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How to make video call

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How to make video call: You have friends all over the world and it’s not easy to physically keep in touch with everyone. Precisely for this reason, given the widespread diffusion of instant messaging applications, you have decided to download one of the most popular tools on the Web that allow you to stay in touch with friends and relatives via video call.

It is certainly a great idea, I have to admit it but if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it probably means that you have doubts about the possibility of making video calls for free. Well, if that’s the case, let me tell you, it’s lucky you happened upon this tutorial of mine.

I am very familiar with current messaging applications and popular social networks and I want to help you to the best of my ability. In the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain step by step how to make a video call , using the most popular social interaction tools and the main messaging and VoiP apps. All you need, in order to understand the information contained in this tutorial, is a few minutes of free time; download, install and try to use the applications I will talk about in detail with me. You will see that if you follow my instructions to the letter you will be able to make video calls in the blink of an eye. That said, I wish you a good read!


How to make a video call on WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp it is possible to make video calls with the contacts in the application totally free. To make a video call on WhatsApp, what you need first of all is your smartphone with the latest version of the application installed, so as to avoid the presence of bugs in the application that can cause problems in the regular use of WhatsApp.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, then I recommend that you download it by going to the PlayStore (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). A version for Windows and macOS computers is also available , but does not currently allow video calls.

Now start the application via its icon ( a cartoon with a handset inside it ) and, from the home screen, tap the Chat tab . Now locate the name of the contact with whom you want to make the video call and tap on it to enter the conversation screen.

To make the video call with the contact you have selected, tap the button with the camera symbol . If you see a message asking for your consent to access your device’s camera and microphone, you agree to this request. The recipient of the video call will receive an alert of the incoming call, which can decide whether to accept or decline.

During a video call, if you want to change the camera you are using (by default it is the front one of the device), tap on the camera symbol with the two arrows . You can also send text messages or attachments during the video call; you can do this by tapping the cartoon button in the center of the screen.

The video call between the two interlocutors will be free. The only costs that can be charged are those on the data traffic consumed during the video call, which depend exclusively on the tariff plans of the two interlocutors. In fact, a video call under a data network (3G or 4G) will lead to considerable data consumption if it continues for a long period. Then check the data plan in use, both if you are making the video call and if you receive it.

If you want to reduce data consumption during calls made via WhatsApp, from the main screen of the app, tap on the symbol (…)> Settings> Data usage and put a check mark next to the item Reduced data consumption .

In this regard, you must also know that voice calls and video calls have also been implemented on WhatsApp for PC and are usable through the WhatsApp client for desktop  or its application for  Windows  and  macOS . Therefore, after scanning the QR code , there is nothing left to do, other than start a chat with a contact and press on the handset  or  video camera icon , in order to make a call or a video call, respectively. , via the Internet.

How to make a video call on Messenger

Messenger is an application that allows you to contact Facebook users without using the main app. Messenger in fact manages text conversations, as well as calls and video calls between Facebook users and you can therefore use it for the purpose you have set for yourself. In order to start making a video call on Messenger, if from a smartphone, you need to have the updated app, so as to be sure not to miss any new features introduced.

If you don’t have Messenger, then I suggest you proceed with its download, reaching the PlayStore (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). In addition to the mobile version, if you have a microphone and a webcam on your computer, you can make video calls via the web-app, available at .

Launch the Messenger app, or go to the official website, and select the contact you want to make a video call with. If you don’t find it, you can use the Search engine located at the top. By tapping on the name of a contact, you can open the private conversation with him.

To make the video call with the Facebook user you have chosen, tap the button with the camera symbol located at the top right. If a notification asks you for consent to access the microphone and camera of your mobile device (or computer), you consent to that request. As soon as the video call has started, the recipient of the call will receive an alert of an incoming call, who, if online, will accept or reject the request.

In mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) video calls are made via the front camera. If you want to activate the rear one, you will have to tap on the camera symbol with the two arrows . If you wish, you can interact with the video call by tapping on the icons on the screen to add effects or emoticons.

If you and the Facebook user are already in an active text conversation, tapping the button with the camera symbol will start a preview from their camera: the recipient can tap on the item Tap to activate the audio to receive also your audio or the button with the green camera symbol , to activate its camera as well.

Also in this case, if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and are therefore connected to a data network, I warn you that the video call could generate a considerable consumption of data, which could lead to additional costs compared to your tariff plan.

How to make a video call on Telegram


Telegram , the famous messaging application alternative to WhatsApp, introduced a function related to video calls in the summer of 2020. At the time of writing, the feature is limited to conversations between two people and only apps for Android or iPhone / iPad , but things may change in the future.

That said, to start a video call on Telegram, all you have to do is select the contact you are interested in, press on his name (at the top) and press on the video camera icon . Calls are protected with end-to-end encryption and there is the possibility to mute the microphone and turn the shot at any time.

How to make a video call on Hangouts

Hangouts is a service made available by Google that is used to connect users, through text conversations, calls and video calls. Making a video call via Hangouts is really simple: you can use the service via the website (you will need a microphone and a webcam) or via the mobile app, available both on the PlayStore (Android) or the App Store and (iPhone).

First launch the Hangouts application on your mobile device or go to the official website of the service and select the user you want to make a video call with. Tap on the name of a contact with whom you have previously started a chat, in order to open the conversation with him.

To then make the video call, tap the button with the video camera symbol located in the top bar. A notification may appear, which you will need to give consent to access your device’s microphone and camera. When the video call has started, the recipient will receive an incoming call alert.

If you do not find the user’s name, on mobile devices tap on the green icon at the bottom with the symbol (+) and tap on the New video call item . Enter the name, email address or telephone number of the person to video call in the text box at the top. Instead, through the Web service, you can video call a user whose name is not located in the list of your latest conversations; to do this, click on the New conversion button or on the video camera symbol in the center of the screen. Then enter the name, email address or phone number of the person to video call.

If the recipient user has the Hangouts app installed and configured with the contact information you entered, then they will receive an incoming video call notification on their device. If the user does not have the app installed, then your video call will fail. However, if you entered a contact who uses Gmail, the latter will receive a notification about your use of Hangouts, which they can accept or decline.

In video calls made through the Hangouts app, you can only see the other person’s camera or a preview of yours. You will therefore not be able to send textual elements or attachments. To do this you will have to press on the arrow pointing to the left (in the top bar) to temporarily exit the view of your camera and then be able to interact in the text conversation. In case you want to activate the rear camera instead, tap on the camera symbol with the two arrows .

Through the Web service, on the other hand, in the video call window, at the bottom left, you will find a cartoon symbol that will allow you to also send text messages.

Other services for making a video call

FaceTime Web

If you have already used these services to make video calls, then I recommend that you also try those that I will list below. These are other popular apps that perform various instant messaging functions, even allowing you to make video calls via your device.

  • Skype : is one of the most famous VOIP services. Today it has millions of users who use it both for internet calls and to national numbers. Skype is available both on computers (Windows, macOS and Linux) and on mobile devices with Android and iOS . The app allows you to make calls and video calls, using the home internet network or the data network of your device.
  • FaceTime : is the app available on Apple devices that allows you to make calls and video calls between the devices of the “bitten apple” and, with the introduction of iOS 15, which allows you to invite others to participate via an invitation link, which it can also be opened from Android and Windows devices, using the Chrome and Edge browsers. If you want to know more, I refer you to this guide of mine how FaceTime works.
  • Discord : is a recently developed app widely used by online video game enthusiasts. It allows you to send text messages, make calls and video calls with users registered to the service. It also offers the possibility of creating personal rooms, in which you can have textual discussions and group calls with invited users. It is available for Android , iOS and Windows , or is accessible via the web interface .