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How to opacify photos

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How to opacify photos: Have you ever seen those Internet sites where there are faded images that, when hovering over them with the mouse, come back vivid and become completely visible? It’s a trick based onopacity of imagesthe same one that very often causes you trouble and makes you take photos with parts that are too shiny.

What do you say now if we try to make this opacity a little friendlier and find out together both how to fix your too shiny photos and how to have that strange effect on website photos? Come on, don’t be shy. It doesn’t take much. Roll up your sleeves and put the tips on how to opacify photos that I am about to give you!

If you wish dull photos when hovering the mouse on your website with that nice effect I told you about before, all you have to do is open the html editor of your site or blog and use this code for photos.

In the place of PHOTO ADDRESS there goes the URL of the image you want to display on your site with the effect of opacification on hover. You will be amazed by the final result.

If you want to find out how to opacify photos that you shot with your digital camera, the solution is a little more complex. In fact, there are no standard rules to correct the too shiny parts of the photos, you have to try and see what is the best solution for the shot to be fixed.

To adjust the opacity of the photos, you can use any photo editing program or even image viewers with basic editing functions that also allow you to “play” with the contrast and brightness of the shots. In general, you need to select the setting first to adjust the Brightness / Contrast and lower the contrast a little and then the one to adjust Hue / Saturation e increase saturation but, I repeat, the settings must be chosen from photo to photo, you have to go by trial and error.

If you use Photoshop, you can also ask the program to automatically choose the best contrast, brightness and color settings for the photo and see if the final result suits you. To try this technique, open your photo in Photoshop (menu File> Open), click on the menu Image and select the items Automatic contrast, Automatic tone And Automatic color. Sooner or later you will find the right solution!