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How to order photos

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How to order photos: You always take lots of photos with your smartphone and, whenever you want to publish one on your favorite social networks, you always take a lot of time to locate it. It is not the first time this has happened and, after having delayed for a long time, you have finally decided to put some order into it.

Now that you have free time, in fact, you would like advice on the tools to use and so you are wondering if I can give them to you. Yes, of course! You just happened on the right tutorial at the right time! In the following lines, in fact, you will find some advice on how to order photos from computers, smartphones and tablets using solutions that allow you to organize your images effectively, grouping them into albums. What solutions am I talking about? Read on to find out.

Take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the next few paragraphs. Sit comfortably in front of the computer and / or take the device you want to use for organizing photos and I assure you that you will be able to put your digital shots in order in the blink of an eye. At this point, I just have to wish you a good read and a good “job”.

Sort photos on computer

If you are looking for a solution for sort photos present on your computer, you will be pleased to know that there is the possibility to do it through some tools for Windows and macOS which I will tell you in detail in the next paragraphs.

Photos (Windows)

A default solution that can be used for organizing photos into albums is the tool Photo Windows. To use it, double-click on a photo on your computer, or right-click on the image and select the item Open with> Photos from the context menu.

Once the image is displayed with Photo, press the button add to that you can see in the upper left corner, then in the context menu that you see on the screen, first click on the item New Album, give a name to the album to be created (using the text field visible on the screen) and press the button Create album. Alternatively, select an album from the existing ones, next to the wording Or add it to an existing creation.

You can also organize photos by acting directly through the tool Photo of Windows. Launch it via Cortana’s search bar and then, on its home screen, first click on the button Create, located in the upper right corner, and then on the item Album, in its contextual menu. Now, put a check mark on the images in the tool Photo you want to add to an album and press the button Create in the upper right corner.

If the images you want to organize are not present in the tool Photo Windows, import them by clicking the button It matters located on the home screen. After that, tap on the item From a folder or From a USB device, depending on the path where the photos of your interest are located. For example, selecting the first option, put a check mark on the folders to be included and press on Add folders.

Photos (macOS)

If you want to sort the photos in albums on Mac, you can take advantage of the default image management tool called Photo. This free software can be used in combination with functionality ICloud photo library that uploads the multimedia gallery of the app online Photo of macOS and iOS (the storage space is free up to 5 GB, expandable for a fee starting from € 0.99 / month) and synchronizes it on all the devices on which the user’s Apple account is set.

To take advantage of the Photos application, start it from Launchpad macOS and, in the menu bar, press on the items File> new album to create a new album right now. Once created, add the images into it by reaching the section Photo in the left sidebar, by right clicking on the thumbnails of the images to be imported and selecting the items add to > (album name created) from the menu that appears.

In addition, if you right-click on the album name in the Photos sidebar, you can change the order in which the images are displayed. In the context menu, in fact, by choosing the item Order and then one of the words on the screen (Sort by title, Sort by oldest, Sort by most recent) you can organize the display of images according to various criteria.

If the images you want to order are not yet in the app Photo, you can easily import them into it. To do this, press on the items File> Import in the top menu and select the folder in which there are the images you want to import. Alternatively, “grab” the photos with the mouse and drag them into the Photos application window.

NameFix (Windows)

Namexif is a free software for Windows that is useful for organizing photos, as it renames them in sequence, taking into consideration the data EXIF (i.e. those metadata generated by digital cameras or smartphones that provide information such as the date or place where a photo was taken).

To download it to your computer, connect to his home page, click the button Download Now in the center of the screen, wait for the file to download.exe and start the latter by double-clicking, to start the installation. Then press in sequence on Yup, I Agree, Next, install is Close And that’s it.

At this point, you can see the main software window on the screen; press up Next, then on Add Files, to import images, or to Add Dir, to add an entire folder to it and click Next.

Now, indicate how you intend to rename the images: you can use the default system, which renames them taking into account the EXIF ​​data (YYYY-MM-DD-HHhMMmSS), or you can place a check mark on the item Custom and choose a customized system, in which the renaming parameters must be manually entered (for example a name you have chosen). Before continuing, by pressing on Next and then on Finish, also indicates whether to include information regarding the shooting time of a photo (Shift Time by).

Other tools to sort photos on computer

If you intend to order photos on a computer, you can also take advantage of other programs available for Windows and macOS that allow you to view, manage and organize images.

Among those that I recommend is the free Windows program IrfanView or free and cross-platform software XnView MP; I told you more about how these solutions work in my guide on programs to organize photos.

Then there are i file manager included “standard” in Windows and macOS that allow you to organize the images in the folders “on the fly”, in order to speed up their identification and grouping in other folders.

File Explorer (Windows)

Up Windows you can sort the photos in a folder through the use of File Explorer, the default tool that allows you to view and organize your computer files.

To get started, therefore open the album containing the photos you want to order by double-clicking, in order to view the images contained within it. Then, right-click at a point in the folder where there are no items and, in the drop-down menu that you see on the screen, click on the item Sort by or Organize by.

Finally, press on one of the items relating to the possibility of ordering photos within the folder: Name, Date, Type, Size or Tag is Ascending order or Descending. To set an order different from those indicated, press on the item Other and, in the section Choose details, put a check mark on one of the options you see, such as dimensions; then confirm the operation by pressing on OK.

If you want to organize the visualization of the images a folder, right click in an empty point of the same and, in its contextual menu, press on the item View. Finally, click on one of the items you see on the screen: very large icons, large icons, such as medium, small icons, list, box details or content.

Finder (macOS)

For order pictures up Mac, you can use the default file management tool, the Finder.

To proceed, open the folder containing the photos to organize and press the button with the symbol of squares, to open the relative context menu. Then choose one of the options on the screen (Name, Type, Application, Date of last opening, Date of addition, Date of modification, Date of creation, Dimensions, Tag), to sort the images according to the selected parameter.

App to sort photos

Photos taken from a smartphone or tablet are automatically organized in order of shooting in the application that plays the role of the default multimedia gallery (Photo on iOS and Tunnel or Photo on Android). By acting through these or through third-party apps it is however possible to organize the images into albums. In the following lines I will explain how to do it.

Multimedia gallery (Android)

Up Android, in most cases, the default application for managing multimedia elements, Tunnel or Photo, allows you to organize photos into albums.

To perform this operation, open the application that refers to the default multimedia gallery of your device, by tapping on its icon on the home screen. In my case, having a smartphone available Huawei Mate 10 Pro it’s about tapping on the calling app Tunnel.

After that, locate the section Album and press the button (+) New Album, indicate the title to be given to the album and press on OK. Then import the photos you want to upload from the other automatically created albums by tapping on it to select them, press the symbol (√) and then tap on the voice Copy or Move, depending on the operation you wish to perform.

Google Photos (Android / iOS)

If you intend to organize photos in albums through the app Google Photo, which offers online backup of photos and videos with free and unlimited storage (for images and videos uploaded, respectively, at 16MP and 1080p). To upload images and videos in higher resolution, however, the free storage space is 15 GB, expandable for a fee from € 1.99 / month.

That said, to sort the photos in the album into Google Photos (which is available for Android is iOS), start the app using its icon on the home screen. Now, if a photo is already present inside this multimedia library, make a long tap on it in the section Photo located in the menu below.

Select any other photos by pressing on their thumbnails and press the button (+) located in the upper right corner. Then, in the contextual menu, press on Album, to create an album at the moment to name it or if you want to select one of the albums previously created, which are shown on the screen. I told you more about Google Photos in this my guide.

Photos (iOS)

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, start the app Photo by tapping on its icon on the home screen. Then presses on the menu item Album located at the bottom and then press the button (+) located at the top left. Now give a name to the album to be created by typing it in the text field Title, and press on Save.

Then, select the images to be organized in the album, placing a check mark on them, and press on the item end top right. The album you created will be found in the section Album and the photos will also be visible directly in the section Photo.

Online services for ordering photos

The most frequent questions that I am asked about the ordering of photos have to do with the use of the most famous online tools, such as Facebook is Instagram. However, you can also organize your photos through the service Photo iCloud and the website Google Photos. In the following lines I will tell you in detail.


Unless otherwise set, photos uploaded to Facebook they are automatically sorted in the multimedia gallery of the social network, in the section Photo and on the album Uploads or in the one called Photos where you are.

From computer

If you mean sort photos on Facebook, you can intervene to organize albums of images not yet uploaded to Facebook. To do it from computer connected to official website of the social network to login with your credentials. Then press on your name, to view your profile, click on the tab Photo and press the button Create album, if you want to upload photos by creating an album on the spot in which to organize them.

Once the image is imported and given a title to the album, press the button Publish photos to share the album created with the privacy settings you have chosen (for example Friends).

If instead you want to move previously uploaded photos, locate the existing image in the section Your photos, click the icon with the pencil symbol located in the upper right corner and press on the item Move to another album. Then, in the following drop-down menu, indicate the album in which to move it and confirm the operation, using the button Move photos.

From smartphones and tablets

Using the application of Facebook for Android or iOS, you can first sort photos that have not yet been uploaded into albums. To do this, press on the item What are you thinking about? located in the main menu of the social network, set the privacy of the photo you want to upload and order in an album (for example Friends), tap on the voice Photo / Video and, after selecting the image to be imported, press the button Album that you see on the screen.

Alternatively, you can add photos to a new album by labeling it Create album. In this case, indicate later the title the album and set the privacy, then click on the button Save to create it.

Optionally, you can also add a photo to an album, directly through the section Photo: in this case, choose the existing album on which you want to import a photo and press on the wording Add Photos / Videos. Then select the thumbnail of the photos to be imported and press the button end.


If you intend to order the photos on Instagram you must first keep in mind that it is possible to do it only through the application of the photo social network for Android is iOS.

To do this, start the app by tapping on its icon on the home screen of the device you are using, in order to log in with your initials, then press the icon with the symbol of a little man located below, to view your profile. Choose now whether to view the feed images in the traditional way, or to activate the scrolling view by tapping on the button with the respectively symbol of a grid (usually the default view) or on the symbol of a square located alongside.

The only possibility that Instagram offers for organizing photos is archiving: to do so, tap on a photo to be archived, press the icon with the symbol (…) located at the top right and finally press on the menu item Archive. To access the archived images, press the icon with the clock symbol located at the top left, tap on the item Archive and then on Posts to view them. For more information on this Instagram feature.

Google Photos

If you intend to organize the photos in albums Google Photos, You can also act through his official website. To sort the photos inside the album Google Photos, log in to the service through your Google account and then follow the directions outlined in previous paragraph, dedicated to the app for smartphones and tablets, whose operation is similar to the Web panel.

However, if the images to be organized are not present within Google Photos, before performing the operations I have indicated, you must upload them online by clicking on the button Charge, which you can see on the home screen of the service.

ICloud photo

If you activated the on your iOS device iCloud photo library sync, I recommend you go to the iCloud, with your data Apple ID, so you can then click on the app Photo and view the images synchronized with your device.

By doing this, you can easily order the photos contained in its library into albums; to do this, affix the check mark on the image to be organized (if you want to select more than one at the same time, press the button (+) which you can see appear in the right corner by moving the mouse over one of these multimedia elements); then in the drop-down menu that you see on the screen by tapping the button (+), click on the item New Album to create an album at the moment or press on a wording that refers to a previously created album.

If the images to be organized are not located within the app Photo iCloud, press the button with the symbol of speech bubble located in the top bar, to import them from your computer.