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How to mute Huawei camera sound

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How to mute Huawei camera sound: Glad you bought a new one Huawei smartphone, above all for the quality of its camera: it is thanks to this that you take very beautiful shots, which you then publish on your social networks. It happens, however, that on some occasions you need to take pictures in places where it is preferable not to make too many noises and, unfortunately, with each shot, your phone generates the shutter sound, which ends up disturbing bystanders.

You are, therefore, looking for a solution to solve this problem and you are wondering if I can help you find it. Of course, what questions ?! In this guide of mine, I will illustrate you how to mute huawei camera sound, so you no longer hear the shutter noise with each shot, acting both from the Android settings and directly in those of the Camera app.

How do you say? Are you eager to proceed to “silence” your smartphone camera? Then let’s not waste any more time! Sit down comfortably and give me just a few minutes of your free time so that I can show you, step by step, the operations to perform to achieve your goal. I bet you’re ready, right? Then let’s get started right away! Happy reading and have fun!

Disable the sounds of the Camera app

The first solution that I recommend you to implement for take out the sound of the Huawei camera is to intervene directly on the settings of the Camera app. First of all, start the app in question, selecting its icon on the home screen, then swipe from right to left to view the panel Settings and scroll the screen that is shown to you.

At this point, identify the wording Turn off sound and you will find the toggle next to it set to OFF: To mute the sound, simply move this lever up ON. Now, just swipe from left to right across the screen again to return to the shooting mode of the camera. By pressing the shutter button you will no longer hear the shutter sound. It was simple, wasn’t it?

Disable the ringer

Another solution that you can put into practice is to act on the ringtone volume: setting the phone in mode Vibration or Silent, you can temporarily disable the camera sounds when taking a photo or starting to record a video. In the next few lines I will explain how to do this both through the Android settings and through some third-party apps.

Android settings

To set the phone to vibrate or silent mode and disable camera sounds, unlock the device screen via the PIN or theFingerprint, if your smartphone has this feature, and press the side button Volume – (Volume minus). Keep pressing this key until the ringer level is reset and you will be shown the icon with the symbol of a phone that vibrates.

If you don’t want to leave your phone vibrating, you can completely disable any sound in the ringtone level screen by moving the lever from OFF to ON in correspondence with the item Silence. In both cases, doing so will have disabled the sounds generated by the camera shutter.

Another method you can take advantage of is to act on the volume levels directly from the Android Settings panel. To do this, tap on the app Settings, which is represented by the symbol of a gear and is located on the home screen.

If you do not find it, swipe from top to bottom at the top edge of the smartphone display: by doing this you will be shown the Android notification center and quick start icons to different system features. Then tap on the icon with the symbol of a gear that you find in the upper right corner to access the Settings of Android.

After logging in to Settings, scroll the screen and locate the entry Audio. Then tap on it and, in this section, locate the item Ringtone, then moving the indicator below it all the way to the left, in order to lower the volume level to zero. Alternatively, move the toggle from OFF to ON in correspondence with the item Silent mode, in order to turn off the sounds with a simple gesture.

In addition to the methods indicated above, in the Android notification center you can interact on the ringtone volume to enable vibrate or silent mode. To do this, swipe from top to bottom, near the top edge of the smartphone display.

Among the quick launch buttons that are shown to you, tap on the one named Audio, to change it to Vibration and, in the case of another tap, in Silent. By setting these two modes, you will have ensured that the system volume has been disabled so that no sound is played from the camera.

App to disable the ringer

If you want to set a quick shortcut on the home screen, you can use a widget for automatic adjustment of the smartphone ringtone volume. In this regard, I recommend that you download the application Sound Mode Toggle Widget, available for free in Play Store of Android.

If you are interested in downloading it, reach the link I provided and press the button Install. Now, go back to the home screen and hold your finger on an empty spot on the screen, in order to enter personalization mode. Then press the button Widget at the bottom and swipe the different widgets, until you find the one named Sound Mode Toggle.

After finding it, tap on it and press on the wording Grant permission, in the screen that is shown to you. Then move the lever from OFF to ON near the wording Allow writing system settings. Then press the icon with the symbol found at the bottom left, to return to the widget settings.

At this point, press the button Add widget to home screen to add an icon on the home screen. Now, to change the smartphone ringtone mode, just tap on the newly created icon to switch from audio to silent mode. By doing so, the camera sounds will be disabled.