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How to modify Xbox 360

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How to modify Xbox 360: Following the publication of my guide on how to modify the Wii in which I explained to you how to modify a Wii by acting only at the software level, I received many messages asking me if it was possible to do the same thing on a Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the answer is no. In the sense that, yes, there is a modification for the Xbox 360 but it can only be achieved through a fairly complex work on the hardware of the console.

As easily understood, it is not a solution within everyone’s reach. In any case, if you like, I can illustrate you broadly how to modify xbox 360 and give you a better idea of ​​the type of work to be done to read backup copies of games with this console. Attention, this is material for informational purposes only and I do not take any responsibility for the type of use you could make of it, as well as I do not intend in any way to support piracy.

The directions on how to modify xbox 360 The following are for Xbox 360 models with DVD player Philips LiteOn released from 2009 onwards. Opening the console removes the seal that makes the warranty valid on the Xbox 360, so by making the change you will lose all rights related to the product warranty.

Without these necessary premises, you can also get to work. The first step you need to take to modify your Xbox 360 is disassemble the console, open the DVD drive inside and remove the card from the reader. To do this, just follow one of the many guides found on the Web, a good screwdriver and a lot of patience.

Once the DVD player card has been removed, you have to make small cuts on its surface and solder with flux in these last three wires connected to one switch with toggle. After that, connect the card to the PC via a SATA cable and keep the console on to power the card itself.

For a clearer explanation of these steps (which are very delicate!), I suggest you consult one of the many videos dedicated to modifying the Xbox 360 that are on YouTube.

Once the Xbox DVD player card is connected to the PC, set to OFF the lever of the switch to which the cables you soldered previously are connected and start the free program JungleFlasher (to run it you have to disable driver signature setting restarting the PC and pressing F8 in the initial boot phase) to read the player’s firmware.

At this point, go to the tab MTK Flash 32 and select the SATA port the card is connected to from the section I / O Port. By clicking on the button Refreshyou should be able to see the reader tag PLDS, name and firmware of the Xbox 360 player.

Once this step is also done, turn off the console and move the switch lever to ON. Then click on Intro / Device ID And Yes in sequence, turn on the console again, move the switch to OFF and click the button READ to save the complete firmware dump as a file Lite-OFW.bin.

When the operation is completed, click on Open Target Firmwareselect the firmware iXtreme LT + suitable for your console player and flash the drive by clicking on first Spoof Source to Target and then on WRITE (in the tab MTK Flash 32). Finally, reassemble your console by unsoldering the cables that you had previously soldered and filling the cuts made with tin balls and the job is completed. You just found out how to modify xbox 360!

I remind you that this information is published for informational purposes only and that I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your Xbox 360 by attempting to modify it. Downloading free games from the Internet is illegal and an error in the modification process could irreversibly compromise the functioning of the console.