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How to make fireworks on Minecraft

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How to make fireworks on Minecraft: You are playing Minecraft . You have just returned to your refuge after a difficult adventure and would like to adequately celebrate the success of the company. You have heard of fireworks , which can be launched high into the sky of the game world, to fill it with colored lights, but unfortunately you do not know how to make them. Things are this way, isn’t it? Then you don’t have to worry about anything, because I’m here to help you out.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to make fireworks on Minecraft to use them on occasion of celebrations or, in case you had obtained the Elitre, to fly and quickly reach your destinations. I will explain, therefore, the materials you will need to obtain for the realization of this project and how to create fireworks with different colors.

If you are impatient to start reading the advice I have written for you in this guide of mine, all you have to do is sit comfortably and dedicate only a few minutes of your free time. I’m sure that, at the end of the reading, you too will have managed to create fireworks to enjoy yourself on Minecraft. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Collect the necessary materials

minecraft firework resources

Before starting to talk to you about how to make fireworks on Minecraft , you need to know what are the resources you need to procure for the realization of this project.

The essential materials for making fireworks are gunpowder and paper . The latter can be created from sugar cane and, in this regard, I recommend you read my guide dedicated to this topic.

As for gunpowder , however, you can find it as a treasure inside the trunks scattered throughout the world of Minecraft, or by defeating the creepers , witches and ghast of the Nether .

With the materials thus obtained, you can create pyrotechnic rockets that do not explode, useful to be used together with the Elitre , a set of wings that you can find as a prize in the trunks located in the City of End . I told you in detail in my guide on how to fly on Minecraft .

flying minecraft with elytra

If, on the other hand, you want to create real fireworks , you will also need to add a pyrotechnic star among the materials , which I will tell you about in the next chapter .

Create a pyrotechnic star

pyrotechnic star minecraft

As I told you in the previous chapter , a pyrotechnic rocket does not explode and, therefore, it is necessary to add the pyrotechnic star during the realization of the fireworks.

This object does not have a specific project for its realization, as different materials can be added to obtain pyrotechnic effects of different types. The basic material for creating a pyrotechnic star is gunpowder : I have already explained how to get it in the previous chapter  of the tutorial.

In addition to this material, you must insert a dye of your choice: you can get it from the processing of plants , such as the red that is obtained from the poppy or the yellow from the sunflower ; moreover, it can be extracted from other resources, such as blue from lapis lazuli or white from bones . In this way, pyrotechnic effects of the same color used in the project are obtained when the firework explodes.

If a coloring unit is added on a pyrotechnic star , the blending effect will also be obtained during the explosion. For example, if you created a star pyrotechnic color red and add, at a later stage, even the ‘ blue , the explosion of fireworks will create a red color with a gradient effect on blue.

minecraft pyrotechnic star with gradient

In addition to the coloring effects, fireworks can be created with special elements. To give you some examples, if you add a diamond while making a pyrotechnic star , the explosion of the firework will create a trail.

In addition to the example of diamonds , other materials you can use are feather , to make the explosion more crackling, luminite dust , to make it brighter, the gold nugget , to give the explosion the shape of a star , or a head of any creature, to give it the shape of a creeper’s head.

minecraft pyrotechnic star with trail

The diamonds are obtained from the processing of crude diamond blocks , which has in the subsoil. As for the feather , it is obtained from chickens , while the head of a creature is rarely obtained from the defeat of a skeleton, a creeper or a zombie, just to give you some examples.

The of Luminite dust , however, you are achieved by destroying the Luminite blocks that are in the Nether . Finally, the gold nuggets are obtained from the processing of a gold bar .

Create the fireworks

Minecraft firework explosion

Now that you are aware of all the materials you need for creating fireworks, it’s time to take action. First, place a gunpowder unit and a paper unit on a workbench .

With this simple composition you get three units of pyrotechnic rockets which, as I already told you in a previous chapter , will not explode but will be useful with the Elitre , to gain altitude during the flight.

Now, however, also add a pyrotechnic star with the personalized effects that you have created thanks to my advice in this chapter  of the guide, in order to obtain real fireworks. The object obtained will always be a pyrotechnic rocket but, in its description, you will find the effects applied to it.

minecraft fireworks

You just have to equip the rocket in a quick slot and interact on the ground to launch it in the air and see the pyrotechnic effect that illuminates the sky. It was easy, wasn’t it?