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How to manage a page on Facebook

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How to manage a page on Facebook: As I have suggested to you several times in the past, creating a Facebook page is a great way to advertise your blog, website or any other type of online business. After creating a page, however, you shouldn’t abandon it to itself by forgetting to follow it.

Here is the reason why today I want to focus on this aspect and explain to you how to manage a page on Facebook. In this way, you will discover all the essential commands to manage the roles of the same (in case you have decided to resort to the help of other people to cure it) and add new buttons to the same. Whether you want to act from desktop or mobile, it doesn’t matter: I will explain how to proceed in both cases.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you, so as to be able to manage your Facebook page without the slightest difficulty . Enjoy the reading!

How to manage a Facebook page from a PC

If you find it more convenient to manage your Facebook page from your computer (as it goes without saying), this is the part of the article that interests you most. In the next few lines, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain you in detail how to manage a Facebook page from a PC.

Manage page roles

If you want manage a Facebook page in two or more people, it is of fundamental importance to define the roles of the various people who may have some control over the page itself. Here’s why you should learn a manage page roles (which you can only do for pages you are an administrator of).

First, therefore, log into Facebook on his main page, click on the item Pages located in the sidebar on the left and then click on page name of your interest (under the heading Pages you manage). Now, click on the link Page Settings located at the bottom left and, on the page that opens, select the item Page roles from the menu on the left.

Now, to add new people to the management of the Facebook page in question, type theirs first name or theirs email address in the text field located under the heading Assign a new role on the Page and then select one of the available roles (Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst or Administrator), taking care to read the information that appears below, so as to select the most suitable role for the person in question.

Next, click on the blue button add on the right and, if necessary, enter the password of your Facebook account, so as to save the changes made to the page settings. The person you have chosen to assign a role to for your page will receive an invitation, which they must accept in order to start operating on the page, based on the role you have chosen to assign them.

To change a role that you had already set previously, instead, scroll the page you went to just now, locate the section Existing Page roles and click the button Edit placed in correspondence of the name of the person whose role you want to change. Subsequently, use the appropriate drop-down menu to select the new role you want to assign to the user and click the button Save, located at the bottom right, to save the changes made.

If, on the other hand, you want to remove the person from managing the page, click on the link Remove located at the bottom left and then click the button Confirmation present in the opened box (if necessary, provide the password of your account to proceed). Easy, right?

Add new buttons

Add a button on Facebook

In case you want add new buttons to the Facebook page you manage, however, know that you can do it quite simply and immediately. I’ll explain everything below.

First, log into Facebook on his main page, click on the wording Pages located on the left and click on page name of your interest. Once on the page you want to act on, click on the blue button (+) Add a button located on the right and, in the box Edit the Page button appeared in the center of the screen, select the button to activate (eg. Buy gift certificate, Book now, Call now, etc.).

According to the type of button chosen, then, provide the information necessary to make it work (eg. Website, Telephone number, Email address, etc.) and save the changes made by clicking on the appropriate button.

Then, I advise you to verify the correct functioning of the button: click on it and select the item Try the button. If, on the other hand, you want to modify the added button or delete it, after clicking on it, select the item Edit the button or Delete the button, based on the operation you want to complete.

How to manage a Facebook page from smartphones and tablets

If you wish to know how to manage a Facebook page from smartphones and tablets, using the app of the famous social network, continue reading. Find all folded below.

Manage page roles

Change page role

For manage page roles acting as a smartphone and tablet, the first thing you need to do is log in to Facebook from its app for Android or iOS / iPadOS, go to the settings of the page of your interest and assign the roles to the people you want to involve in its management.

Once logged in, then, tap the button (≡), tap on page name of your interest. Then press the button (…) Other located at the top right (if you do not see it, scroll the buttons until you find the one you are interested in), select the item Edit the Page in the screen that opened (located in the section Page controls) and then tap on the items Settings> Page Roles.

In the screen that opens, then tap the button Add a person to the Page located at the top, write the password of your Facebook account in the text field that appears on the screen (if you are asked to do so) e type the name of a Facebook user you want to allow to manage the page, in the appropriate text field.

After choosing the user you are interested in, select the role to assign (Administrator, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst) and press the button add, to confirm the operation. To find out detailed information on the various roles available, click on the button (the) located in correspondence with the wording Roles of the Page, so that you have all the details you need to proceed in the best possible way.

To change the role of a person you had already added to the page management, instead, after having gone to the screen in question, tap on the symbol of the pencil placed next to her name, select the new role you want to assign and save the changes made, by pressing the appropriate button.

If you want to remove a person from the page management, instead, click on the button Remove and, after possibly providing the password of your account in the appropriate text field, confirm the operation by pressing the button Remove. Simple, right?

Add new buttons

Add button to a Facebook page

Even from mobile it’s possible add new buttons on your Facebook page. To proceed in this case, launch the Facebook app on your device Android or iOS / iPadOS, log in to your account (if necessary), press the button (≡) and tap on page name of your interest.

At this point, press the button Add a button located under the name of the page and, in the opened screen, tap on the button you want to insert (eg. Book now, Buy now, Contact us, etc.). If necessary, then, provide the information required to make it work correctly (eg. telephone number, link to your site, etc.) and, finally, save the changes made, by clicking on the appropriate wording at the top right.

To test the button or to remove it, tap the symbol instead (…) located next to it and then select the item Try the button or voice Delete the button from the menu that opens, based on what you want to do.

Tips on how to manage a successful Facebook page

Facebook logo

I conclude this discussion by giving you some advice on how to manage a successful Facebook page. Below, therefore, I will not provide you with technical advice (I have already done so in the previous lines), but practical suggestions – I hope useful – on how to best organize the activities to be carried out with your Facebook page.

  • Regularly publish quality posts – keeping your Facebook page “alive”, by regularly posting fresh, current and impactful content, is very important to increase the chances of success of the page itself. In addition to regularity, also pay attention to the quality of the same and the relevance they have with the target you want to address.
  • Don’t “spam” – being regular in posting new content on the Facebook page does not mean having to become a “spammer”. There are already too many of them out there, so avoid publishing an infinite number of posts every day: better a few interesting content than a lot of useless content.
  • Be available – as the page becomes more popular, the comments, messages and interactions that users have with your page are likely to grow. Try to be available by answering as many people as possible. By doing so, you will be able to retain the users who follow the page or entice them to put “Like”, if they have not already done so.
  • Keep up to date and / or contact professionals in the sector – as you may already know, the Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving and that is why keeping up to date on the best techniques to use in the social field is essential to avoid adopting losing strategies. How can you keep up to date? Basically in two ways: by participating in training courses on the professional use of Facebook and by availing yourself of the help of professionals in the sector, like a good social media manager.

For more information on how to have a successful Facebook page and how to spread a Facebook page, take a look at the insights I linked to you: you will certainly find them useful.