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How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

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After signing up for Facebook, in the past few days you read my guide on how to install Messenger and, happy with it, you immediately proceeded to download the app on your smartphones and tablets to use the messaging service offered directly by the famous social network. You did really well, I can’t tell you more. However, you should know that Messenger not only allows you to communicate via chat but also to make video calls (as well as the “classic” voice calls) between two or more people. Interesting, right? Well, then why not read this tutorial of mine on the subject to clear your mind about it right away.

In fact, in the following lines I will go on to explain to you, in detail, how to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger and also how to make your chat sessions more cheerful and fun thanks to the countless functions available (effects, filters, etc.). How do you say? You are afraid of not being up to it as you are not a neophyte in terms of new technologies. Well, I can assure you it’s super simple, much harder said than done, really.

Then? Do you want to start? Yup? Fantastic! So I would say not to waste any more precious time, to put the gossip aside and find out immediately how to do it. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what follows and I am sure that you will not hesitate to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends who are still “fasting” on what to do. What do you say, we bet?

Preliminary operations

Before explaining how to proceed in order to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger, it is good to clarify some points immediately. First of all, to make video calls it is essential that the device from which you are going to use Facebook Messenger is connected to the Internet. Personally I suggest you take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity rather than 3G / 4G as with the data connection, in the case of particularly long video calls, you could incur surcharges compared to your telephone plan (everything, of course, depends on any offers subscribed and from the contractual conditions established by your mobile phone provider).

Another thing that I invite you to check before starting the procedure for making video calls is that you have made access to Messenger with your Facebook account. To do this, just start the social network’s messaging service app and make sure that your profile photo is present in the upper left part of the main screen. Otherwise (for example if you are using the tablet and you also share its use with other family members) or if you do not know how to check, press on the photo at the top left, scroll the displayed screen and stop on the wording Change account. Then if your name is not present, click on the button + (plus symbol) and enter the correct account email address and password.

If, on the other hand, this is the first time you open Facebook Messenger and if you have already logged into Facebook on your smartphone or tablet, you should find yourself in front of a screen where you are asked to confirm the fact that you are the user. logged in to the social network and otherwise you can provide the correct data by pressing the appropriate item. If, on the other hand, you have not already logged in to Facebook on your device or in any case you do not use the social app, follow the simple procedure on the screen to log in to your account on Messenger.

I also suggest you make sure that you always have it installed on your smartphone or tablet the last version of the application in such a way as to be able to use without problems all the new features that are introduced as they are introduced. How you do it? Simple: access the app store of your device and check if updates for Facebook Messenger are available in the updates section. If so, press the button to start the app update. If not, you already have the latest version of the application.

Start a group video call

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

At this point you are finally ready to make your first group video call on Facebook Messenger. You ask me how? Well, after starting the app, first of all press the icon in the shape of handset which is located in the lower left part of the screen and then you have to tap on the button with the three men at the top (on iOS) or on the item Start a group call (on Android).

Now select, from the list that appears on the screen, the names of the people with whom you want to make the group video call. If you can’t see them, you can help with the search command at the top. Keep in mind that it is possible to include up to 6 people simultaneously in video and that any other users (up to a maximum of 50) can listen to and attend the conversation as well as intervene by voice and text messages.

If you can’t find the commands above, in order to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger you must first create a group in the app. To do this, go to the main Messenger screen, step on the tab Groups at the top right, press on Create group (on iOS) or on the gli button men at the bottom right (on Android) and then select the people you want to get in touch with from the list that is shown to you. Then stop on the button depicting a camera located at the top right.

In all cases, you can then start the video call by tapping the button in the shape of camera at the top right of the screen. At this point, users invited to join the video call will receive an informed message on Messenger. To participate they will have to tap on the link Get involved.

Answer a group video call

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

Are you not making the video call but your friends? If so, you will hear your device ring like when you get a notification on Messenger. Pressing on the notification will open the group chat created on Facebook Messenger as a result of the request from your contacts to start a video call.

To participate and therefore to start the video call, all you have to do is press the link Get involved present inside. Basically the same operations that I indicated in the previous paragraph in relation to your friends.

Manage the video call

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

When the video call has started, you will first of all find yourself in the presence of a screen divided into several panes depending on the total number of participants. However, based on your needs and preferences, you can choose to view a single video call session at a time by tapping on the display and then pressing thesquare icon located at the top right. At this point, just select the various previews of the individual video calls at the bottom to choose which one to display in the foreground. Tapping again on the screen and pressing on square symbol on the top right, the normal view of the group video call is restored.

You can also choose to use the rear camera of your device instead of the front one (used by default) by tapping again on the screen and then pressing the circular button with the camera present below. You can also disable the microphone or the video function (both temporarily and for the entire video call) using the circular buttons representing, respectively, a microphone and one camera always placed in the lower part of the display.

Given the possible great confusion, you no longer remember who the participants in the group video call are and would you like to refresh your memory? Easy: tap on the display and then press the symbol of thelittle man located at the top right. By doing this you will immediately know the list of participants.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to view the video call in full screen and you want to return to the screen with text messages, all you have to do is tap on the wording Messages (on iOS) or on that Group video chat (on Android). To return to the full screen video call, step on thumbnail of the latter visible on the display and select Touch to zoom.

Add filters and effects

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

Now that you have finally figured out how to make a group video call on Facebook Messenger you can also indulge yourself with the many filters and effects available. To do this, just use the appropriate tools at the bottom. By tapping on the drop you can apply funny filters to the video call by acting, obviously, directly in real time, while pressing on star you can insert stickers and masks at will. In both cases, after clicking on the tool of interest, simply scroll down the list to select the available filters, stickers and masks that you like best.

If you want, you can also add reactions (such as those you can post on Facebook in response to posts and comments) to the video conversation. To do this, just click on the icon of thumb up below and select the reactions you are interested in from those available.

Save and / or end the group video call

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

During the video call you can also capture the funniest moments by tapping on the icon camera located at the bottom of the screen. Then you can then decide to send the screenshot captured via chat, directly to the conversation group created for the video call, or to trash it using, respectively, the button with theairplane and the one with the Red “x” present on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you want to end your video call session, just press the button with the handset down red color that is shown to you by tapping on the screen and that’s it. Since this is a group video call, all participants in it will have to press the button in question to make sure that the conversation via video is interrupted.

Make group video calls on Facebook from a computer

How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

Can’t you make group video calls on Facebook Messenger because you don’t have your mobile or tablet handy? No problem, if you have a computer you can also act as a desktop. To do this, just go to the profile of the first person you intend to include in the video chat and tap on the button Message featured on its cover image.

In the chat window that will now open at the bottom of the screen you will now have to click on the button + (plus symbol) present at the top, type the names of the friends you want to include and then click on end. Then press the button in the shape of camera always present in the upper part of the chat window and wait for other users to confirm their willingness to take part in the thing. Easy, right?

With the video call started, as regards the management of the same, the functions and commands are practically similar to those seen in the previous lines for Messenger. The only things missing, at least at the moment, are filters, stickers, masks, reactions and the ability to save the video call.