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How to mix with Virtual DJ

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How to mix with Virtual DJ: As a good music lover you are, you dream of becoming a world famous deejay. And so you decided to install Virtual DJ on your PC and get some practice with this popular free software for mixing music on your computer.

You made the best choice. Also because, thanks to the advice I gave you, you now know how to use Virtual DJ and you have learned all the commands quite well. But now you would like some more detailed advice on how to mix with Virtual DJ and deejay at a party at a friend’s house. Well, just ask! Here are some “tips” that will help you avoid bad impressions and create crazy mixes.

If you want to learn well how to mix with Virtual DJthe first step you need to take is to start the program via its shortcut on the desktop or in the menu Start Windows and import the two songs to be mixed in the two Virtual DJ “cymbals”.

To do this, select the folders where the songs are located from the box at the bottom left and move the audio files to be used as the basis of your mix on the two vinyls located at the top of the program window. Obviously, choose some good upbeat disco pieces!

Now you need to make sure that the two songs have the same number of beats per minute, otherwise they won’t match during the mix. The beats per minute are those numbers indicated above, immediately after the names of the songs (ex. 127.99 BPM). If the two songs do not have the same number of BPM, you have to change the value of one of the two songs and bring it to the same value as the other using the vertical scroll bar located to the side of the two vinyls (under the heading Keylock).

Once you have set the BPM in common with the two songs, move the horizontal lever which is located in the center of the screen to the left (in order to hear only the first song) and starts playing the first song. At this point, paying close attention to the times of the colorful graphics which are located at the top, also starts the playback of the second song and, if you have managed to match the trend of the blue graph with the red one (look at the squares below to better adjust), move the central lever in the middle to listen to the two songs at the same time.

At this point, let your imagination run wild and have fun mix with Virtual DJ using all the other commands and other audio effects available in the program. If you want to record your mix as an audio file, click the button first RECORD and then on CONFIG to set the properties of the file to be registered e START RECORDING to start recording the mix. Now you can let everyone go wild with your music!