparent background image to your PC.

If you encounter any difficulties in using Edit Photos for Free, consult my tutorial on how to make the background of an image transparent in which I have explained to you in more detail the operation of the service and I have explained to you how to “cut out” the photos with more professional tools, like Photoshop and GIMP.

Other programs for overlaying photos

Microsoft Paint has many hidden qualities, we just discovered it together. However, a solution remains to be considered as extremely basic. If you want to overlay your photos in a more “serious” way and get more professional results, you have to rely on more advanced software, perhaps a bit more complex to use but capable of generating much higher quality results.

The advanced solutions I refer to are mainly two: Photoshop And GIMP. The first, I don’t think it needs any introduction, is the most famous photo editing software in the world that is available for both Windows and macOS. The second is a completely free and open source photo editing software that can be used on all the most popular operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux.

How to overlay two images with Paint

If you want to learn more and want to find out how to overlay your photos more professionally using these tools, do not waste any more time and consult my tutorials on how to overlay two images with Photoshop, how to blend two images with Photoshop and how to overlay photos with GIMP: there you can find all the information you need.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that there are some very valid tools to edit photos online which, although not as advanced as Photoshop or GIMP, offer more functions than Paint and are just as simple to use. Find out which ones are best for you by reading my guide on how to edit photos online.