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How to make photomontages

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How to make photomontages: You don’t even know exactly why, but today you have a particularly developed artistic streak. You have a tremendous desire to create images but, not having a great familiarity with the world of graphics he was born in Photo editingyou are still undecided on how to “explode” your creativity.

How about if I give you a hand, suggesting some programs and online services for working with digital photos? You will surely find what is right for you and you will finally find out how to create images in the way and with the technique that best suits your tastes and needs. So, are you ready to get started?

If you want to find out how to create images to entertain your friends, there is nothing better than a good one photomontage. So here are some of the most well-stocked and easy-to-use Internet sites to create photomontages of all kinds. All for free, of course.

  • Fun Photo Box: one of the most famous and complete Internet sites for creating photomontages. It contains dozens and dozens of preset images on which to “stick” your face and even allows you to create spectacular animated photomontages.
  • iStarin: are you a cinema lover? Then don’t miss the opportunity to create beautiful photomontages by applying your face to the covers of all the most famous Hollywood blockbusters, from Pirates of the Caribbean to 007. A real show!
  • Funtastic Face: another great website for creating funny photomontages. It allows you to decorate your photo with personalized elements, such as eyes, mouths, accessories, writings and much more.

You want to create images to impress your friends on Facebook or on a forum to which you are registered? Here is a selection of free online services to “play” with images obtaining useful material for the Web.

  • Photo2Text: Did you know that it is possible to turn a photo into text? No? Then run to this website right away and upload any digital photo to see it transform into ASCII text having the same appearance as the original image. Nothing better to amaze friends!
  • GlitterSport: Do you want to apply some beautiful sparkly glitter effects to your avatar or your signature on the forum where you are registered? Upload the image you want to “glitter” on this site and you will get the desired result in less than two minutes, having the possibility to choose among many different effects and to insert personalized writings in the images.
  • MyPictr: every time you upload a photo to use as an avatar on Facebook, it never displays correctly because it is cropped? Use this convenient online service and you can easily create optimized avatars for Facebook and all the most famous social networks on the Net.
  • Userbar Maker: you know those bars dedicated to products or famous people that are present in the signatures of users of many forums (eg Homer Simpson fans, Cola addicted, etc.)? Those are called userbars and it does not take a graphics expert to create them, just five minutes of free time and this excellent free online service.

When the desire to discover how to create images it gets tough, aspiring graphic designers start… retouching their photos. Here are a series of useful resources to start creating and editing images in a “serious” way, that is, using programs for photo editing.

  • How to use Photoshop: my guide with the first rudiments to approach the fantastic world of Photoshop without trauma and learning that, even if you are not an expert, you can learn how to perform small photo editing operations with simple experience.
  • How to use GIMP: for those who do not want or cannot use Photoshop and prefer to enter the world of photo editing with a free and 100% free program.
  • How to create HDR photos for free: a very advanced photographic technique which, however, can be applied in an “artisanal” way to our digital photos with a simple online service. Follow my guide to find out how to do it in detail.
  • PicNik: one of the best alternatives to Photoshop and GIMP working completely online. If you want a “light” approach to the world of image creation, there is nothing better