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How to make beautiful photos

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How to make beautiful photos: Since Instagram became the most popular social network of all, many people have approached photography and the request for a tutorial has grown exponentially. how to make beautiful pictures. The creation of a photo has become a race for those who make the best shot and on Instagram (and also on other social networks), everyone wants to become famous and be remembered for the photos they take.

If you are also here and you are reading this tutorial, I imagine that the topic is of interest to you and that you have sought advice on how to take pictures with effect. Well, if things are actually this way, know that I can help you and that’s exactly what I will do during this guide.

Make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the tips I am about to give you. Obviously there is no official manual for making beautiful photos, but instead there are several tips that, I’m sure, you will find very useful, especially if you are a beginner with the world of photography. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read.


Choose the right reflex

If you want to take beautiful photos, you must first start from the basics and use the essential tools of a good photographer. In this regard, my first suggestion is to evaluate the purchase of a professional camera such as one Reflex.

This is a very important consideration to make: these cameras are purchased by professionals and are widely used since they are devices that allow you to take photos in the highest quality. However, you should also know that the Reflex camera is a tool with vast potential and you need to know how to make the most of it. In addition, any photographer will tell you that a SLR alone is not enough: the purchase must be integrated and it is also necessary to buy different ones aims.

Clearly the cost of an SLR is quite high, however it is an investment to make if you want to focus on a career as a photographer. Fortunately there are different types of Reflex cameras: you can choose the one with a price range that is closest to your needs.

If your aim is therefore to take beautiful pictures and you want to invest time and money to buy a Reflex camera, then I suggest you read some of the guides I wrote about this topic.

To learn more, I refer you to my buying guide dedicated to what are the best Reflex and the guide on purchase of objectives. I suggest you also read my article dedicated to best Canon SLR.

Bet everything on the smartphone

Do you have a passion for photography and want to give the best of you, amazing all your friends by making beautiful photos? I guess that’s the case, if you’re reading this tutorial.

But let’s say that, at the moment, you do not have the financial resources that allow you to invest in the purchase of a Reflex, lenses or a professional camera. However, you don’t want to give up on your intent to improve the quality of the photos you take and you are looking for an alternative solution. Well if things are actually like that, know that it is not a problem is that I can still give you several tips about it.

In fact, you must know that the photographic sector of the smartphone has undergone a growing evolution in recent years; There are now several mobile devices capable of taking professional photos with high quality.

Ultimately, to make beautiful photos then it is no longer mandatory to have a Reflex but it is also possible to take excellent photos through the camera of your Android or iOS mobile device.

In this regard, if you have to buy a new smartphone and if you want to use it as a camera, I recommend you focus on a top-of-the-range smartphone and that is a mobile device recently released on the market whose hardware features are advanced such as to have an excellent compartment photo.

Having said that, I absolutely recommend that you go deeper into this vast topic: in my guide entitled Best smartphone camera you can find a complete overview of what are the latest mobile devices equipped with a high-level camera.

Study photography techniques

If your goal is to take beautiful pictures then you will also have to take into account that it will be necessary study photography techniques for some time before being able to apply them all correctly.

It is obvious that one does not become a professional photographer in one day, the profession of the photographer requires a long training path. I therefore advise you to inquire about the possibility of taking photography lessons in the city where you live or to take online training courses and study photographic techniques through manuals available on the Web. Alternatively, you can choose to buy books on the topic and learn this self-taught profession.

Without going into the merits of what are photographic techniques, since it is a very broad topic that requires specific technical skills, you can however apply some basic rules to the photos you take and thus begin your path in the field of photography.

The most famous example of a basic rule that is taught in photography courses is called the “rule of tertthe”. Applying this rule is very simple from the moment when no skills are required: all you have to do is imagine the final result of the photo, before it has been taken.

With this idea in mind you will have to consider dividing the photo according to an imaginary grid and thus obtain three horizontal sections and three vertical sections. After that, to apply the rule of thirds, you will have to take the photo by decentralizing the subject and thus emphasizing also the lateral elements of the photo.

As for other useful tips that will allow you to take beautiful photos, it is very important to talk about using the zoom. Unless you are in possession of an advanced camera, equipped with a very effective zoom, the use of the same could lead you to take a photo with better quality. It is therefore recommended to get as close to the subject (to the object) as possible, before taking the photo.

A tip that is often given in photography manuals is to use the manual options of the camera or your smartphone: all the most modern devices equipped with a high-level photographic compartment have options for manual release. Through the study of photography manuals you will learn what are the technical values ​​to consider before taking a photo.

A beautiful photo can also be an original photo in which creativity is given space: for example, you can take inspiration from the lines present in nature to play with symmetry and take a photo in which different shapes are combined.

Photos taken from unusual angles are also highly appreciated, as it is a different way of shooting an object or subject.

Take lots of photos

One suggestion I can give you, if you want to know how to take beautiful photos, is to take some time to experiment. When you need to take a photo I advise you not to be in a hurry take the same photo from different angles.

I am sure that if you talk to someone who has been working as a professional photographer for a long time, he will tell you that it is difficult (if not impossible) to take a beautiful photo on the first try. Take note: photographers are in fact used to take different versions of the same photo in order to compare them and see which is the best version.

Taking several photos does not mean publishing them all: in my opinion it is better to publish only the best photos to give greater emphasis to quality rather than quantity.

Edit photos with the right tools

Screenshot showing Photoshop Touch on iPhone

The secret to making beautiful photos is not only in using the right tools and the right cameras. Most professional photographers are also able to use advanced tools for retouching images in digital format. Sometimes, in fact, the beauty of a photo also lies in the ability to perform even an excellent one photo retouching.

For this reason I can recommend some web tools, programs or even applications for mobile devices that deal with retouching the images taken. Clearly there are tools a payment high level but also excellent software available completely Free.

In case you want to download a photo editing program on your Windows or Mac computer you can read my guide dedicated to best programs to edit photos to find the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to focus on a program entirely free and you don’t want to evaluate the purchase of an advanced software then I suggest you read my tutorial in which I talk about everyone free programs to edit photos.

As I told you in the course of this tutorial, you can also use the camera of your Android or iOS mobile device to take beautiful photos. As a result, you can also use a photo retouching application by modifying the image taken in a very short time and in a few taps.

If you fall into this specific case then you will be pleased to know that there are many apps dedicated to photo retouching. There are in fact very famous apps such as for example Snapseed (Android/iOS) Aviary (Android/iOS) or VSCO (Android/iOS) that allow you to perform advanced retouching of a photo completely free of charge.

The ones that I have listed are just some of the most popular apps in the Android Play Store or in the iOS App Store: if you want more advice on which apps to use to make beautiful photos and how to retouch them using the latter, then I recommend you to read one of the guides I wrote regarding this topic.