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How to manage a page on Facebook

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How to manage a page on Facebook: Some time ago I explained to you how to advertise a site by opening a Facebook page, so you followed my advice but after a good debut you were no longer able to increase the number of your “fans” on the social network. How come? There can be many reasons, but to right the situation you must definitely do one thing: learn how to manage a page on Facebook.

Managing a page on Facebook may seem like an easy thing but, in reality, if you want to get a high number of fans, it takes a long time to work on it. That’s why today I want to give you a hand and quickly show you how to take advantage of the tools made available by the social network to increase the audience of your page. Of course I can’t guarantee you sudden spikes in visits, but understanding how these solutions work is essential for a successful journey.

If you want to learn how to manage a page on Facebook, my first advice is to rely on the tools present in the Administration panel of your page. The admin panel is what appears when you click on the button Show which is located at the top right, in which you can find a complete overview of all notifications, messages and people who have put I like it to the page. Also, by clicking on the item Show all placed next to the wording Insights, you can view a series of very interesting statistics on the progress of the page: the total number of fans and friends of the fans, the number of people sharing the content published on the page and the ranking of the most popular posts.

The contents of the section Insights they become available upon reaching the minimum number of 30 likes. If you have already reached this milestone, you can use Facebook statistics to understand which are the most interesting topics for the users of your page and to intercept their tastes more and more precisely. If you then click on the button Expand your audience, you can also increase the audience of your page by sending email invitations or placing advertisements on the social network. It is up to you to choose the type of promotion that best suits your purposes.

Another way to administer a page on Facebook profitably it is to divide the management tasks with several people. In addition to the founder / administrator of a page (ie you), there are also other figures who can take care of the progress of the page by carrying out various tasks. Just “name” them through the menu Edit Page> Administrative Roles entrusting them with a specific task.

You can appoint Facebook page administrator by entrusting it with the role of Insights analyst who in fact carries out all his duties as an administrator with an eye to statistics, Advertiser whose main mission is to manage the page and take care of advertisements (but does not have access to statistics), Moderator who can perform all administrative tasks except those relating to advertisements / statistics, Content creator which can manage the contents of the page by adding new ones, or simple Manager to whom to entrust the sole task of managing the contents of the page without being able to add new ones.

Finally, I remind you that through the button Edit page (located at the top of your page) you can always update the information on the page, such as its description and its category, e manage permissions relating to the age of people who can access the page, the ability to add content to it, tag photos, and so on.

The Activity log, which allows you to view a history of all operations performed on the page day by day, and the panel for see blocked users through which you can browse the names of the people you have banned on Facebook having the ability to unblock them with a click.

Try to make the most of all these tools and you will see that the future of your Facebook page will be full of satisfaction and success. But remember, what matters more than anything else is always the content: post interesting things and sooner or later, the public will notice you.