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How to make photo slideshow with music

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How to make photo slideshow with music: You have recently finished reorganizing your digital photo archive and you are surprised at how many photos you have taken: how many funny moments you have spent with your friends and above all how many memories of past holidays! It is a real shame that you are not particularly experienced in using computers, because you would like to digitally bring all your best memories together in one place.

Come on, what’s that long face? Yours is a good idea and you don’t necessarily need to be an expert to put it into practice: otherwise what am I doing? Look, I make you a proposal: why don’t you take a few minutes of free time to read this guide? I can explain to you how to make a presentation photo with music. To do this you don’t need who knows what technical knowledge, there are software and online tools that do everything by themselves. Once you have created the presentation, you can also share it online and involve the friends with whom you shared those moments immortalized in your photographs.

How do you say? Did your smile come back because you are impatient to get to work? Come on then, roll up your hands: all you need is photographs, a little patience and a lot of creativity. I wish you a good reading and a good “job”.

PhotoStage Slideshow (Windows / macOS)

One software that can do for you to make photo slideshows with music is PhotoStage Slideshow. This program is distributed for free for non-commercial use for Windows and macOS platforms.

PhotoStage Slideshow allows you to use your digital photos to create presentations to export to a computer or physical medium.

You can enrich your projects with effects, animations and background music. If you are going to use version a instead payment with some additional features, you can buy it directly from official website.

If you are interested in downloading the free of this program, you can download it directly from the official PhotoStage site via this link: Once you have reached the website that I have provided, scroll the page to the bottom and click on the item download the free version here.

When the download is complete, double-click the file and click the button Yup. Once the installation screen has started, select the language Italian. Then select the option I accept the license conditions and click Forwardto finish the installation.

To insert your photos into your project, click the button Add photos. In the window that opens, select the photos you want to include in your slideshow and click the button You open: After a short upload, the photos will be inserted into the slideshow.

All the images you imported will be inserted into the tab Average that you find on the left. Now drag the photos into the timeline at the bottom. They will then be automatically entered one after the other. You can change the display order by dragging them to a different position within the timeline.

Then use the tabs Animations, Effects, Text And Transitions to add personalization elements to your project.

You can use the right section of the software to preview your project. Finally, to add an audio track to your project, click the button Add Audio and select the audio file to import. Then click You open and, after the short loading, drag the audio track from the section Average to the timeline.

When you are satisfied with your work, click the button above Export and select the format and all the parameters necessary to save the presentation you made on your computer.

Photos (macOS)

Often, when you need to create simple projects, the tools built into your operating system can do just that.

In this context, I’m talking about Photos, a native macOS application that allows you to create simple slideshows with photos and music. The application is free and you will find it pre-installed on your macOS operating system. What more could you want?

To find it, click on the del icon Launchpad and click the Photos icon. From the bar at the top, then click on File > Create > Presentationso you can start creating a presentation project.

Then type in the name you want to give your project and click on the button Ok. Then select all the photos you want to import into your project and click the button add.

The screen that will appear later will help you to set some custom effects for your project. In fact, you can select the theme, add a music track and change the interval of each transition.

Once you have completed customizing your design, click the button Export and select one of the many formats you see on the screen. Then choose the folder where to save your project and click on the button Save. Did you see how easy it was?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Online / Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Among the many online tools that allow you to create presentations with photos and music, I can recommend you Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

This online tool is available in the free (with advanced functions available with the 12.19 euro / month subscription), through direct use from official website. You can also download the mobile version, via app download for Android/iOS / iPadOS.

If you are interested in this online tool, just head over to the website I have provided you with and click the button above Start now, in order to create a new Adobe account. If you already have one, click on the button above Login.

Once logged in, give a first name to the project using the appropriate text field, then click on the button Start from scratch or on one of the models available. Next, locate the bottom section of the screen. In this section you will see the timeline of your project, made up of slides. You can add a new one by clicking on the slide with the symbol [+] in the center.

To delete or duplicate one, click on theicon with three dots on each slide and select Deleteto delete a slide, or Duplicateto duplicate it.

Click on a blank slide now to view a message asking you how to proceed; you can then add a video or image from your computer or choose an image from the database.

Once you have filled in all the slides with your favorite multimedia elements, click on the tab at the top Music and select a track available in the database or one present on your computer (Add my music).

If you want to add a real-time narrator instead, you can click the button in the center of the screen with the symbol of a microphone. This way you can then add your voice immediately, via your microphone.

Once your project is complete, click Preview to preview your project. If you no longer need to apply any changes, click the button Sharein order to share it directly on your social networks, or click on Downloadto download a copy to your computer.

Magisto (Online / Android / iOS)

Another useful online service, but for a fee, is Magisto. This service allows you to create video presentations with photos and music.

You can decide to take advantage of the trial free to test the potential of this online tool. In case you can also download the app free available for devices with operating system Android And iOS.

Please note, however, that this app, despite being free, has limitations that require a subscription to a subscription at the service to be removed.

If you still want to test Magisto’s online service, join his website and register an evaluation account. Then click the button Get Started and enter the information you find on the screen. Then click on the wording Start the trialnear the floor you want to evaluate.

To make a video with Magisto then, click on the button Make a video and click the button Upload. Then upload at least 5 images, so you can proceed with the realization of your project.

Once your images are imported, click Select editing style, to select a theme for your presentation. Then select a music track from those you see and type in a title for your video.

Now you just have to export your video. Then click Make my movie to render it. Once the process is complete, you will be able to view a preview and keep a copy that you can also share on your social networks.