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How to make the most of Facebook

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How to make the most of Facebook: You have decided to promote your blog on Facebook and would you like some “tips” on how to move in the creation and promotion of your page? Have you recently signed up to Facebook and would like some advice on how to make the most of the potential of this social network without unduly affecting your privacy?

You have come to the right place at the right time. With today’s guide, I want to offer you a series of tips on how to make the most of Facebook to promote your own content, stay in touch with others and have fun without forgetting the very important aspect relating to the protection of privacy. Let’s get started right away!

If you want to know how to make the most of Facebook to promote the contents of your site / blog on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, the first step you need to take is to create a page dedicated to the business you want to advertise. If you haven’t done so yet, find out all the steps to take in my guide on how to create a page on Facebook.

Once the page has been created, you must “liven it up” as much as possible, spread it and make it popular (ie with many “I like it” to his credit). Unfortunately, there are no magic recipes to perform such an operation, but I can give you a series of tips which, put together, will certainly lead you to good results.

For starters, try to spread your Facebook page promoting it among the friends you have on your personal profile and on your site / blog, creating one of those boxes with the “Like” button that are now found in many sites. Find all the details on how to complete both operations in my tutorial on how to spread a Facebook page.

In addition to sharing the page on all possible and imaginable “channels”, for increase the number of likes you must try to involve subscribed users as much as possible and always offer interesting content. I mean, ask questions, answer comments, participate and don’t limit yourself to just reporting links from your site / blog. Try to make your own the advice I gave you in my guide on how to increase likes on Facebook and you will see that the popularity of your page will increase in a short time.

Now let’s see how to make the most of Facebook with a normal personal profile. In this case, the password that must push you to take future steps on the most famous social network in the world is privacy. If you want to use Facebook in a “better” way, you must use it in a safe way knowing how to carefully manage all the settings relating to the accessibility of your data.

To begin with, I would advise you to read the guide on how to protect privacy on Facebook that I published some time ago on the blog and in which I collected a series of useful tips on how to hide photos from strangers. personal data and other content that is best kept safe.

One time settled the privacy of the profile, you can switch to the settings related to individual friends. So I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to limit a person on Facebook, in which I explained how be invisible in the chat of the social network and how to exclude the viewing of certain content to specific users, and in this article on how to block a friend on Facebook in which there is explained how to block contacts who have behaved badly and how to limit the viewing of the contents of some users a little too much talkative.

Finally, I invite you to learn some slightly neglected functions of Facebook, such as hashtags that allow you to categorize your posts (like on Twitter) and the ability to tag all friends to invite them to an event or quote them in a message. Put all these things together and you can say that you are making the most of that extraordinary means of communication that is Facebook.