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How to mix a song

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How to mix a song: You’re a music lover, an aspiring DJ, and you’ve never heard of LMMS? You have to fix it now! LMMS (acronym for Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a formidable free program for Windows and Linux that allows you to create and mix music by making available to the user all the tools that are usually the exclusive prerogative of expensive commercial solutions.

The software is not very easy to use for the less experienced in the field of audio editing but, being completely in Italian, just a little practice is enough to become familiar with its functions. How about if I talk about it a little more in depth by giving you some basic tips on like mixing a song with LMMS?

If you want to find out like mixing a song with LMMSthe first step you need to take is to connect to the website of the program and download the latter on your PC by clicking on download here and then on Download lmms-0.4.13-win32.exe (22.7 MB). When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (lmms-0.4.13-win32.exe) and, in the window that opens, first click on Yup and then on Forward, I accept it’s still Forward.

Then remove the check mark from the item Install Babylon – RECCOMENDED to avoid the installation of the Babylon promotional software and first click on Forward and then on Install And end to complete the installation process of LMMS.

To begin with mix a song with LMMS you have to acclimate to its user interface, which at first glance could leave users who are new to mixing and music creation programs a bit confused.

Then start the program using the appropriate icon in the Windows Start menu and first click on Yes and then on OK to access its home screen, which looks like this: at the top is the toolbar with all the commands to open / save files, etc .; on the left there is one sidebar which allows easy access to instrumental plugins, sounds and projects; in the center of the screen there are the Song Editor where you will go to place all the songs and the melodic bases of your composition, the Beat + Bassline Editor where the beats and bass lines are inserted and FX mixer with which to adjust volume and effects.

To add a song to LMMS, select the icon of instrumental plugins from the left sidebar (the one with the magnifying glass) and drag the button AudioFileProcessor (the green musical note) in Song Editorthen double click on the button Default settings appeared in the editor and choose the mp3 song to import into the program by clicking on the green folder in the box at the bottom right.

Following a similar procedure, you can select sounds, instruments and bass lines from the left sidebar and drag them into the Song Editor or the Beat + Baseline Editor. Then you have to double click on the point of the editor in which to make the various tracks “play” (there are blocks along the whole timeline) and use the virtual piano to set the notes to be played.

As mentioned, it is not very easy at first glance but don’t worry because on the LMMS official website there is one complete guide in Italian on how the software works: read it and, with a little practice, you will surely learn to master Linux MultiMedia Studio great!

When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the songs mixed with LMMS simply by selecting the voice Export from the menu Project of the program and choosing the file format in which to save the song between WAV (uncompressed) and OGG (compressed). Have fun!