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How to merge two audios

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How to merge two audios: You finally received the audio recording of that lesson that you were unable to follow in real time but, after extracting the archive, you realized that the audio files that compose it are two. Since you would like to avoid that, accidentally, these can be separated, leaving you with a lesson in the middle, you would like to “anticipate” and create a single file containing both parts of the speech, which you can archive in the most appropriate folder and be able to listen again when you need it.

Wait, are you telling me that you are here, on my website, for exactly this reason? Very well, you couldn’t have come to a better place! In fact, in the course of this tutorial I will explain to you how to merge two audios through a series of tools suitable for everyone, even those who, a bit like you, are not too familiar with the world of technology and / or audio manipulation programs!

So what would you like to start right away? Yup? Perfect! Then take some free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I am sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will be perfectly able to achieve the goal you want. you were set. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good work!

How to merge two audios into one

In spite of what one might think, merge two audios into one it’s really a no-brainer! Below I will explain how to do it on computers, smartphones and tablets, using some easy-to-use and, above all, completely free solutions.

How to merge two audio tracks on PC

If you are trying to understand how to join two MP3 audio files (or in another format) through the computer, know that you can use a lot of programs to achieve this purpose. One of them is fre: aca free and open source audio converter available for Windows, macOS And Linux which, among its features, also provides for the union of two or more audio files, within a couple of clicks.

To download it, connect to his official website and, if yours is a computer with Windows 10, click on the button Get it from Microsoft located just below the Windows logo, to reach the Microsoft Store page that hosts the software. To install the program, therefore, you just have to click on the buttons in sequence Get, Open Microsoft Store And Get.

If, on the other hand, you are using an older version of Windows or you prefer to turn to a classic installation package for the program, click on the link freac-xy-windows64.exeif you use a 64-bit operating system, or freac-xy-windows.exe, if you’re still using a 32-bit one. After obtaining the installation file, start it and click in sequence on the buttons Yup, Forward, Yupstill Forward for four consecutive times e endin order to complete the installation of the program.

If you use a Macclick on the link freac-xy-macosx.dmg located just below the macOS logo (located in the official page program), wait for the package .dmg be downloaded to your computer and, when the download is complete, open it.

Now, drag the program icon to the folder Applications on your Mac, open it, right-click on the icon you just copied and press on You open twice in a row, in order to bypass Apple’s restrictions on non-certified developers.

After starting the program, remove the check mark from the box next to the item Show tips on startupclick on the button OK and drag and drop the files to be merged into the program window, arranging them as you prefer.

The game is practically done: put the check mark next to the item Encoding in a single fileresident at the bottom right, click on the drop-down menu Selected encodingto choose the format where to export the file (eg. LAME MP3 Encoderto get an MP3 file) and click on the button depicting a triangle (similar to the classic “Play”), placed at the top, to start the conversion process. Finally, indicate the folder in which to save the resulting file and click on the button Save to combine the two songs within the same.

In addition to fre: ac, there are numerous other programs capable of joining two songs into a single file (such as Audacity, for example): I have talked about it in a rather detailed way in my in-depth study dedicated to programs for joining songs.

How to merge two audio files on Android

How to merge two audio files on Android

If you prefer to act from your smartphone or tablet Androidyou can consider the app instead MP3 Audio Merger and Joineravailable for free on the Play Store and on alternative stores for the green robot system. Exactly as the name itself implies, this app allows you to join (but also divide) two or more music files in a very simple way.

To install MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner, follow the link I gave you (or search for the name of the app in your reference store), tap the button Install and wait for the application to be downloaded and installed on your device.

When finished, open the app, tap the button Select which is located in the center of the screen and authorizes access to the device memory by tapping the button Allow. Now, tap on the tab Audio Listto see the list of audio files detected in the device memory.

If you do not find the file of your interest, go to the tab Find Otherstouch the symbol of school bag which resides in the center of the screen and indicates “manually” the directory in which the tracks to be merged are located.

Then, make a long tap on the first of the songs to add to the “mix”, to activate the selection mode, then choose the second. When you’re done, tap the check located at the top right, rearrange the songs in the order you prefer and, when finished, touch the button Merge located at the bottom.

Finally, it indicates the format in which to export the file (to be chosen between MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV and FLAC), put the check mark next to the item Jointap the button Continue and indicates the first name and the destination folder of the final file. To finish saving, press the button Done.

How to merge two audios on iPhone

How to merge two audios on iPhone

On iPhoneinstead, you can refer to Hokusai Audio Editora free app (of which a paid version is also available) capable of performing different types of audio manipulation, including the merging of two or more files, thanks to an extremely intuitive interface.

To download the app, follow this linkin order to open the App Store, tap the button Get / Install and, if requested, verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password configured on the device.

After downloading it, open the app, tap the button Continue and tap the button +, located at the top right, to start the creation of a new project. Now, tap the button Importtap the button Music Libraryif the songs are in the device memory, or the button Services, if they reside on the cloud; if necessary, authorizes the application to access the memory by touching the button OK.

Once this is done, select the first song to add, tap the button (+) placed in its correspondence and, when loading is complete, move the time indicator to the end of the song graph. With that done, tap the button again Import and repeat the steps seen previously, to import the second song.

When you’re done, tap the button Play to listen to the preview of the “mix” and, if satisfied, touch the icon depicting a sheet with wrench, to switch to exporting the song; finally, touch the item Share Audio from the panel that appears on the screen and choose whether to save the file, in M4A format, in the folder Hokusai Documentswithin the app File or on Dropboxmaking use of the proposed options.

How to merge two audio files online

How to merge two audio files online

If you can’t (or don’t want to) install programs on your computer, you can join two audio files online using Audio-Joinera service that can be used completely free of charge and without installing any additional component, directly from a browser window.

To use them, go to this website and drag and drop the files containing the songs to be merged; alternatively, you can select files by hand by pressing the button Add tracks. When loading is complete, rearrange the imported audio files in the order you prefer, by dragging them up or down with the mouse and, when finished, specify the format export using the appropriate drop-down menu located at the bottom (you can choose between MP3, M4A, WAV And FLAC) and press the button Funds to process the song and immediately download it to the device memory (this may take several minutes). It wasn’t difficult at all, was it?

How to merge two WhatsApp audios

How to merge two WhatsApp audios

You need to merge two WhatsApp audios to be able to create a single file that you can use and / or share when you need it most? Don’t worry, you can do this too, albeit not directly.

Before you can proceed with the merging of the contents, you must in fact extrapolate the voice notes of your interest from the WhatsApp conversations, in the form of audio files. If you do not know how to proceed, I refer you to reading my guide on how to save WhatsApp audio, in which I explained how to complete the aforementioned operation on Android, iPhone and computer.

Once you have saved the voice notes of your interest in the form of an OPUS file and converted them into a more common format (e.g. MP3), you can merge them into a single file using your smartphone, tablet or PC, using one of the methods I have shown you in previous chapters of this guide.